We are huge underdogs, my opponent is 16-0! Fantasy Draft Franchise Finale! 

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Today we are back with another episode of the Madden NFL Fantasy Draft franchise with the Broncos! This is the playoffs in the league and we are in the divisional round!
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Mar 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
TD:I really felt like I could’ve won this game Score: 41-19 not TD Ass whooping his offense is weird
Tahiro Marks
Tahiro Marks 21 day ago
You always do great td but you always abuse the check down in crunch time
Olijab 22
Olijab 22 28 days ago
11:37 anyone notice the 75 to 55
Convey 2nd acc
Convey 2nd acc Month ago
TD in the beginning: I can press this guy all day TD in the end: Why did I throw that
D Mee
D Mee Month ago
@11:35 ZERO defense in that Bucs v 9ers game lmao
D Mee
D Mee Month ago
Pausing the video during the defensive pre-play to see TD's adjustments, and I must say I'm impressed. Taking notes!
Tyler Cagle
Tyler Cagle Month ago
TD cannot win a Super Bowl
Preston Vernon 84
Justin Lukens
Justin Lukens Month ago
Stop fucking screaming every second
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg Month ago
Great upload TD of Fantasy Draft Finale great job bro and I’m really enjoying this series 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
Mike Flory
Mike Flory Month ago
Carr torched u. Didn't even have to use Kamara. Hats off to dude
Hayden Brown
Hayden Brown Month ago
Stop going for huge plays and just go for some short yards and drive down the field
taylor quick
taylor quick Month ago
7 ads cmon bro ik you make money but 7 cmon TD
Dakota Lynde
Dakota Lynde Month ago
If you’re reading this Jesus loves you!
Sean Barber
Sean Barber Month ago
Funny how the hawks blown out the Broncos twice in the superbowl
Kayfresh Month ago
Do anybody know what playbook he’s running
Kenyon Kelley
Kenyon Kelley Month ago
This is the difference between a casual and competitive madden player man is scouting the whole team coming up with a game plan I love it
Kenyon Kelley
Kenyon Kelley Month ago
The pursuit angles are just different in this game oml whoever worked on the AI this madden need to be fired😭
sky eric
sky eric Month ago
Lol loser
Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Dean Month ago
Seahawks always blow out the Broncos in a Super Bowl evidently
Xzander Graves
Xzander Graves Month ago
Jesus loves you and He died for your sins and because of His love, grace, and mercy you can be forgiven fr g
Graham Landt
Graham Landt Month ago
how is nobody talking about the bucs 49ers game that was 75-55 lmao
gavin galish
gavin galish Month ago
Do one with the Atlanta Falcons! please, I think it would be a good series
Treu Mccauley
Treu Mccauley Month ago
Nice beanie⚔️ #Titanup
Pump_ Lmalleyne
Pump_ Lmalleyne Month ago
Hope everybody have a Nice Day and Live on for every
Ytn Curtis
Ytn Curtis Month ago
have anyone noticed how his db jump for the ball and the opponent db jus run
alex lkklkl
alex lkklkl Month ago
It’s kinda funny watching players make insane plays against td when normally it’s the other way around
Genius Isaiah
Genius Isaiah Month ago
Im a consistent top 30 player on WL. How can I get in one of these good leagues?
Steven Pierre
Steven Pierre Month ago
He chokes every super bowl 😩
Ghedy Bassile
Ghedy Bassile Month ago
Do a Jaguars franchise fantasy draft so you can get the first overall picl
Kareen Simmons
Kareen Simmons Month ago
How do you play other people in Franchise? I’m trying to do this but can’t
Marcus morrow
Marcus morrow Month ago
Question for anyone: I have a cfm no fantasy draft and I ended up with Bengals. Quite possibly the worst oline and no trades with cpu allowed unless it's an offer the user receives. What would be the best way to play teams? I'm 6-1 right now first year just been difficult to establish anything.
Traawthesavage Month ago
who got a franchise i can join
Brad Nelson
Brad Nelson Month ago
why do you have to yell their last name almost every play...
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore Month ago
Dev trait upgrades happen super bowl week
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore Month ago
Yes he knows a ton about the Texans he already scouted them last episode lol
Derrion Calloway
TD keeps his composure I’d be mad😂
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore Month ago
Ignores the fact that he completely analyzed the Texans at the end of the last episode, embarassing lmao
Alan Camp
Alan Camp Month ago
What happened to the Texans game
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Month ago
Yes blitz your user
DrMoriarty420 Month ago
Guy does a dump off pass to the HB. TD being genuine: THATS A GOOD PLAY, THATS A REALLY GOOD PLAY
matt arroyo
matt arroyo Month ago
Smh how do you fold in the bowl bruh but much respect ✊🏽
ThatGuyAron Month ago
You lost because you got shit players. Keep the whole Denver team together I went back to back undefeated and win 2 Superbowls all ready...
Jason Dooley
Jason Dooley Month ago
Who I swear I’ve been in that league before lol
ThatGuyAron Month ago
How is this broncos when you took out all the broncos man......
Brenda Milan
Brenda Milan Month ago
It’s a fantasy draft lmao
Noah Spain
Noah Spain Month ago
I know your grinding madden but i miss the mlb the show vids
ThatGuyAron Month ago
You got rid of lindsay. He's way damn better wtf if you gonna play with Denver play with the damn original players.
Brenda Milan
Brenda Milan Month ago
Ur quite clueless lmao
ThatGuyAron Month ago
Thank you for the broncos
you do not deserve to have and you a big cheating fake canadien citzen for not liking hockey
Joshua Lester
Joshua Lester Month ago
That’s What You Get For Running The Same Play Every Dam Play 🤦🏽‍♂️
td Barrett you are a not actually from Tornto
DJ392_ Month ago
that’s a dot🎯
The White Llama Show
"If you can't stop the run, get out of the kitchen." What?
Eann Johnson
Eann Johnson Month ago
Got hella cheated Seahawks game TD
Justyn Dilf
Justyn Dilf Month ago
Td how do you join one of these franchises
Nicholas Fonti
Nicholas Fonti Month ago
Christopher Baldwin
Lmk I want in on a Fantasy draft hit me up Td
Kory Ray
Kory Ray Month ago
I wish Td played ppl on Xbox to
TonyDFWU Month ago
TD : “hasn’t shown me too much of on offense” Meanwhile he’s getting dotted up the whole game 😭
Richard Wright
Richard Wright Month ago
Can you use the Cowboys more? You have only used them maybe three times 😔
hyper-Panther 42
Hey TD u should do another fantasy draft franchise but with a legend roster
Opal Ruins
Opal Ruins Month ago
The Choke God is back in full effect
Julez Gajdosik
Julez Gajdosik Month ago
Your a bum run run run
Julez Gajdosik
Julez Gajdosik Month ago
Your game plan every game is run the ball bum
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Month ago
You’re bad at the game
Mustafa.Supreme Month ago
You are a great player and destroy players until it’s like the last game then you choke 🤦🏾‍♂️
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Month ago
You’re not good at the game stop spamming the same plays
Brett Wolk
Brett Wolk Month ago
Started getting too nervous at the end, you went against your gameplan entirely and let him get to you. Said you werent gonna play man then you started to play man, missed open recievers, started hesitating even though you said you shouldn’t at the beginning.
Dylan Murphy
Dylan Murphy Month ago
You can't be that predictable TD come on
Monkiller Jr
Monkiller Jr Month ago
How do we join a league
Dylan Murphy
Dylan Murphy Month ago
Zone doesn't give you big speed up grades
Dylan Murphy
Dylan Murphy Month ago
Use man coverage for more speed on defence.
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
Dylan Murphy
Dylan Murphy Month ago
Use elusive back upgrade if you want more speed
Michael McQueen
Michael McQueen Month ago
When you threw the pick six on the RPO I literally said "Oh my God, Brett!" out loud... I've been watching you too much. Thank God I'm all caught up now. Hahaha
E E Month ago
Bro I did the same thing during my superbowl! I drove all the way down to the 3, guy picked up a fumble and scored, then a pick 6, mentally i was toast!
Anay Mathur
Anay Mathur Month ago
Only TD can get away with this
Zyon Sebree
Zyon Sebree Month ago
Why is Shaq Barrett’s X factor shutdown? You could definitely change it to something better like unstoppable force or even fearmonger
THE ERADIC Month ago
Is this all pro difficulty?
Rembert Hann
Rembert Hann Month ago
The curse of JWALL continues to haunt you.
E E Month ago
27:50 - didnt learn from that Jwall game!
trauma kill
trauma kill Month ago
Here because of Cyhi
Baseball nerd
Baseball nerd Month ago
Nobody: Not a soul living human being: Td: ladies and gentalmen *loud gibberish* BABABAM
Cameron Mills
Cameron Mills Month ago
You have to run it back with the broncos wtf was that
Connor Sprague
Connor Sprague Month ago
Are you continue this series
Cj Garcia
Cj Garcia Month ago
Love the channel! I Watch this everyday
Frosted Shark
Frosted Shark Month ago
Anyone know how he gets in his leagues? I always end up in ones that end by week 6
Don’t be a simp 221
We’re not gonna ignore the 75-55 TB vs 49ers
Braxton Miller
Braxton Miller Month ago
28:20 The teacher when you ask to go to the bathroom.
Isaiah Parker
Isaiah Parker Month ago
Commenting this on every franchise video until he does one with the Falcons 🙏🏽
Bubbly Bacon
Bubbly Bacon Month ago
This man looks like he had a horn on his head... lol
_King Phil_
_King Phil_ Month ago
That injury animation for Lock was hilarious 🤣
Bakary Jallow
Bakary Jallow Month ago
you may have to change Shaq barrets x factor to a pass rushing x factor
AJ Perdue
AJ Perdue Month ago
TD spend your coach xp
Cwalker 4432
Cwalker 4432 Month ago
that superbowl lost humbled you i hope
lilmill s
lilmill s Month ago
anybody else realize that he changed the title
Paris Woods
Paris Woods Month ago
Offense gettin really predictable lol
Dylan Dabrowski
Dylan Dabrowski Month ago
TD said like to get more content. Like that’s all😭😭😭. Man I like the video reguardless
Samuel Fufa
Samuel Fufa Month ago
I’m sorry Brett I was cheering for you, but I cheered for the Seahawks guy too cuz they my team 😔
Derise Month ago
why are u yelling
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
Because he wants to
Thatrandom Guy
Thatrandom Guy Month ago
His receivers won’t burn me Adam thelan be like “ u sure”