The Patriots new roster update is absolutely insane, so many stars! 

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Today we are back with another Madden 21 video and we are going to be using the New England Patriots with their new free agency moves! Hunter Henry, Trent Brown, Jonnuu Smith and more!
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Mar 20, 2021




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Patrone Man
Patrone Man 2 days ago
Raiders made you pay them bills huh 😂
Patrone Man
Patrone Man 2 days ago
Raiders new roster beating the Gaytriots down I love to see it!!!
Patrone Man
Patrone Man 2 days ago
Nick Frazer
Nick Frazer 22 days ago
Fla savage 352 boss vids
Tyler Sturgill
Tyler Sturgill 26 days ago
the next adjustment
That Guy87
That Guy87 28 days ago
the Gruden grinders lol
D Mee
D Mee Month ago
Dude is a professional at being annoying AF
Mychalson_Bot Month ago
I couldnt play against someone so cringe at all times lol
Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson Month ago
Pats have a great team on paper minus the quarterback position
Amanda Premer
Amanda Premer Month ago
Td please play me. I am a big fan. Cpre2020
Anthony Williams
Why TD be wearing them headphones they give you on the airplane for free lol
Isaiah Fitzgerald
Tbh the guy he was playing against was annoying
Kurt Roller
Kurt Roller Month ago
Yo what playbooks you using in this??
SavooGaming Month ago
10k likes are all PATRIOTS fans lmao
Henry Adkins
Henry Adkins Month ago
Okay, JC Jackson should be higher rated. He had 9 interceptions and 14 passes deflected last season. That's a stat line you'd expect from Darrelle Revis.... If he does that again and isn't a 99 overall in Madden, I'm fucking done
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams Month ago
Love videos with this dude, he should have his face cam on more often in these games
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams Month ago
When the other guy kept saying BUH BUH BAM I was literally dying laughing lmaoooo
Matte Syl
Matte Syl Month ago
I would love the Patriots to get Minshew from the Jags.
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg Month ago
Great Madden gameplay TD!!!!!
Dude person
Dude person Month ago
you have the worst patriots uniforms that could exist......
Eric Mayfield
Eric Mayfield Month ago
GGs played new roster very well
Eric Mayfield
Eric Mayfield Month ago
Bro I love new 2021 patsnation roster #LFG!
rxtro productions
Bro his mic 💀
Tyler Ory
Tyler Ory Month ago
Where'd you get the roster tho!!
Green Month ago
“Cam Newton ain’t even fast” 😂
Martavious Randle
I ain't gone lie I got blew out this game 😭😭
M Bot5
M Bot5 Month ago
The aboard opera obviously applaud because loaf demographically inform atop a cut diamond. ahead, heady sousaphone
JUSTO 2X Month ago
How did you get the updated roster
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice Month ago
Trent brown was still on the raiders
Marvel Yt
Marvel Yt Month ago
Michael Larry
Michael Larry Month ago
that dude is hella funny
Football Goat
Football Goat Month ago
Don’t you think it’s weird that his twitch name is: AtTDbarrett5
Tyler Hembree
Tyler Hembree Month ago
Anybody know what playbook he was using this game I kinda like it
Patrick Leonard
Patrick Leonard Month ago
how is he getting these updates with the players on their new rosters?
KilimanjaroCSG Month ago
What play book is this?
Connor Oneill
Connor Oneill Month ago
Bro for some reason I didn’t get the roster update
Christopher Rance
did you make those roster changes? im on the xbox one x and just played after an update and my roster didn't change
iNs Zword
iNs Zword Month ago
“I stream everyday probably live now” been over a month
Dominic Paez
Dominic Paez Month ago
how do u get the new rosters
AcE JxY Month ago
Bro I don’t get the roster updates 😭
Jiren Month ago
12:45 come on TD he wide open hit jj
freshdadd yt
freshdadd yt Month ago
this dude funny
Clinton Gorham
Clinton Gorham Month ago
When he started calling you by your last name LOL... I lost it LMBO!
Matt Stone
Matt Stone Month ago
Why do you scream and get hyped over every 5 yard completion or 8 yard rush?!?
The one Above all
TD your friend is hilarious you guy clearly have the best chemistry ever please play with him as often as possible from a fellow 🇨🇦
Mycah Simmons
Mycah Simmons Month ago
TD you should do the browns
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams Month ago
How do I update roster ?
Noah Studley
Noah Studley Month ago
muxz Month ago
7:22 *OUUUUCH*
TheBoyz Month ago
New intro song.
yo how did he get the updated roster???
Cole Ahmed
Cole Ahmed Month ago
7:3o lol
Chico Dean
Chico Dean Month ago
I don’t see the updated roster ? It says it’s already updated but none of the new players are there ?
Jack S
Jack S Month ago
His name is Jonnu not Jonnhu
DeMarco Bryant
DeMarco Bryant Month ago
How do I play head to head with the new roster?
Owen Douglas
Owen Douglas Month ago
This one was very competitive. GG'S
Elonzo Drayton
Elonzo Drayton Month ago
Washington next plzzzzz
Tyrell Brown
Tyrell Brown Month ago
2:36 I know u seeing square
lopezfam Month ago
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Alex Castillo
Alex Castillo Month ago
You don’t want this side 🤣
Alex Castillo
Alex Castillo Month ago
How do you pull this comeback off 😂 your nuts td
Alex Castillo
Alex Castillo Month ago
Glad you did my team . You should add me on Xbox PlayboyACJ13
So I don’t kno if u have any EA contact if u do can u ask my question and write back to me please at longhornmatt22@gmail.com so my question in squads online DUOS .. I have 50/50 lockdown on d and 50/50 go deep on offense .. so if I pick in squads to be defense captain does my go deep add to the person who picks offense captain ?
Hypemand Charles
What playbook your using?
brian john
brian john Month ago
Your opponent was funny asl 😭😭 I know his channel gold
Zachery Byle
Zachery Byle Month ago
If you do a pats franchise plz trade cam and use a real QB
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck Month ago
It’s sad to see Jonnu Smith and Corey Davis on different teams but there in the same division
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck Month ago
Who wants to see TDBarrett vs MMG
JayUniverse Beats
You gotta run the ball with the Patriots TD , it’s their bread and butter ‼️
Sam Dynon
Sam Dynon Month ago
Can someone tell me who that superstar is on the pats oline at right tackle
Sam Dynon
Sam Dynon Month ago
@da boi Andre thanks
da boi Andre
da boi Andre Month ago
I forgot his name but he was the raiders RT they traded for him
Derrion Calloway
“Bo Bo Baaaaamm”😂😂😂😂
Derrion Calloway
TD running that nano blitz out of I think dime
Derrion Calloway
I do the same thing like u on a pass but u be like he won’t throw dat he ain’t dat dumb and he throw it😂
AtomicBeats Month ago
use the panthers after they add in the draft players
hellsshells -
hellsshells - Month ago
Ravens or texans
Keighland Pressgrove
Go Pats!
Carson True
Carson True Month ago
bro is hilarous
jdm Month ago
The only dislikes on this video are jets fans! haha im jp
OneLakerNation Month ago
1:48 David Goatchuk
Cam Waldman
Cam Waldman Month ago
Do pats
Byron Heinzman
Byron Heinzman Month ago
The football team!!!! With scary terry AND Curtis Samuel
Legacy Month ago
Do the Giants with Kenny G
Buffalo Beatle
Buffalo Beatle Month ago
wanna see more vids with string this was hilarious
DeShun Edwards
DeShun Edwards Month ago
How you get the download shit to work,mine never works so I can’t even download the updated rosters🙃
Ralo To Sticky Boi
I get sticky
John Schletty
John Schletty Month ago
Demeezy Month ago
What playbook do TD use ?
Alexander Lewis
Alexander Lewis Month ago
We need 10k likes on this vid
terrell graham
terrell graham Month ago
Na na na hey hey goodbye 😂
terrell graham
terrell graham Month ago
He said huh barret 18:05
IrishspringMW Month ago
1:48 😭 you completely fumbled the bag on my man davon(duh-von) godchaux( god-Shaw)
terrell graham
terrell graham Month ago
17:10 ba ba bamm 😂😂😂
Cristian De Paz
Cristian De Paz Month ago
i’m a patriots fan so this was amazing!! ❤️
Ralo To Sticky Boi
I get super sticky
Haitian Gamer
Haitian Gamer Month ago
What scheme should I use with patriots? I'm struggling on offense.
Haitian Gamer
Haitian Gamer Month ago
@Kaucion Pier makes sense. But.. I need to see how it's done lol.
Kaucion Pier
Kaucion Pier Month ago
Short routes screens ... Vertical run offense
Tito Makani
Tito Makani Month ago
😂😂😂 bruh he talking bout dud you pay your bills, cause Jalen mills while e string throwing a tud😂😂
Daniel Esparza
Daniel Esparza Month ago
how are you playing with the new team already?? the rosters aren’t updated??
Brandon Walton
Brandon Walton Month ago
Exactly what I’m wondering
He kept forcing passes when nobody was open. He threw tons of picks because of all of those forced passes.
NJK 20
NJK 20 Month ago
Post on the other channel or I unsubscribe from This channel