The Patriots are my new franchise team, Lets get Cam his ring! Season 1 

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Today we are back with another Madden 21 Franchise in one video season! In this video we are using the New England Patriots with their new rosters! This is a Madden 21 gameplay!
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Mar 31, 2021




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Comments 100   
CANitDO 13 hours ago
god the pats are gonna be such a fun team to watch
Big Dog Christian
@ 36:54 Number 80 cheated he came from the sidelines
Jamalee W.M.
Jamalee W.M. 7 days ago
Cardinals game you had the seam open so many times for a touchdown
Bryson Valentine
Bryson Valentine 8 days ago
Za Will
Za Will 9 days ago
“This is Cam’s team, Cam isn’t going anywhere” Season two video title: “I traded everyone” 🤣🤣🤣
Patriot_boy116 10 days ago
43:34 fully convinced Brett is blind in his entire drive against the cardinals dymere bird was open for TDs FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES
Wade Bryant
Wade Bryant 12 days ago
you got 16 k like and made a part 2 lol
Parehdox 14 days ago
Your intro needs to be more audible 😂
N.E.D 14 days ago
TD, Do you use Turbo? WHen yor running. I notice your stamina bar never goes down with your run plays and when your running for pick 6's
N.E.D 15 days ago
Why is it that you show 0 love to the Philly franchise??
HC Productions
HC Productions 15 days ago
14:20 circle be like 😢
HC Productions
HC Productions 15 days ago
My favorite part is when TDs dog barks
Theokolese The Shadow Of Death
Hey if you do another franchise in this series, can you pick the Lions? I am a Redskins fan but the Lions have been the longest suffering team in the NFL and I have never seen anyone pick them for a series in Madden. If you win the Super Bowl it will literally be something nobody has ever seen lol.
Jason King
Jason King 16 days ago
TD is the progressive commercial where nobody can pronounce quinoa w that Michael “onewa”
Isaiah Miller
Isaiah Miller 17 days ago
His videos would be so much better if he cussed
Jacob Cisneros
Jacob Cisneros 17 days ago
29:02 “Michael Onuwa” 😭 MICHAEL ONWENU OU-N-WHEN-YOU
Jacob Cisneros
Jacob Cisneros 17 days ago
26:27 “No he’s got someone over top” bruh wtf there was no one over top it was a td
Brandon Moua
Brandon Moua 18 days ago
You should get Larry fitz a ring!!!!!
CADEN SCHULTE 18 days ago
Still waiting for the next patriots video
routables 19 days ago
26:50 he had jonnu wide for a td
Bridget Harper
Bridget Harper 20 days ago
John who
Paul Ciamaricone
Paul Ciamaricone 20 days ago
You don't choose your upgrades. Your 75 -80s dline you sim. You could upgrade them so some are run stuffer and others are rushers. You control your team. But that super bowl your team was out matched period
Paul Ciamaricone
Paul Ciamaricone 20 days ago
X was open vs raiders before halftime
Robert Stanley
Robert Stanley 21 day ago
I’m sorry but the pats are my long time team but fuck cam he’s the reason we looked stupid all year last year
Sosa Itachi
Sosa Itachi 22 days ago
TD you need glasses 👓 O was open for a bomb nobody covering him
Jared Peters
Jared Peters 22 days ago
Titans franchise!!
taylor granstaff
taylor granstaff 24 days ago
Never should have changed ur playbook
Trey wright
Trey wright 24 days ago
Boyy u better go look at that browns o line
ejiro kirishama
ejiro kirishama 26 days ago
lets gon lets gon
greenbc317 26 days ago
''CMON" FELLAS I want the chips with the the dip!!!"
M Bot5
M Bot5 26 days ago
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Michael Harris
Michael Harris 27 days ago
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mat r
mat r 27 days ago
14:23 look at O
Meech Tolliver
Meech Tolliver 28 days ago
Join my league HulkMeeche
Evan DeCavitch
Evan DeCavitch 28 days ago
td you can sign of people's practice squad
Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson 28 days ago
44:30 you missed triangle for the td
J- Simple
J- Simple 28 days ago
Stop doing US-first
Kerel Is kermit
Kerel Is kermit 28 days ago
37:15 brings me memories back when the browns versed the cheifs in the playoffs
DFG 28 days ago
Every time td sit up on defense Ik a turnover coming
BigCon87 29 days ago
what cover 3 beater was he using? That play was working
Anthony Tate
Anthony Tate 29 days ago
"first thing i have to do is score, second thing is to get in the end zone " bro you got to be having a lot of hours on here to not even flinch in saying that twice
AP Productions
AP Productions 29 days ago
I have a message for anyone seeing this JESUS CHRIST IS KING!!!!! GOD BLESS AND HAVE A GREAT YEAR!!!!!
Anay Mathur
Anay Mathur Month ago
dude stop screaming so much bruh it hurts
Erik S.uperPatriot
I only have always used the Patriots since the 1st Madden. I like Cam. He’s not fast but he has okay mobility & is strong. Unfortunately Madden will have Cam throw a totally missed throw to a wide open receiver at least twice a game!🤣 Go Pats!
Mike Mays
Mike Mays Month ago
Do chiefs next or the ravens 😁😁😁
Mike Mays
Mike Mays Month ago
Don’t worry td you get him back
Jaron Nutter
Jaron Nutter Month ago
i wanted cam to get a ring so bad 😢
GMFxDrizzyy Month ago
Can u please use the browns in the next franchise. I’m a huge browns fan and I haven’t seen you use the browns a whole lot can you please use them. We’re loyal fans and we want to see them succeed in the future
John Schletty
John Schletty Month ago
Td, the reason your team does not progress is because of your coach level. "Griffin Murphy" is level one with no position xp boosts.
XxMrfarinoXx Epic
Not hating but just saying you miss wide open burns but do what you want to do
Ernest Escobar
Ernest Escobar Month ago
Play Type and hit them on their breaks. Move the chains, first downs
Matt M
Matt M Month ago
Damn watched all that to see you get torched in the end lol. Shoulda stuck with Baltimore
Cesar Gonzalez
Cesar Gonzalez Month ago
What playbook he using when he plays the bills when he first get dion lewis?
Tanner S
Tanner S Month ago
Anyone know a place to find a good CFM fantasy draft league. I tried one the other day and the commish would just sim your pick if you didn’t pick within 15 seconds which was basically impossible for me doing my first draft on the super slow madden menus
Tanner S
Tanner S Month ago
Ps4 btw
Peter Pflug
Peter Pflug Month ago
When TD said “I’ve only ever lost in this jersey” I wanted to whisper in his ear “yeah but it was too a dude who ran the same running play the whole game because it was glitched”
Booboo9796 Psn-RobertMiller123
14:25 u have O wide open for the td rac.
chance2413 Month ago
"I YELL AND SCREAM AND GET PAID. LET'S GOOOOO." You people watch this shit
Lucas Hemmings
Lucas Hemmings Month ago
apparently you did if you know thats all he did
Hydrobolt36 Month ago
tdb:Makes the 60 yard field goal me:that was very ba ba bam of you
BHSU 4K Month ago
When season 2 coming I’m ready😂🤯
Dermott McKinnon
I have a signed dion Lewis helmat
bainyerd1 Month ago
I had no idea people took madden this seriously! 😂
Evan Gilbert
Evan Gilbert Month ago
james white signed back
Fluffshep Network
May we please just take a moment to appreciate how amazing at Madden TD really is? I can only wish that my Pats will be half as good in real life as TD made them look. The way he won was gritty. It wasn't clean, but the jersey choices were!
I do stuff
I do stuff Month ago
Man I got cam in an online franchise mans is outta there next season lmao mans will over throw everybody wide open and all
Imahjin Month ago
we need a season 2 man
Jaylin Richardson
Being a colts fan I loved to see you beat on the bills !!! 😂😂😂😂 should do a colts season Carson wentz an that defense I think would be ya best season !!! 💯💯
Thomas Conway
Thomas Conway Month ago
Your bad
Andrew Wenner
Andrew Wenner Month ago
Honestly, if I’m being honest? I’m pretty honestly honest.
Yonormansayn Month ago
Tough ending...if you only had the jersey # a little bit more on point next time...👍🏽
Bella Tan
Bella Tan Month ago
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Daniel Winborn
Daniel Winborn Month ago
Sony Michel goes off with a 100 plus yard game td signs a new running back 😂
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick Month ago
No, im not entertained
Marvin Cerdas
Marvin Cerdas Month ago
Ngl jonhoo is starting to get old 😭💀
Tyler Cagle
Tyler Cagle Month ago
Sony Michel: has a great game TD: let’s get Dion Lewis
Anthony Tate
Anthony Tate 29 days ago
sony got 2 td and that long run and had to ask td if he hates him
Luke Proctor!
Luke Proctor! Month ago
how do you do these online competitive franchises????
Michael Ojiogo
Michael Ojiogo Month ago
Td what’s up with the camera dying
tynd12 Month ago
Wish I could spam the like button
Julia Hamon
Julia Hamon Month ago
Bro the SB uniforms were sooooo heat
Mike's Madden School
The Patriots Secondary is Legit. 4 CB over 80 overall and 2 great Safties.
B Flo
B Flo Month ago
When the receiver is frustrated you should pick no promises. It gives an upgrade to the whole team and if you do good with the receiver next game it boosts them anyway
chichi2L Month ago
How do I get to join franchises like this
Ton Ngoc Tho
Ton Ngoc Tho Month ago
love the videos.
Evan M Wadyka T0rn4d033
he should draft Jaylen Waddle
Marco Ramos
Marco Ramos Month ago
I love all of these but the Washington is my fav
Brock Month ago
I’m a Seahawks fan and I loved how this went including the end
BroJob Rob
BroJob Rob Month ago
You should trade for a early first and grab a WR
A P Month ago
Yo DaeDae
Yo DaeDae Month ago
14:23 circle been wide open omm😂😂
Teedledee -
Teedledee - Month ago
Got a lot of respect that you do this whole shit in one episode. Fuck ton of editing prolly
Coder Month ago
How many franchise videos are there lmaoo
Anthony Hernandez
oh man i was wondering why JC jackson was 4thon depth chart! lol hes easily number 2 and jones number 3. pats have best DBs in the game!
Ramen Man
Ramen Man Month ago
I know u a madden bro but u play anything else fam? I been on that hitman lately
Ulises Talavera
Ulises Talavera Month ago
Do you pick the team or is it at random
Michael Alarcon
Michael Alarcon Month ago
You’re incredible but you need an offensive coordinator, I can make you unstoppable rangerupnb1224@gmail.com , I’m a football master it’s all about the plays you are running compared to the actual time in game.
Morgan Snider
Morgan Snider Month ago
Was I the only one shocked seeing he signed Dion Lewis week 16 after finally settling on Sony? 😂
geordanmakana m
geordanmakana m Month ago
Should’ve stuck with the Patriots playbook in the Superbowl
Andersen Louw
Andersen Louw Month ago
Omg damiere bird 44:56 😭🤣
Jack Graham
Jack Graham Month ago
13:18 peep x on this play
Dalejr 420
Dalejr 420 Month ago
New drinking game: every time TDBarrett says “let’s go” take a drink
Dalejr 420
Dalejr 420 29 days ago
@Ryan Betcher I think we’d be getting our stomachs pumped
Ryan Betcher
Ryan Betcher Month ago
We’d be drunk
Hoodie HXNZO
Hoodie HXNZO Month ago
I can tell he doesn’t go outside he’s a NERD you play this game everyday take a break