The NFL MVP, best rookie corner in 20 years! Fantasy Draft Franchise 9 

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Today we are back with another Madden 21 video and we have another episode in the Madden 21 Fantasy Draft series! This video we are going to be playing 4 games with our stud superstar corner!
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Apr 16, 2021




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Comments 100   
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg 8 days ago
Great upload of Fantasy Draft Franchise 9 TD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
Shiquita Noble
Shiquita Noble 13 days ago
I don’t like you because you don’t play with A franchise with Chiefs
UnDeemed 15 days ago
Upgrade your corners Slot for speed🤙🏾
Tre Davis
Tre Davis 15 days ago
Td for speed upgrades on a corner is slot
Tyce Taylor
Tyce Taylor 16 days ago
Can you do a Seahawks rebuild and keep Darrell Taylor, the left end, in trust me he is a low ovr but if you develop him he is really good I did it in my own rebuild. Like if this is a good idea and so TD Barrett can see
Mannan Wadhawan
Mannan Wadhawan 17 days ago
get dionte more involved
Owen Cintron
Owen Cintron 17 days ago
TD just so you know, route runner is the best chance at getting speed upgrades for receivers
Joe Price
Joe Price 17 days ago
Seems like hes a little sped up
Richard Heidel
Richard Heidel 18 days ago
First play versus the Washington football team square was wide open in the middle bro probably a touchdown you threw it to Jerry Judy. It’s tough sometimes to see those
JuiiceTV 18 days ago
Ngl chargers got crunched on, surprised he stayed the whole game lol
L G 18 days ago
Also in Canada the police can pull you over determine if you are not how for essential reasons and arrest you. They are fine with it though because the CCP runs Canada
Evan O'Neal
Evan O'Neal 18 days ago
Brent C
Brent C 18 days ago
Rod Wave
Rod Wave 18 days ago
I like the hair
Tahiro Marks
Tahiro Marks 18 days ago
The come back was real
Trappin Dirty
Trappin Dirty 18 days ago
Michael OJ moodee yah
Jere Jensen
Jere Jensen 18 days ago
When You Said I Dont Know who Tanner Morgan was my heart broke a little
Alex Franck
Alex Franck 18 days ago
You sounded extra canadian in this one lol 7:28
East Coast Gaming
East Coast Gaming 18 days ago
Hey TD! Love the vids! I am a fellow canadian and i just recently got into madden... been improving alot but still getting killed in online franchise! Do you have any tips to help my passing game? its the weakest part of my game! thanks man! Watch your vids all the time to try and learn!
tymir brown
tymir brown 18 days ago
Td:so kind of him ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Aimee Olson
Aimee Olson 19 days ago
Tanner Morgan is the QB for the MN gophers and is entering the draft this year
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright 19 days ago
Thé game freezes when you change abilities in the uprgade screen
T-Raines 19 days ago
Who got a active madden league I can join? PS4
The One in only one
Wat is your zone drops
Jiren 19 days ago
25:19 Ik you seen triangle open
Saur shroff
Saur shroff 19 days ago
TD what playbook is your offense and defense it would be lovely if you answerd
Drew Lilledahl
Drew Lilledahl 19 days ago
football team franchise pls
burner account
burner account 19 days ago
Bruh td it says minkah has 13 sacks on the season way more than Tyson Campbell Idk what ur talking ab 😂
burner account
burner account 19 days ago
Why tf did td edit out the last part of the game vs the Washington football team his opponent made a comeback but he didn't show us 🧐
jamaalbrown2015 19 days ago
He’s obsessed with speed ratings all he talks about
Dustin Long
Dustin Long 19 days ago
35 to 7. Then fast forward one quarter: 42 to 35.
Certified Jaylen
Certified Jaylen 19 days ago
Made my day
Slime 5tre
Slime 5tre 19 days ago
Td cheating by not letting dude get his td back
Hayden Sullivan
Hayden Sullivan 19 days ago
how do i get involved in one of these leagues on xbox
TAV 19 days ago
18:33 that was a beautiful flick throw
Michael Cabral
Michael Cabral 19 days ago
TD try switching the position to remove the dev glitch then switch it back.
King Laww
King Laww 19 days ago
If TD loses a Super Bowl in any of his franchises he has to give himself a haircut
Tim Stauffer
Tim Stauffer 19 days ago
Best Madden US-firstr!
AlmightyLogaan 19 days ago
“this is the weirdest thing i’ve seen” I love how he says it so casually 😭😂
Hurdlesville 20 days ago
make ceedee #88 lol. it hurts my eyes to see #12 on him😂💀
Bubba Person
Bubba Person 20 days ago
Dude lost 70-20 and stayed the whole game. Respect
spencer 20 days ago
ojemudia = oh jay moo dee uh
nick holmes
nick holmes 20 days ago
What up td
Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green 20 days ago
cede lamb is number 88 btw not 11 or 12
boogzmontana 20 days ago
It’s pronounced (Bree-Vin)
Cale LOVETT 20 days ago
Taje Kelly
Taje Kelly 20 days ago
td can u respond to my ig dm
Taje Kelly
Taje Kelly 20 days ago
if anyone is doing a fantasy draft on ps4 add me in pls @tsoonastee
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 20 days ago
Thought u was up 14-0 instead of 7-0?
Noah Hardin
Noah Hardin 20 days ago
Day one of exposing td for running from Xbox
Noah Hardin
Noah Hardin 20 days ago
Anyone running 5 wide sucks
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll 18 days ago
Not really
Mason Brown
Mason Brown 20 days ago
When you feel depression and then td posts Me: Yessirrrrrr
Landon Corwin
Landon Corwin 20 days ago
Set your college scouting to auto
Randall Dejohn
Randall Dejohn 20 days ago
Yo TD fly my boy out to cut your hair he’s the best I know! His cuts are really good!
Ttv Trippin
Ttv Trippin 20 days ago
If you want speed a lot more for corner you want too upgrade slot, and for receiver you wanna upgrade route runner, for safety’s upgrade hybrid those all give speed the most
MrHa321 20 days ago
Why don't you level up a kick returner using a cb
Graham Tiedtke
Graham Tiedtke 20 days ago
Totally didn’t just sing to your intro this time.... 😂
Michael Walter
Michael Walter 20 days ago
Post your losses to ab you rat
Mike Flory
Mike Flory 20 days ago
BA Ba Ba bam fellas
Alex Wolff
Alex Wolff 20 days ago
Day 2 of Asking for a Star Wars Legends draft
Tukaa 20 days ago
You don’t need set feet lead and gunslinger I’d rather u change one. On deshuan watson I use set feet lead so I can have protected for better blocking
Blizzy Reverse
Blizzy Reverse 20 days ago
Ceebee lamb is #88 not #11
Mateo Feo 210
Mateo Feo 210 20 days ago
Nobody in America wants that plush bro
Mateo Feo 210
Mateo Feo 210 20 days ago
TD damn bro need to cross the border the Buffalo to get that cut?
Micahi DW
Micahi DW 20 days ago
Grow your hair out
Armando Salinas
Armando Salinas 20 days ago
You can fix the snap count glitch. Commissioner has to make him a Superstar, save changed, and then move him back down to star and save changed and he'll stay at star development. Figured this out when I was running my own CFMs
kdsjobs 20 days ago
Only took 9 seasons with 5 different teams for TD to finally read the "or" in breakout game objectives 😅
Troy 32
Troy 32 20 days ago
TD cee dee lamb could have been number 88 instead of 12
Justin Gonzalez
Justin Gonzalez 20 days ago
Dude came through with the clean cut.
Anthony Salerno
Anthony Salerno 20 days ago
Nobody gonna talk about how he was beating Washington 35 to 7 then instantly it was 42 to 35???? What kinda shit is this?
Braeden Manchester
Braeden Manchester 20 days ago
Xstrotic 20 days ago
24:24 he had a huge TD at circle
Barty 20 days ago
Regina sk represent. Lmao didn’t think TD would even know where that is🤣
Garan Swolecup
Garan Swolecup 20 days ago
Canada should grow some balls
Ryan Lefevre
Ryan Lefevre 20 days ago
Thumbnail is fire !!!!
CBARTH 20 days ago
can you please find a way to keep the audio the same, woke my kid up when i turned up the volume because your audio was low and then out of nowhere it was booming
Javen Dunn
Javen Dunn 20 days ago
td woke up feelin dangerous
GODXENO 20 days ago
This team offense is disgusting 🤯
YURMOM911 20 days ago
Herbert might have a mvp szn if he gets better pass pro
Yours Trulyy
Yours Trulyy 20 days ago
Random but at 11:44.....Square bruh...
Aintnosaint_ Qc
Aintnosaint_ Qc 20 days ago
Who else peeked hines under 100 yards rushing after 10weeks 😂
Brad Dier
Brad Dier 20 days ago
Tevaughn is indeed Canadian.
Specs ll
Specs ll 20 days ago
Change lambs number to 88 TD
TRV Sports
TRV Sports 20 days ago
you need to make some merch man so many of us would buy shirts and hoodies. I have so many ideas of some sick designs. 🙏🏼🔥
Darren 20 days ago
That moment when title change :(
Ryan 20 days ago
Let’s see some Seahawks damn it!
Chickenboy 20 days ago
me as a broncos fan. I wish this was real life.
TJs Channel
TJs Channel 20 days ago
Cool idea, take your two franchise’s and do a game. You could get someone good to use your other team.
Dillon 20 days ago
My new favorite madden content creator! Keep the grind up, you have been posting some bangers lately 🔥
Wyatt Smith
Wyatt Smith 20 days ago
11:40 look at square😂
Brian Culp
Brian Culp 20 days ago
9:40 tanner Morgan? Isn’t that aj lapray’s friend? if u know who that is
Parks3452 20 days ago
When Brevin Jordan gets abilities this team gonna be nasty
Matteo Giuliano
Matteo Giuliano 20 days ago
Are u gonna be posting MLB 21 videos?
Cota -
Cota - 20 days ago
bryce long
bryce long 20 days ago
Ur o is 10,11,12,13 jersey number
Preston Wagner
Preston Wagner 20 days ago
Ceedee is number 88 TD
Rohin 20 days ago
Day 16 of asking TD to play MMG!!
francisco Flores
francisco Flores 20 days ago
Damn!! Pray for all them barbers in Canada 🙏🏾 I’m sure some are fading people up in they basement though 🤣🤣 find someone TD!! 💀💀
Des Hanson
Des Hanson 20 days ago
Yo TD, to upgrade speed or acel for Campbell you have to upgrade his “slot ability” your welcome 😉
Chad Ennis
Chad Ennis 20 days ago
Need to go back to the playing haters