Super Bowl as a massive underdog! Fantasy Draft Franchise 12 

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Today we have the Madden 21 Super Bowl!
Baseball is back!. Celebrate by managing your own team and playing like the pros in MLB 9 Innings 21. Download and play today: bit.ly/3sJLyhO
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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 19 hours ago
Defensive rookie of the year does not guarantee Superstar Brett
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 20 hours ago
U can just check the dev trait upgrades in progression history tab on the player
Athletic Monsta
2021 TD just built different🔥
Andrew Inthahack
Andrew Inthahack 3 days ago
Hey TD, how come the sound on both your pages videos is so low?!? I gotta turn it up so loud to hear you and then those ads are crazy loud! Tell them editors to pump up that “BABABABAMMMM”
JGK FUNGOUS 4 days ago
Please stay safe and healthy!
JGK FUNGOUS 4 days ago
Please stay safe and healthy!
Derek Gifford
Derek Gifford 4 days ago
Bro acts like a little kid sometimes
Tyler White
Tyler White 4 days ago
Madden tried so hard to bone td
Ryan Ardire
Ryan Ardire 5 days ago
ZIGGYBALLS 5 days ago
great job brett congrats on the super bowl and you proved than you can win the super bowl with someone other than the washington football team
1367lalala 5 days ago
i remember watching td’s old cfm videos and he would always come up short but now he stay winning super bowls 😂
Kevin Webster
Kevin Webster 5 days ago
Okay win the bears a super bowl now
Scoota Wayne
Scoota Wayne 5 days ago
He quitted on u ❗️
Bryce Drexler
Bryce Drexler 6 days ago
You need to play stickgod from tik tok yall lowkey play so similar🔥
Sooner legend
Sooner legend 6 days ago
Yo boy Hubbard literally just got drafted
Brett Steward
Brett Steward 6 days ago
I love how you put the ad in there for the nine inning MLB game like the show ain’t dominating that shit 🤣 love ya TD we know what you playing
The G.O.A.T
The G.O.A.T 6 days ago
Jerry jeudy is clutch
Keith Tanner
Keith Tanner 6 days ago
So how he change abilities? On players cause I can’t on my franchise mode
Sergio & Adriana
Sergio & Adriana 6 days ago
So are you just not going to do the cardinals video
Rambunches 6 days ago
Who else knew it was gonna be the Seahawks 🤣
FosterHome x
FosterHome x 6 days ago
How does he get a receiver in that tight end spot in Spread Y-Flex??
Ben From QB
Ben From QB 6 days ago
do anybody got a franchise I can join ?
Siddharth Somisetty
thats the way of getting a dub
frederick trapp
frederick trapp 6 days ago
Willie Roberson
Willie Roberson 6 days ago
27:46 what the hell did TD say 🤣🤣
Brady Toher
Brady Toher 6 days ago
TD you realize shaq barrets x-factor is shutdown, hes not a corner
# YA10
# YA10 6 days ago
6:05 when you regret putting lurker 😂 but I would still put film study
ThatGuyAron 7 days ago
Dude x and square was open the full Seahawks game 😂
ThatGuyAron 7 days ago
Denver got pat surtain holy hell
OGInnaWood GO
OGInnaWood GO 7 days ago
Wtf was yo team wearing tho bro 😂😂😂
Trevor Martin
Trevor Martin 7 days ago
Maria Seijas
Maria Seijas 7 days ago
Let's go! TD took over on #Defense and Jeremy Chinn was crazy. What a turnaround from playoff TD choking games to Superbowl wining TD
George 7 days ago
Does anybody know the settings/sliders these leagues are on?
JAY 7 days ago
man some of these transitions getting questionable lately TD, they switch to random text screens with no sounds in the middle of you talking, there's an ad but the ad just ran over the video instead of the video picking up where it should have we picked up in the middle of you talking about Keenan Allen. lol
Johnny Carter
Johnny Carter 7 days ago
I thought you and AB were playing yesterday? #April29
Kieran Sponagle
Kieran Sponagle 7 days ago
David Amuka
David Amuka 7 days ago
Repent Jesus loves u
Tomas Officer
Tomas Officer 7 days ago
Jametrie Harris
Jametrie Harris 7 days ago
who's gonna tell TD that you have to upgrade ZONe for speed
Convey 2nd acc
Convey 2nd acc 7 days ago
Does TD realize Shaq Barrett has Shutdown as his x factor which is like unless bc he doesn't do coverage
7 occean
7 occean 7 days ago
My boy Denzel Perryman got a ring! 🤣🤣🤣
Skinny God
Skinny God 7 days ago
Was the goal to make the ugliest possible uniforms?
Eldinero_ 7 days ago
First play of the SB was the broncos revenge play from the SB a few years ago lmfao
TheSportsBoy! 7 days ago
Cardinals franchise
Derrion Calloway
Derrion Calloway 7 days ago
I had 6,000+ pass yards with baker was leading in pass yards and TD but ain’t win MVP😂
Shumichael Lucas
Shumichael Lucas 7 days ago
Hines is a great Rb i drafted him this season(FM)
Has anybody kept count of how many franchise rings he has?🧐🤔
King Harris
King Harris 7 days ago
Love how madden just copies and paste the Super Bowl celebrations 🤦🏾‍♂️🙄🙄🙄 😂😂😂
Capt Capafoo
Capt Capafoo 7 days ago
Lee Yoko
Lee Yoko 7 days ago
TD really be beating dudes running the same 3 plays on offense lol.
Jud Judy
Jud Judy 7 days ago
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 7 days ago
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harold jennings
harold jennings 7 days ago
way to go td!!! screw these haters!!!
ryan fitzhugh
ryan fitzhugh 7 days ago
@tdbarret your killing me smalls. What are they the Denver browns? 😆
Alex Rap
Alex Rap 7 days ago
love your channel but youre annoying asf! especially when you get excited! stfu
michael fortin
michael fortin 7 days ago
What’s with the raiders guy having 7 free safeties?
Kyle Spence
Kyle Spence 7 days ago
They should do a owner franchise along with fantasy draft
Cory Finch
Cory Finch 7 days ago
I don't understand how TD has those light blue curl flat looking zones for his safeties?? I don't see that anywhere, only purples???
Goat Gaming3000
Goat Gaming3000 7 days ago
🔥🔥🔥 I wanna get a game in with you player 💯
Landon Jameson
Landon Jameson 7 days ago
Nice work on the Broncos Franchise? Orange crush all day!!!
Dakota Lynde
Dakota Lynde 7 days ago
If you’re reading this Jesus loves you!
Kellen Denk
Kellen Denk 7 days ago
Hey TD, we are all appreciating the consistent daily bangers but make sure you take some you time and don’t tire yourself out.
Bladderbuster 7 days ago
Congrats to Eric Stokes on getting drafted!!!
Sha Tv
Sha Tv 7 days ago
td never losses cuz he a try hard lolls just a game
J A 7 days ago
Hey TD, how do you feel about the Titans selecting Caleb Farley at 22?
Josh Bojangles
Josh Bojangles 7 days ago
Why does youtube always make me go to setting just to watch in 1080 🙄🙄🙄
Frizz OSS
Frizz OSS 7 days ago
Bah Bah Bam Banga!!
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown 7 days ago
From 0-2 with the bills to 1-1 with the broncos, 1-0 with the Cardinals and 5-0 with the football team. Damn
DND Matty FN
DND Matty FN 7 days ago
At 22:33 you ha a tuddy with x
Finn Mccue
Finn Mccue 7 days ago
How did you get Andy Reid for your coach
Bobby Bussdown
Bobby Bussdown 7 days ago
Wow TD...... I was seriously going to buy you a gaming chair!!! Like seriously about to buy you one glad you got one my dude!!
Dave Macri
Dave Macri 7 days ago
Holy crap u were talking fast at the start of this video.....lol
Chrispy McChicken Nuggets Piazza
Btw jerry Jeudy had wr apprentice not grab n go
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 7 days ago
You’re bad at the game stop spamming the same plays
Zac Martin
Zac Martin 7 days ago
Let’s go!!!!
DeVonte' Loyd
DeVonte' Loyd 7 days ago
“Jerry Jeudy has route tech and grab and go” *WR Apprentice hiding in the shadows*
Artifxcts Fn
Artifxcts Fn 7 days ago
Day 3 of telling td to take shutdown off Shaquille barrette
WalkerBOnTheBeat 7 days ago
Where is cardinals franchise #12?
NoLimitEmilio 7 days ago
otis sweatpants
otis sweatpants 7 days ago
This is how Super Bowl XLVIII should’ve went
Raxah 7 days ago
You probably won’t see this but if you aren’t getting superstar or superstar x upgrades anymore then you have to change a setting in league settings and put the limit to how many star, superstar, & superstar x players you can have in the league
Raxah 7 days ago
* your superstar and superstar x might be maxed meaning you can’t get anymore until a player with that dev retires
Uh O Plate
Uh O Plate 7 days ago
you lost because that season you hit a record for how many times you said bababam. its not it
Jalendashaun 7 days ago
Rohin 7 days ago
Day 24 of asking TD to play MMG!!
jayRplay3 7 days ago
I’ve been looking for a playbook all year what’s a good one?
Riley Beasley
Riley Beasley 7 days ago
Donovan }
Donovan } 7 days ago
TD needs to put inside stuff or no outsiders So it can help when he’s trying to stop the run
John Fanzini
John Fanzini 7 days ago
TD has shutdown on Barrett instead of a Dline xfactor
Kayden Richardson
ur d ends stop running’s cuz ur on conservative
Goated 2x
Goated 2x 7 days ago
TD makes Madden look so easy and he makesme get the game back every time i delete
okaybro 7 days ago
You should join a more competitive league cuz u win the sb almoat every season it would be a lot more fun to watch
BoDa Bot
BoDa Bot 7 days ago
Hey, does anyone know if TDbarett uses west coast? And how formation does he run??
Nabil Muhammad
Nabil Muhammad 7 days ago
Td is so good
Lil Scarn
Lil Scarn 7 days ago
Bruh that ad lacked enthusiasm
Payton Seals
Payton Seals 7 days ago
Day 2 of asking TD to do a legends fantasy draft franchise.
Joe Bunton
Joe Bunton 7 days ago
why did raiders guy have about 10 free safeties
Richie Walker
Richie Walker 7 days ago
He really gets amusement out of beating teenagers in madden 😭😭
tyrique hartfield
shii it’s more than teenagers who play madden
JamesGaming_ Tv
JamesGaming_ Tv 7 days ago
Good luck tdbarret!
Patrick Sloan
Patrick Sloan 7 days ago
I like how u ruined the video at the beginning my just joking man love u
Sid Tebajjanga
Sid Tebajjanga 7 days ago
TdBarret yk damn well he left the game😂