Playoffs as the #7 seed, lets shock the world! Cardinals Franchise 11 

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Today we are back with the Arizona Cardinals franchise video with the playoffs! I had a horrible end to the year but we have a chance to shock everyone if we can win in the playoffs!
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Apr 21, 2021




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mflat15 Day ago
First drive... had triangle wide open in the end zone on back to back plays... you can score on him in the red zone my dude
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg 2 days ago
Great upload of Cardinals Franchise 11 TD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 4 days ago
This dude nibbles on his earphones and does some weird humming sounds like bruhh 🤣🤣
JJ Youn
JJ Youn 6 days ago
Trade kyler Murray for trey lance hes amazing in my cfm he’s just like Steve McNair and cam Newton with a cannon
OH That's Jae
OH That's Jae 6 days ago
I'm tryna join one of these leagues TD y'all need some more comp!!!
Evans Energetic Videos
Whats the name of the intense song vs the 49ers?
FB Lifetime
FB Lifetime 10 days ago
Dude when he caught that I was so scared he should of ran out so he could kick the game tying field goal
aka Avolitions
aka Avolitions 10 days ago
Bro triangle was wide open in the end zone twice😭😂
Marvo Miller
Marvo Miller 12 days ago
Finally a better intro
shid 12 days ago
Ur name is spelled wierd
Zay Carroll
Zay Carroll 12 days ago
Your lucky against the 49ers
Domingo Espinosa
Domingo Espinosa 13 days ago
Back to back plays in the Red Zone 2nd quarter under 25 seconds vs Dallas you missed Hopkins wide open in the endzone.
Chris 13 days ago
NGHT_ Pevet0
NGHT_ Pevet0 13 days ago
Y’all can’t be saying TD is on rookie mode. He plays online. That’s why TD is da goat
Braxton Davis
Braxton Davis 13 days ago
Everyone that plays on Xbox you can join my Franchise it is JJWHY Password THEWAYTHEJETS
Heather Carraway
Heather Carraway 13 days ago
TD lucked out against the niners
Andrew Sheranko
Andrew Sheranko 13 days ago
Any one looking to join a CFM franchise for the long haul? In season 5 of 7. Been around since 2016. Need to fill some spots
David Turnquist
David Turnquist 13 days ago
Bro, put out an Ebook already. I'd buy that thing ina heart beat.
Mike Krummy
Mike Krummy 13 days ago
Wow that SF game 🔥🔥🔥
duncan libamira amugune
1:31 WOW GIRLS 18+ ARE WAITING FOR YOU hotgirls.to US-first: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" US-first: BE GONE 1619235149
Blank 13 days ago
Does anyone have a franchise that I’m able to join I’ve been looking for one for days
Jackson Danburg
Jackson Danburg 13 days ago
Bro...this intro is soooo fire.🔥🔥
Jose Mena
Jose Mena 14 days ago
18:40, next two plays triangle was WIDE open in the end zone.
Pranav Desai
Pranav Desai 14 days ago
Reddick is clutch
Kvale 14 days ago
What is that sound in the background driving me crazy loo
Collin Bivins-Hance
Mobbharo 14 days ago
18:40 that play and the play after you had triangle open back to back😭I know your better than that😢❤️
Langston Cobb
Langston Cobb 14 days ago
Ur moving🤯
Buffalo Beatle
Buffalo Beatle 14 days ago
10:35 i would have shut off the system wow
Christian Muth
Christian Muth 14 days ago
TD go win urself a super bowl as 7th seed and I’m a big fan of ur videos been watching for a few years love ur videos
Damon Shavers
Damon Shavers 14 days ago
bro you don’t use slants at all . slants are the most used play in the nfl its designed specifically for both the short field and long field .. you don’t use them
David leon
David leon 14 days ago
Bruh you’re not playing the show??
Seejaygreen 14 days ago
Triangle is always open for a quick pass in redzone
Kareen Simmons
Kareen Simmons 14 days ago
At 19:00 you had D Hop wide open twice in the end zone lol
Cole Ederer
Cole Ederer 14 days ago
If you change Kyler Murray’s position to something else then back to qb you will get escape artist back
Ryan McMullen
Ryan McMullen 14 days ago
Anyone else sad, but also understanding that TD didn't post a new video today?
Sam Tarly
Sam Tarly 14 days ago
You had Hopkins open twice in the RZ
Trey Yama
Trey Yama 14 days ago
run the damn ball... stop the kyler bs option too
AJ Romeo-Oliver
AJ Romeo-Oliver 14 days ago
Td lowkey got so bailed out first playoff game
That Pretty Muthafucka
I've been using cards for years man I'm glad they are getting much welcomed growth and respect now.
Nathaniel Jones
Nathaniel Jones 14 days ago
U a bum. How u don't run for that 1st down?
M P 14 days ago
Bruh Ronald jones next beast
DanTheMan II
DanTheMan II 14 days ago
What playbook does TD run
Cade Carlson
Cade Carlson 14 days ago
Sad cause no upload today😔
tonyd707 14 days ago
You must be blind my guy lol at 18:50 you had triangle wide open back to back plays but your looking to roll for some reason.
0bxndzjah 14 days ago
D hop was open in red zone vs cowboys back to back plays
Xander Young
Xander Young 14 days ago
I’m praying for your moving process man 💯 god bless you bro
Rachael Rubinstein
Rachael Rubinstein 14 days ago
TD when are you gon post Today?
Marquise Matthews
Marquise Matthews 14 days ago
You gotta low ball the post to D Hop in the red zone
Tyrell Evans
Tyrell Evans 14 days ago
Against the cowboys that inside post was open a lot in the red zone.
Spazzer 14 days ago
That’s shoe string tackle in the first game was a savior
michael Mcclendon
michael Mcclendon 14 days ago
Brett: "I cant score in the redzone!!" Me: "Throw it to Triangle!!!!"
Judson Stautz
Judson Stautz 14 days ago
Triangle was open early 2 times in the red zone against the cowboys. Idk where his first looks are but the middle of the field is there against Dallas
Quentin Smith
Quentin Smith 14 days ago
19:30 had Triangle naked on 2nd nd 3rd down!! Look to hit him before he makes that post cut
Quentin Smith
Quentin Smith 14 days ago
Kim Daunis
Kim Daunis 14 days ago
video idea: the first 90 overall+ you pull at every position is your starter
sheluvsdrew 14 days ago
what playbook is this ????
David Passarelli
David Passarelli 14 days ago
Nikko Pierce
Nikko Pierce 14 days ago
Do a new franchise and draft kadarius toney
Cody Lopez
Cody Lopez 14 days ago
Had triangle both times open in the red zone against the cowboys on your first drive.. wide open! Both times
Mike Loko
Mike Loko 14 days ago
D hop was wideeeeeee open in the red zone twice at 18:40
SlickBillGod 15 days ago
What play is Td using where the slot is open in the endzone ?
Isaac Wanta
Isaac Wanta 15 days ago
A rob was wide open first drive in the endzone against the cowboys
Divinity Intervention
Whoa! At 18:41 triangle was wide open and on the next play! Definitely would have been 6 all day! 😭😭
G4life 121
G4life 121 15 days ago
There’s no way that TD is that good at this game no shot
G4life 121
G4life 121 15 days ago
@18:40 open your eyes u literally have a TD back to back plays to the same guy
Huncho CJ
Huncho CJ 15 days ago
Bro all I hear is TD humming😂
DenverStruck For life
ok pro tip u should not spam a run if u got stopped twice
Zach Banghart
Zach Banghart 15 days ago
Love you TD but 5 inside trap runs in a row, thats pretty ridiculous. Change it up man, ain't gonna make it to the big leagues like that
ty bethea
ty bethea 15 days ago
First game too tough 💪
Maxwell Taylor
Maxwell Taylor 15 days ago
I haven't watched Barret in years so when the show 21 came out I thought to come back to baseball but now he's on a madden trend
Maxwell Taylor
Maxwell Taylor 12 days ago
You act like to comment section isn’t here for people to share things
Drip_God 12 days ago
Did anybody ask?
Hurdlesville 15 days ago
TD ur the 🐐
Curt- On60fps
Curt- On60fps 15 days ago
Marco solo underated remind me of herbo
dolfanfinatic 15 days ago
Would you freaking throw in the redzone????
Brendan Cockroft
Brendan Cockroft 15 days ago
Cowboys can’t get out of the divisional round no matter how good the regular season was... and this is coming from a Cowboys fan
The boy Diamond340
The boy Diamond340 15 days ago
lil naj x td u should start using this nickname for najee harris
Nathan Godoe
Nathan Godoe 15 days ago
Day 2 of waiting for episode 10 of broncos franchise
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck 15 days ago
TDBarrett is the goat
Vince Marchese
Vince Marchese 15 days ago
Td neighborhood hearing him scream so loud about a video game
Vince Marchese
Vince Marchese 15 days ago
You have a 92 as your 3 receiver behind an 80?????!!!!!!!
Vince Marchese
Vince Marchese 15 days ago
Td be like I learn from my mistakes like it’s a game dude
Vince Marchese
Vince Marchese 15 days ago
Don’t kill the like button kill the dislike button like me
Logan Bird
Logan Bird 15 days ago
Warona Kgabung
Warona Kgabung 15 days ago
This intro song will make me like the cardinals when i dont want to
The diamond Kage
The diamond Kage 15 days ago
Yo I wish I had this luck bruv 😔
Patrick Hovsepian
Patrick Hovsepian 15 days ago
10:33 that is an incredible dot.
Lenzl 15 days ago
I want kyler murray mvp next season, td
Sebastian Hof
Sebastian Hof 15 days ago
I hope so bad that you lose. You are so unsympathetic...
Joshua Love
Joshua Love 15 days ago
Man that first game was tense 😬 🔥
itz kingshawnn
itz kingshawnn 15 days ago
Try it out one league n see how they like it
itz kingshawnn
itz kingshawnn 15 days ago
You should do a league like I do with my friends one created player on offense n player on defense I bet you’ll enjoy it more
OTB. Greenz
OTB. Greenz 15 days ago
Td are you moving to the us
Justin Hilkey
Justin Hilkey 15 days ago
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 congratulations TD!
LoSo_SnRs 15 days ago
Says he can't score in red zone but had triangle wide open 2 times in a row at the end of the 1st half. You kept staring down 1 wr or 1 side. 18:41 wide open and next play samething, also R1 at 20:32 is open
Drew Rodriguez
Drew Rodriguez 15 days ago
TD when is the next Broncos video??
SWAGGER573 15 days ago
bro ur playing scared u had open recievers both games but u never threw it
MambaTelevision- 15 days ago
if any slots come open can i join the league? i’ll be active
1double0troy 15 days ago
forgot all about harris huh ?
Jay Mendez
Jay Mendez 15 days ago
Wheres the packers franchise???
Hydracy 15 days ago
Day 2 of asking TD for a Bills franchise
Connor Hay
Connor Hay 15 days ago
You gotta do one w the vikings, I’m also from the 416. ML brettqb❤️🤞🏼
Connor Hay
Connor Hay 15 days ago
Sucks your leaving, I get it though this lockdown been so tough.
hello, i'm stupid..
hello, i'm stupid..