No one believes I can win this, playoffs vs biggest rival! Fantasy Draft Franchise 11 

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Today we are back with another episode of the Madden 21 Fantasy Draft Franchise with the Denver Broncos and we are playoffs going against the Texans!
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Apr 28, 2021




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TDBarrett 9 days ago
I JOINED A 30 TEAM MLB ONLINE FRANCHISE: us-first.info/player/video/np2XYKCjm6CVn2Q.html
ThatGuyAron 8 days ago
Denver coming for blood in 2021 8) lance or fields. Damn.
Jordan Powell
Jordan Powell 8 days ago
10k likes in 20 hours!
TPS 2 8 days ago
@Splash Bro kinda like you
Edward Ginty
Edward Ginty 8 days ago
Splash Bro
Splash Bro 8 days ago
MLB lame
Jacob S
Jacob S 5 days ago
Nyhiem Hines is such a beast. He x-factors really fast 🔥
Dalton Houser
Dalton Houser 5 days ago
21:29 Lmao u havent been life for like a year🤣
NinjaSmoke House
NinjaSmoke House 6 days ago
What happened to the cardinals franchise
Trenton Sampson
Trenton Sampson 6 days ago
Them likes hit pretty quick
Josh White
Josh White 7 days ago
The patriots user definitely got paid to sell
Melissa Godfrey
Melissa Godfrey 7 days ago
easy dub
Myles Westfield
Myles Westfield 7 days ago
Bro whatever u say in the first 5 seconds of the video I can not understand to save my life
Denver Joel
Denver Joel 7 days ago
Bro! Take a bath. 😆 LOL Love all of your content. Been watching you play Madden for almost a year now. Just hopped on the Brett Barrett MLB videos too! Good stuff!
FRED H. 7 days ago
How is he your biggest rival when you don't even know the guy at all?
GiGGles NoVA
GiGGles NoVA 7 days ago
New to the channel, love your vids. Get that w!
Donovan 57
Donovan 57 7 days ago
Can we all sign a petition to get all these fake ass free training program people off US-first you know they scam artists right especially the dude in this advertisement smh
Jalendashaun 7 days ago
G2Wavy 7 days ago
@15:20 did he just let TD score on purpose ?
Tyler Barnes
Tyler Barnes 8 days ago
What release does he hsve on Herbert?
2k 4 Nova
2k 4 Nova 8 days ago
ThatGuyAron 8 days ago
TD Sees a lot of people But does he see dead people?
ThatGuyAron 8 days ago
Denver fixing to whoop ass in 2021
erik melonashi
erik melonashi 8 days ago
Td is so underrated when it comes to madden
Raged Cooler
Raged Cooler 8 days ago
Td ur a goat u the only madden player who actually uploads and u r a clutch player
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck 8 days ago
Love this series 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
rodney milien
rodney milien 8 days ago
Congrats on the fastest 10k likes 👍🏽
rls725 8 days ago
He got to 10k- lol
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 8 days ago
It’s at 10k
Quintyn Olivo
Quintyn Olivo 8 days ago
10k 15hrs Brody!
Chris 8 days ago
Are there any leagues starting in the comments let me kno
Martin Thomas-Nowlin
Robert Farris
Robert Farris 8 days ago
Let's go!!!
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris 8 days ago
13 more...
Coach Mixer
Coach Mixer 8 days ago
Me when I first heard the intro song: “this is so corny” Me 2 weeks later: “TD B-A-R-R-E-T-T I’M THE GOAT AND IM GOIN INSANE 🔥”
Coach Mixer
Coach Mixer 8 days ago
TD just got Faddddeeed, Uh-hah-ha
Brendon Poll
Brendon Poll 8 days ago
It would be a cool challenge TD if you did this: In any game use only 3rd string players and try to win I think you can do it TD!!!!
BronsNanny 8 days ago
day 101 of asking to play td
Money Kid
Money Kid 8 days ago
What playbook does td run
Xavier Bristol
Xavier Bristol 8 days ago
TD’s haircut >>>
Kinghulk21 8 days ago
301 Ray
301 Ray 8 days ago
look like my man just ate spaghetti😭
JD A 8 days ago
this is definitely my favorite team out of all the franchises
Jaden Andrews
Jaden Andrews 8 days ago
Do u like usering simmons more or Chinn?
Resitive Path
Resitive Path 8 days ago
I would love to see you use the Ravens in an Online Franchise Season, and watch you level rookies up around Lamar Jackson
FBM_HennyOnICE 8 days ago
How do ur players play like actual players bro online offline the dam cornerbacks for some reason seem better catchers than WRs
Thebighomie 8 days ago
A lot of fake fans . This pose to been at 10k 2 hours ago
Dane Draper
Dane Draper 8 days ago
You have the wrong Campbell out there! #33 is no Tyson. It’s Tevaughn Campbell and he’s a 70 overall. He’s the one that’s been playing well lately and you’re losing out on XP with Tyson
kalani piliwale
kalani piliwale 8 days ago
Breh that Seahawks dude must be goated at the game bro pulled 2 upsets
Snacc Reviews
Snacc Reviews 8 days ago
Square at 14:12 🥴
Connor Kinsley
Connor Kinsley 8 days ago
I’m always so confused about different corners because both are campbell
Payton Seals
Payton Seals 8 days ago
Day 1 of asking TD to do a Legends Fantasy Draft.
Josh Bojangles
Josh Bojangles 8 days ago
Accidently hit the 👎button but I'm too lazy to change it
Sir Diddle McPooter III
Day 1 of asking how much adderall do you take brett
Luke Vogel
Luke Vogel 8 days ago
That was the worst clock management I’ve ever seen
Andrew Scarbro
Andrew Scarbro 8 days ago
Rxsee gaming
Rxsee gaming 8 days ago
Question where’s ur wedding ring ?
Menace 2900
Menace 2900 8 days ago
I just started watching and I’m waiting for TD to throw a pick of two
Seahawks Center
Seahawks Center 8 days ago
"I think I played the Raiders" "Is he in my division?" Facepalm
RYAN THOMASON 8 days ago
My boy TD got lined up 👀🔥
Seahawks Center
Seahawks Center 8 days ago
TD when Campbell is his user: Blitz, blitz, blitz When Chinn is his user: Lurks galore
D-Rock 8 days ago
we all love you TD and that last pick was prime TD 😂😂😂 lol gg tho
Seahawks Center
Seahawks Center 8 days ago
Now we need you to go back and beat Jay Slay
Donovan Maria
Donovan Maria 8 days ago
My favorite US-firstr with a banger
baby boots
baby boots 8 days ago
TD lets goooo
Calan Garrett
Calan Garrett 8 days ago
texans vs broncos was crazyy
daily crash
daily crash 8 days ago
JOHN TUCKER 8 days ago
Anyone else notice that campbell is 28 and 33 or is that 2 different players.
MoneyBoyZay 8 days ago
Misty Stafford
Misty Stafford 8 days ago
This is gonna be FIYA boys!🤘🏻🇺🇸❄️🎵
Carmillio Vasquez
DBFL denvers jerseys🔥🔥🔥
Wesley Atchley
Wesley Atchley 8 days ago
TD we gonna get Julio! Titan Up
iCondor 8 days ago
Hey TD big fan of yours, it would be a honor to play you one day ☝️ I played the US-firstr ZIAS the first day I got Madden and absolutely smoked me. I would love another crack at it against a US-firstr. God Speed 🤙
Shannon Kirk
Shannon Kirk 8 days ago
Day 1 of helping @payton22 tell td to turn auto scouting on
Jared Cullum
Jared Cullum 8 days ago
bakachaka 8 days ago
Paying people to let you win it's no wonder you have to upload every day
Ryker Joutz
Ryker Joutz 8 days ago
He didn’t see that Chinn got X factor😳😳😳
Angry_ neighboR
Angry_ neighboR 8 days ago
I like madden as well your nice!
Bell Jr \
Bell Jr \ 8 days ago
Yau let‘s play a round you are box in my defense, you geting bagt on My Offens
Onassiss Melton
Onassiss Melton 8 days ago
Run with the Saints
Xyz Hhh
Xyz Hhh 8 days ago
Can We get this to 4000 likes plz nothing will happen I’ll just be happy plz
JGK FUNGOUS 8 days ago
Please stay safe and healthy
Sean Lee
Sean Lee 8 days ago
🔥 like always
fresh2deaf1984 8 days ago
Looks like everyone on that league nothing but motion slant
Haydon Aiello
Haydon Aiello 8 days ago
YALL LIKE THE VID UP!!!! He has something planned if we hit 10K so let’s do it!
joseph shannon
joseph shannon 8 days ago
Uniform is fye
Xzander Graves
Xzander Graves 8 days ago
Jesus loves you and He died for your sins and because of His love grace and mercy He is willing to forgive you. Also it's either paying for your own sin (hell) or accepting Jesus' payment for you Which do you choose?
Abed The goat
Abed The goat 8 days ago
Love your videos brotha!!!
PenguinREA008 8 days ago
Td barret is goated
PenguinREA008 8 days ago
Great videos td barret
Alex Hunt
Alex Hunt 8 days ago
How is this teams offense an 84 overall?
Mixxy 999
Mixxy 999 8 days ago
Wenever I get a notification that td Barrett uploads I get so happy
Dominique Day
Dominique Day 8 days ago
TD looking like he ready to WIN that MCS bowl this time!
Let’s go Lyrics
XdDark21 8 days ago
And you need to get a TITANS team
XdDark21 8 days ago
It's hilarious when gets excited and says bam BAM BAM
Kon 2 Knueppel
Kon 2 Knueppel 8 days ago
Wtf is up with his hair?!?
Isaac Hyde
Isaac Hyde 8 days ago
Shout out to that CB who got two picks in the pats game who’s name is T. Campbell but it’s not Tyson lol
azsportsfanmaddengamer 2284
It can be
Juanky 8 days ago
TD u da man always a great day when one of ur videos come on keep it up bless my dude
Kingjay Jay
Kingjay Jay 8 days ago
Love TD best luck
Joel Jones
Joel Jones 8 days ago
TD only tries in the broncos franchise i swear😂😂
Eduardo Martinez
Eduardo Martinez 8 days ago
Any franchise leagues that are actually active!?
Demetri Down
Demetri Down 8 days ago
Let's play
Sameer Siddiqui
Sameer Siddiqui 8 days ago