Najee Harris is unstoppable, greatest RB season of all time! Cardinals Franchise 9 

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Today we are back with another Madden 21 franchise video in the Arizona Cardinals Franchise! My star Runningback from Alabama Najee Harris is leading the league in rushing!
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Apr 11, 2021




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Balaji Iyer
Balaji Iyer 3 days ago
Najee is a steeler
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg 8 days ago
Great upload of Cardinals Franchise 9 TD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
MaddenDogs 15 days ago
najee harris- *leads the league in every RB category* TDB- "hes not playin as well as i'd like him to" Me- huhhhhhhhhhh !?!?!?!
Ghedy Bassile
Ghedy Bassile 21 day ago
Can you finish the patriots season
Bishop x Prox
Bishop x Prox 22 days ago
What the draft class called
riccardo bonvecchi
riccardo bonvecchi 23 days ago
Gotta put that n.9 on Kenneth Murray. Bring back K9 from Oklahoma
VaGe_WOLF 23 days ago
Um no cardinals get Conner Steelers get najee plss
TommyFnPickles 23 days ago
I need that theme for whenever I play in my cardinals franchise
Warismypeace565 24 days ago
After the 4th pick I would of quit
Ju GoBrazy
Ju GoBrazy 24 days ago
Josiah ping
Josiah ping 24 days ago
I just wanna say a HUGE shoutout to the editor!!! Cranking out SOO many videos!!!! HUGE props to you!!!
Tytus Toliver
Tytus Toliver 24 days ago
Chuck White
Chuck White 24 days ago
Hey td I was wondering if your gonna do a mlb 21 rtts series like last year? I really would enjoy it
Not_Brys 24 days ago
No one: Yoboy pizza: no, I’m not entertained
Xavier Patrick
Xavier Patrick 24 days ago
Since when to players stand up after conservative catches, two plays in a row and ive never seen that before
Thomas Family
Thomas Family 24 days ago
Banger Already know
Camden Dyer
Camden Dyer 24 days ago
Best Series yet!!!
Kirk Hirk
Kirk Hirk 24 days ago
Washington football ball team franchise Comin soon🤩
Brett Steward
Brett Steward 24 days ago
Broncos franchise video soon bro
Isaiah Parker
Isaiah Parker 24 days ago
Need that Falcons franchise with Fields
lopezfam 24 days ago
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Ottoosan ——
Ottoosan —— 24 days ago
Bro I never can find a consistent franchise
doodie cashout
doodie cashout 24 days ago
please i’m begging can you do a bills franchise
Julez Gajdosik
Julez Gajdosik 24 days ago
Get redzone offense you bum
Tx Jaime
Tx Jaime 24 days ago
You should make a franchise with the cowboys
YSR FAMILY 24 days ago
Keep najee
NotAVegetarian 24 days ago
The song is fire
Chase Rifas
Chase Rifas 24 days ago
I miss the baseball vids. Are you going to bring them back with The Show 21?
Young Dan
Young Dan 24 days ago
These videos need 50k likes or better!
Vedat Karagoz
Vedat Karagoz 24 days ago
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james harpole
james harpole 24 days ago
Kavalier 93
Kavalier 93 24 days ago
HEY TD....if I BUY a plushee if you will you sing it for me for my man cave?? Please??
wkclapz 24 days ago
Can u do a cowboys franchise?
Kavalier 93
Kavalier 93 24 days ago
TD!! Please play mlb the show 21 for Xbox..diamond dynasty if possible!!! I would love to see how you make your team
Riley Thomas
Riley Thomas 24 days ago
“Pass it low. Let’s go! Good throw”
Unreal Jokers
Unreal Jokers 24 days ago
Where can I find madden leagues will a lot of people and active
yolofluffy 24 days ago
missed A-Rob WIDE OPEN. 21:30
Matteo Cercone
Matteo Cercone 24 days ago
Day 15 of asking Td Barrett to make a road to the show 21 series when it comes out
DanTheMan II
DanTheMan II 24 days ago
I love these franchise vids
Harry goated
Harry goated 24 days ago
: Td he has no red zone offense : same play he scores in the redzone
Harry goated
Harry goated 24 days ago
Why did he put eli mack in the description but it is Marco solo
Xolar-_- Tjay
Xolar-_- Tjay 24 days ago
If u change Kenneth Murray to safety and upgrade his hybrid u can get plus 1 speed
Zach Stevens
Zach Stevens 25 days ago
9:43 I swear TD be speaking a whole different language when he talks fast
Michael O’Malley
Michael O’Malley 25 days ago
Are you going to be playing mlb the show 21 when it comes out
Ira Martinez
Ira Martinez 25 days ago
Do it for AZ this is how cardinals fans feel😭😭
King_moon32 25 days ago
Watching these are lame. Whenever you get upgrades for players you just beg and beg for speed. Like bro it’s lame that all that matters is speed. Super boring
Ashton Graves
Ashton Graves 25 days ago
I really want the cardinals to draft Harris for real. We can get a solid cb in round 2 but with Harris our offense would be incredible for the next few years
Tanner S
Tanner S 25 days ago
TD = XQC of madden
JayGxBrazy- 25 days ago
Jayden Major
Jayden Major 25 days ago
His plush toy Must not be selling it’s the first time he’s brought it up since they released lmao 💀😭
Jose Carrillo
Jose Carrillo 25 days ago
I miss playing Xbox 😔 lol it's been a whole year no system
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson 25 days ago
How is his team only an 81 ovr
Jack Krusinski
Jack Krusinski 25 days ago
Tdbarret has Tracy cheeks and willie gay what a combo
kyrie sherrick
kyrie sherrick 25 days ago
Whoever tryna play on ps4 tag- skt ggd
Matt 25 days ago
Props to Vikings for staying in the game..
Green Goat
Green Goat 25 days ago
Take them cringey ass songs out the intro lol
Gunnar Norris
Gunnar Norris 25 days ago
“Hubbard’s getting the ball more” *runs with harris next play* 😂
Robbieballout 365
Robbieballout 365 25 days ago
Day 3 of asking for a Ravens Franchise
Impulse4811 25 days ago
Bro fuck madden play MLB The Show
Luciana Audi
Luciana Audi 25 days ago
can you make a mut series next year
jordan siddell
jordan siddell 25 days ago
Td might be one of the best content creators on the app right now for madden
BuddyMoore 25 days ago
09:43 me talking to my crush
GREAT-GAMING 25 days ago
ba ba ba bam gets me so hyped up
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck 25 days ago
Underrated Take: The Tennessee Titans are underdogs to win the Super Bowl
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck 25 days ago
As a Titans fan in 2022 i want to win the Super Bowl but against the Buccaneers so everyone can see how good we are and we can be underdogs
Sean Lee
Sean Lee 25 days ago
This series is a must watch no matter when it drops I’m watching within 24 hours.
KingOmari 25 days ago
TDBarrett, one of the many youtubers who has always uploaded bangers. Much Respect!
KingOmari 25 days ago
Where are the likes at :(
Mario 1800
Mario 1800 25 days ago
Bruh I played highschool ball with this man 😂🤣
John Mccarver
John Mccarver 25 days ago
That Vikings game was brutal
Lucas Sawyer
Lucas Sawyer 25 days ago
Everyone claims to want the Washington football team so bad but the video still doesnt have 10k likes?? What are y’all doinggg
4pf Exotic
4pf Exotic 25 days ago
11:55 does anyone know what playbook that play is in
NE- JACKCHOP 25 days ago
Is it just me or does the coach look like TD?
nøah 25 days ago
NO Love Ej
NO Love Ej 25 days ago
Wanted to say this since the first vid( he wasn’t joking about baby Derrick Henry he got the same number and hair)
vibewith oscar
vibewith oscar 25 days ago
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 25 days ago
You’re bad at the game
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 25 days ago
You’re not good at the game stop spamming the same plays
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll 25 days ago
Kobe im reporting you because you spam the same comments and nobody likes it and he is better than you at the game and you dont even watch the videos and you dont even play madden and he doesnt spam the same plays and you spam the same plays and you are not good at the game in Madden and stop spamming the same comments every video about tdbarrett and be positive about tdbarrett every single video
The journey of K&D
The journey of K&D 25 days ago
Love ya TD but sometimes you can be blind😭😭
Ramirez 0216
Ramirez 0216 25 days ago
Spend your coach xp
travis muldowney
travis muldowney 25 days ago
“Blitzing off the end, the double a gap”. ?????????????????????
zvonimir Cvihetkovic
The only dude on US-first that post even when he lose real shit
Julius vanDijk
Julius vanDijk 25 days ago
Continue the Patriots series
Adrian Jenkins
Adrian Jenkins 25 days ago
So we’re not going to talk about that wide open touchdown TD... 21:30
Micheal Upton
Micheal Upton 25 days ago
Put your scouting on auto
Kapo’s World
Kapo’s World 25 days ago
You don’t get bored running the same run play?😂
Andrew White
Andrew White 25 days ago
Use your coach xp
Kendarius Holcombe
Kendarius Holcombe 25 days ago
Can you play the yard
Kiler Kennedy
Kiler Kennedy 25 days ago
Trade for Zach Wilson that man a beast
Robert Barrows
Robert Barrows 25 days ago
Td please give advice in my cfm I got 2 guys that I struggle to beat. They love flat short routes and usually have 2 crossing drags and outside guys on slants. I can never get them covered up so just looking for advice on how I can handle that if you don't mind helping out.
Joshua Geerson
Joshua Geerson 25 days ago
Do the second pats season pleaaasssssseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jake Schmadel
Jake Schmadel 25 days ago
I screamed internally at 21:28-21:33
Yo Man Seahawks Fan
Play me
Ima_Cow1227 25 days ago
Hey td I’m doing a franchise with my friends and I was wondering if u have any tips thx for reading if u see this huge fan btw great vid
Boban Ciuk
Boban Ciuk 25 days ago
What is the link to the intro song I can't find it anywhere?!?!
David Sherban
David Sherban 25 days ago
I just found out u have an editor 😐 but u could totally play him/her in madden 😁
Blayke Berkemeier
Blayke Berkemeier 25 days ago
You could upload these daily and I’d be happy.
Carson Daniel Thomas
TD: "hubbards is gonna get the ball more" Also TD: subs out hubbard
Joseph Blake
Joseph Blake 25 days ago
let’s gooo
Jay Hines
Jay Hines 25 days ago
Babyrecon 2005
Babyrecon 2005 25 days ago
21:30 Allen Robinson was so wide open I almost screamed
hello, i'm stupid..
hello, i'm stupid..