My biggest Pro game ever, I'm in the Top 64 of a major tournament! 

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Today we have part 2 of the Madden 21 challenge and I am in the Final 64 of the single elimination bracket! This is a Madden 21 video!
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Mar 25, 2021




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Just Two Cool Kidz
Work on my passing game 😣 Don’t take mitch
Marvo Miller
Marvo Miller 11 days ago
So MOSS can't catch that huh.
L.A. McNeil
L.A. McNeil 23 days ago
@14:08 does anybody know what play Young Kiv is using, it’s pretty effective.
Robert-LEAFS 28 days ago
Top 32 still an amazing showing Brett, that Kiv guy was no joke
Robert-LEAFS 28 days ago
13:34 R1 to the house! :(
Baykid 49
Baykid 49 Month ago
Td ure really good
David Brown
David Brown Month ago
Got away from the run
Jack Salonsky
Jack Salonsky Month ago
13:35 r1 was so open..grounding instead...and in the 3rd quarter you aren't no huddling and still running the ball.. ?..you coud've easily won this game
Mike James
Mike James Month ago
I suppose you CAN settle for field goals.
Gun Gamezzz
Gun Gamezzz Month ago
I would absolutely dog on TD
Joe Dean
Joe Dean Month ago
Listen bro you can beat anybody I swear. If you just stick to your game plan and don't overthink it man. I see you bail a bit early sometimes in these videos against some of the upper elites. For you it's more mental then skills on the sticks. I think if you can master that, thats where you make that next jump. You're just as good as these guys, but maybe sometimes you psych yourself out. Your just as good brotha
Denny Brennan
Denny Brennan Month ago
Ah daheyt..bro ah dayet
puffmoose Month ago
JESUS LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Haslam
Chris Haslam Month ago
So reminds me of march madness. Same format, not the same ballgame but love this!
Li Rugg
Li Rugg Month ago
he always fold when he play somebody big 🤦🏽‍♂️
Dwayne Gee
Dwayne Gee Month ago
You don’t want the smoke. I kick ranked ppl ass everyday. Step up to the plate
Burner14 LA
Burner14 LA Month ago
i love watching him lose
Lalito Vice
Lalito Vice Month ago
I love watching you lose
justin adams-turner
You got murdered second game 😅😭😭😭
Brandon Conley
Brandon Conley Month ago
he called a scoop & score a fumble 6 lol
Dj Duck
Dj Duck Month ago
How would I get started on Competitive Gaming
Diana Hill
Diana Hill Month ago
The hateful flat spatially pause because balance continuously bat to a male part. statuesque, poised spinach
Prod CPR
Prod CPR Month ago
you did solid against kiv. seen mad improvement from you
Ben Gomez
Ben Gomez Month ago
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J GrUBbS Month ago
"CHOKED" and definetely played way to conservative... and you also went away from the run?
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg Month ago
Congrats TD of making it to the top 64 of this Pro tournament.
Christian Sr
Christian Sr Month ago
Clown_peniz_915. Who want it? Lol also, how do these guys play? If they have only 3 plays in their repertoire i don’t want to play them haha
Jamie Roseman
Jamie Roseman Month ago
This is whats wrong with Madden 21. Moss was the right read. He was open and had a step and the leverage on the defender. That shouldn't have been a an INT. That was Madden bullshit at work.
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi Month ago
Tdbarrett? More like FGBarrett
PJE Turner
PJE Turner Month ago
15:49 "He was struggling with the run early..." Throws a pick 6 next play 😭😭😭
Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes Month ago
Second game you played bad at the last play you forced it
Kmac33 Month ago
Game so broken. Congrats TD happy for you. That last pick SO GROSS if you on the other side though.
Kasey Lee
Kasey Lee Month ago
Why are you running the same defense over and over??
Trayskii _
Trayskii _ Month ago
This video 70% HB Dive 🤦🏽‍♂️
New Jersey Slim22
These guys are not as good as they seem. They play ultimate team's, and not the real rosters, giving the oppression that they are great madden players. Playing Madden with Hall of Famers instead of normal rosters is a world apart. "Don't believe the hype"
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Deep Keumm
Deep Keumm Month ago
Had a touchdown at 13:36 lol R1 was open.
Frederick Garrett
Never punt to a champion
jabari kidd
jabari kidd Month ago
Mitch doing mitch things
Josh Gonzalez
Josh Gonzalez Month ago
I was hyped for you after that fumble for TD. Honestly I think you should run the SHIT out of the ball. Drain clock, manage that shit so the other team NEVER sees the offensive side.
Abdulrahman Hamad
The lurk by the NE guy was fire!! He is such a great user
Parker Perkins
Parker Perkins Month ago
Eric Montoya
Eric Montoya Month ago
What to fight TD! Nothing wrong with taking loss to a player like Kiv! Keep grinding! #Salute
Juan David Correa Amaya
Great work TD. Maybe you can improve your mentallity while playing this games. In game 2 you look at yourself as the underdog, in that moment you lost
P.O.E. Month ago
T.D. you played too sweaty bro. It's a tournament and I get it but you have to balance the run with the pass. Also when you have double mable coverage, trust your zones. No point in chasing the crossers and corner routes bc as soon as you do, the middle of the field is wide open . Ggs though bro. Keep killing it . Love to see you improving your skill.
Aly Hemani
Aly Hemani Month ago
why did he stop running the the ball after like the 1st quarter it was working for him but great job for making top 32
Elliott Fish
Elliott Fish Month ago
Man didn't score and offensive touchdown the whole video
Elliott Fish
Elliott Fish Month ago
Not hating on TD but this kinda proves he is no where close to the pro level and way too conservative
CWF Month ago
Gg Td!! But open it up a little man you can pass and you got this!!
TheJwhite50 Month ago
Great series my man, keep it up. A little too run focused throughout the tourney, but you go it next time my guy.
Isaac Aroon
Isaac Aroon Month ago
Come on TD!! Run me Top_shotta434
Meir ArbiG
Meir ArbiG Month ago
Low key td sold in the last game bro
Adam Hartley
Adam Hartley Month ago
Great job Buddy
Habibi Ya Muhammad
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Abdullah Barber-El
you know u got fucked up when u start praising ya opponent
Cheryl Blossom
Cheryl Blossom Month ago
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Michael DiCicco
Michael DiCicco Month ago
That's dope as hell you did this with the Steelers. Love it!
Zg Dev
Zg Dev Month ago
Yo about to cry 😭
Mr4baby Month ago
not gonna lie bro your so predictable! you literally does the same 4-5 plays thats why you got yo azz handed to you
Logan Riddle
Logan Riddle Month ago
I’m a steelers fan
Yea wateva
Yea wateva Month ago
This ain't the td I know I feel like u were to conservative just not the aggressive td I know
Sonny Kasanzale
Sonny Kasanzale Month ago
Love u TD big ups🖤🤞🏾
Chickenboy Month ago
R1 is so open 13:36
Jake Elliott
Jake Elliott Month ago
You need to get 99 Dri Archer for comp
Jake Elliott
Jake Elliott Month ago
@Nathan Renoll but it’s normally not
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
Its mut draft
Euro Parker
Euro Parker Month ago
I love that your humble and give people their credit. But u show TOO MUCH respect lol and it comes off as fear!!! U gotta play with the same comfortability NO MATTER WHO U PLAY AGAINST!!! Bounce back bro
niklas Month ago
Bin ich der einzige der die Simple Club Musik raushört?
Corholiothe3rd Month ago
Um um 😳
charles obichere
Stop and go is so hard for me. I need that in my life
Craig Wrenn
Craig Wrenn Month ago
TD called a “scoop and score” an fumble 6
Mind traveling Sagittarius
He’s Canadian. They’re a lil odd up north lol
Smivli Bee
Smivli Bee Month ago
Madden your receiver never goes for jump balls
Christian Grant
Christian Grant Month ago
The first game was no touchdown Td
NYC TDOT Month ago
We gotta get td to 2mill
Andrew J
Andrew J Month ago
why no qb spy
JeremyTv Month ago
look at td man
SirClutchez Month ago
idk why but even when ur up against good players all they do is score once and idk if you get nervous but you just start making throws you wouldn't ever do in normal circumstances you'll get there though
Phil The Great
Phil The Great Month ago
"I'm gonna stick with the run. He was really struggling with that earlier. I feel like we can break one." *Throws Pick* #DiariesofaMaddenplayer
stone9383 Month ago
Congratulations brother. Keep on trucking
Master Yoshi’s Handicapping
Bro R1 was SO OPEN LL
Cory Godlove
Cory Godlove Month ago
Td your the best madden player do doubt bro dont listen to these haters keep grinding bro you the best!🔥👍🤟
azsportsfanmaddengamer 2284
look it you youtubers need to take some constructive critisism you ran the ball to much the last two games and the final 64 game you were to conservative and only took field goal which couldve brought that dude back into the game and he couldve won before in the last episode you mixed in everything very well but this last video you choked sorry to say it but you were running the ball way to much especially when you couldve passed because if you run the ball to much the other player catches on on how to stop it im going to be honest with you cause i know your better you probably were just nervouse if anything and pls keep doing this type of series keep doing tournaments you'll get a lot better i know it and pls keep doing the fantasy draft series and do the cardinals next try to tie up the series with the redskins wins!!!
Mike Haws
Mike Haws Month ago
Td your madden videos are the best.. Interesting yes yes yes
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Pawsonem22 Month ago
Is it weird that when I play madden and I get sacked, miss a throw or throw a pick I hear the noises in my head as if I’m watching TD lol Good tournament top 32 this time and it’s only gonna get better from here !
Robbie White
Robbie White Month ago
Td KIV was playing around with you but you got to stop going against the game plan you abandoned the run earlier and was forcing ugly double triple coverage throws.
crumskii Month ago
Man the only thing holding you back from the next level is your confidence. You do not play YOUR game against these top level guys. You gotta go in that game like you go in a game against a random kid in exhibition where you know you’re going to do your thing and get the win. You’re good enough to be in there with those guys man
Donald Wiggins
Donald Wiggins Month ago
13:35 mark R1 was WIDE open
Kamp Koral
Kamp Koral Month ago
When he claps you can tell he is actually stressed
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck Month ago
@TDBarrett I think you should change your quarterback to Taylor Hienike or Kyler Murray
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
He cant its mut draft
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck Month ago
Titans will be super bowl champions in 2021
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
Ravens probably will be
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck Month ago
TDBarrett is one of the best Madden players in history like even if he uses the Jets or Lions he still wins that’s how productive he is 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Aiden Teelham
Aiden Teelham Month ago
i rly hope you see this and i was thinking you should make a video and try to make intro clips it would be really cool!
Rackin and bassin
Why don’t you play on your Ps5?
Plysin -_-
Plysin -_- Month ago
td you got so bailed out against ice
Mike Flory
Mike Flory Month ago
Got embarrassed. I can beat u
Mike Flory
Mike Flory Month ago
My question is y trubisky? U could of made more of a run with a competent qb
Jacob Horton
Jacob Horton Month ago
Roy Castro
Roy Castro Month ago
I think you can beat Kiv in regular h2h for sure.. He has more exp with MUT and putting winning teams together thats why he won that.. GG
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Month ago
You got boxed like a fish I’d do the same
Marckens Griffon
Stay sellin
Roy Castro
Roy Castro Month ago
I recently went on a losing streak in online h2h and it really made me pay attention to how you score the ball and play defense and it helped a bunch. I fixed my record.... so thank you. P.S I will play you and beat you one day