I played a NFL Superstar who only uses his own player, it was crazy! 

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Today we are back with another TDBarrett Vs Pro athletes video and we are taking on Max Crosby of the Las Vegas Raiders and Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves! This is a madden 21 gameplay!
Max Crosby: maxxcrosby?hl=en
Anthony Edwards: theanthonyedwards_?hl=en
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Apr 8, 2021




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Brad White
Brad White 2 days ago
Play more athletes lol!!!!!
RichChay TV
RichChay TV 6 days ago
The “uh oh” by TD sound effect LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Andre Mitchell
Andre Mitchell 10 days ago
Derwin James
Kaleb Henderson
Kaleb Henderson 14 days ago
LBJ,AD,The Klaw Kawhi or PG-13
Kaleb Henderson
Kaleb Henderson 14 days ago
Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski maybe even Chris Godwin or Mike Evans
Drew-sene Amisone
Drew-sene Amisone 14 days ago
Juju-smith Schuster.
bradley west
bradley west 15 days ago
Derrick Henry
Nathan Kendell III
Nathan Kendell III 16 days ago
TD be having the go routes everytime his opponent is playing inside shoulder on the go route bruh he needs to start payinig attention more.
nolan_ryann 808
nolan_ryann 808 17 days ago
Antonio Gibson 💯🔥
Zayzayyo 18 days ago
Try to play with jr Smith
dallas tex
dallas tex 18 days ago
Janu is a patriot now isn't he
Just Me
Just Me 18 days ago
Computer tackles lol. Control them all the time until you have to make a 1v1 tackle lol
LakerLand 420
LakerLand 420 18 days ago
Play marshawn lynch
Jabronylin43 20 days ago
Imagine calling maxx Crosby a NFL Superstar lmaooo Stop lying for clicks , these dudes want likes & views so bad they will lie to get it
CJ Marohl
CJ Marohl 20 days ago
“You gon miss Trent” Maxx “ not really” hahaha my dawg.
DR SensuBean
DR SensuBean 20 days ago
Mahomes , tua, Xavian howard
KeAnthony Gray
KeAnthony Gray 21 day ago
Richard Sherman
corn celvin
corn celvin 21 day ago
Derrick Henry
corn celvin
corn celvin 21 day ago
Deshaun watson
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 22 days ago
Tom Brady....the goat!!
Uce GangGang
Uce GangGang 22 days ago
Gotta love the the young cat 😤💯
playOff NoFear
playOff NoFear 22 days ago
To TD be clowningggg 😂😂😂 the “I gotta new team bruh. Got the Titans” slow mo highlights killed me 😂
Tj Getmoney
Tj Getmoney 22 days ago
You edit to much
FTC_Strxpable _
FTC_Strxpable _ 23 days ago
Let’s go Anthony Edwards
LliNNDO 23 days ago
Play kyler murry
Colin c
Colin c 23 days ago
Bro dissed Edwards
Joshua Steed
Joshua Steed 23 days ago
Julio jones
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson 24 days ago
the "Bro you gotta make tackles by yourself" kept me laughing all day.. haha
Jon Garufi
Jon Garufi 24 days ago
Bro you gotta go outside. Your white as a ghost lol
Josiah Cephas
Josiah Cephas 24 days ago
What about AJ Terrel
Weston Stavinoha
Weston Stavinoha 24 days ago
patty mahomes!
Tyler Shell
Tyler Shell 24 days ago
2kNste 24 days ago
You should try to play Derrick Henry😂😂😂
Austin Edwards
Austin Edwards 24 days ago
Mike Lameris
Mike Lameris 24 days ago
You guys play on rookie your QBs never throw a bad pass even throwing back across the body
suburban ninja
suburban ninja 24 days ago
Tom Brady
Scott Normand
Scott Normand 24 days ago
play Cam Newton
q q
q q 25 days ago
Mack Wilson plays a lot of madden
Reje Durant
Reje Durant 25 days ago
Lamar Jackson or Hollywood
3ClapsandaRicFlair 25 days ago
Watching this video makes me happy I dont buy madden anymore
Mou Ryy
Mou Ryy 25 days ago
Play nfl players
Lodge. Tv
Lodge. Tv 25 days ago
Mannnnn, play against Paul George, he’s a gamer gamer. I would really like to see y’all’s matchup!
Kyle Fengya
Kyle Fengya 25 days ago
Lamar Jackson
Vance Preston
Vance Preston 25 days ago
Derwin James
BabyFadez 25 days ago
Henry ruggs or josh Jacobs
Keandrei Smith
Keandrei Smith 25 days ago
12:48 coulda made b go up
terrick jaquess
terrick jaquess 25 days ago
Play joe mixon!!!
James Wickliff
James Wickliff 25 days ago
James Wickliff
James Wickliff 25 days ago
To anyone wanna Take a L in madden Add me Cripple_Life420
James Wickliff
James Wickliff 25 days ago
Face me
James Wickliff
James Wickliff 25 days ago
I'll keep spamming you TD
James Wickliff
James Wickliff 25 days ago
You call yourself a club champion I been watching you forever now I want the freaking smoke!
James Wickliff
James Wickliff 25 days ago
Your scared that I'll cripple you in a game
James Wickliff
James Wickliff 25 days ago
An no response TD face me bro I'd crush u
R4IDER_28 25 days ago
Yessir Raidernationnnnn get carr next
Phunky Cold Medina
Phunky Cold Medina 25 days ago
I can't wait for the WFT series, please keep Reuben, and Collins
FootballMac 25 days ago
trade for stefon diggs
Danny Walters
Danny Walters 25 days ago
Is it just me or is it wholesome how he screams out his teammates names when they make plays like he would in real life?
Dean Ponte
Dean Ponte 26 days ago
You should play Chase Winovich
Carnagethesvge 30
Carnagethesvge 30 26 days ago
Or Anthony Davis
Carnagethesvge 30
Carnagethesvge 30 26 days ago
Play devin booker
BigHomieWavez 26 days ago
Do this man live in Canada? Look like he live in Canada.
Deashawn Dunham
Deashawn Dunham 26 days ago
AntwanX13 Raiders
AntwanX13 Raiders 26 days ago
Brooooooo MAD MAXX 😭😭😭😭😭
Sport kid 101 Boskey
Kyler murray
Tyler Farris
Tyler Farris 26 days ago
Jamal adams would be fun
Vince Marchese
Vince Marchese 26 days ago
Anthony edwards is the goat in fantasy basketball
Shortie Long
Shortie Long 26 days ago
Von miller?
Brady Ruth
Brady Ruth 26 days ago
Literally no one is exitced to see the Washington foot ball team series and your vids
James Varner
James Varner 26 days ago
So can you please tell me why YOU DON'T PLAY 15 MINUTE QUARTER'S ONCE IN A WHILE ?
THE DON TV 26 days ago
Lebron 👀😤
JD Browning
JD Browning 26 days ago
Devoo 26 days ago
Derwin james
Magic Donwon
Magic Donwon 26 days ago
Why you don’t post AB kicking yo ass
Magic Donwon
Magic Donwon 26 days ago
Why you don’t post AB kicking yo ass
Magic Donwon
Magic Donwon 26 days ago
Why you don’t post AB kicking yo ass
Magic Donwon
Magic Donwon 26 days ago
Why you don’t post AB kicking yo ass
Magic Donwon
Magic Donwon 26 days ago
Why you don’t post AB kicking yo ass
Don Johnson
Don Johnson 26 days ago
TD if you want the best come for me. Revoluso gaming on facebook. 35 game ps4 winstreak right now. Hit me up on Facebook if you want this smoke..... they call me chibatta mitch 2.0!!
Takesomehome _
Takesomehome _ 26 days ago
I want to see you play the OG snoop dogg 😂✊🏾 he’s not a NFL player but I heard he’s hella nice at madden
Demarius Smith
Demarius Smith 26 days ago
steel united111
steel united111 26 days ago
Juju I think is a big gamer!
geno816 26 days ago
TD is so Canadian. Haha. Bah bah bam!! Lol
Devo Tha Kid
Devo Tha Kid 26 days ago
I’m tryna play 👀👀😈
dallen edwards
dallen edwards 26 days ago
you and anthony need to be friends with anthony in real life😂😂😂
Cackykai 26 days ago
play johnny sins!
Max Flores
Max Flores 26 days ago
I loved when he said I see you dez 💯 wish you used dez more often
Luis Rivas
Luis Rivas 26 days ago
Hell yeah Max is a beast raider nation !!
hoopdreams_2215 26 days ago
Joe mixon
Denny Brennan
Denny Brennan 26 days ago
They need to make a football game where throwing the ball is actually skillful
FRANK SECRETO 26 days ago
Derwin james
Twann Makaveli
Twann Makaveli 26 days ago
how come your on xbox but playing with a playstation controller for your last game something kinda suspect
Keith Carroll 112
Keith Carroll 112 26 days ago
You cool for them play backs to funny 😆
Cameorn Shaw
Cameorn Shaw 26 days ago
Jaxon Alvidrez
Jaxon Alvidrez 26 days ago
Vita Vea
RIOT MAC44 26 days ago
I think Derwin James bro
JonnyDaHotTamale 26 days ago
Play Odell
IggyP 26 days ago
I say Boom Boom Bam in my sleep now
Peter Armata
Peter Armata 26 days ago
Mad daps TD
Yank Team
Yank Team 26 days ago
Derwin James