I played a NFL Safety, I could not move the ball at all... 

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Today we are back with another Madden 21 video in my TD vs NFL players series and we are going against Tytus Howard and Xavier Woods of the cowboys! This is a Madden 21 video!
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Mar 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
TDBarrett Month ago
Dillon Martin
Dillon Martin 4 days ago
Do the Titans please
Omar Alston
Omar Alston 20 days ago
Let’s go cam Newton
Jr Herrera
Jr Herrera 21 day ago
@Makhi Caples Eww when u can get dogged on just on the Pats with their free agents
AyeCreep 24 days ago
Pins his own comments hearts his own comment comedy
Mari 25 days ago
We need to make playlist for ya franchise games
Truth Teller
Truth Teller 9 hours ago
No matter who he is if he doesn’t play madden he’s not gonna be good. Madden is 50% football and 50% gay fake video game bullshit. If ur not acquainted with the other half u won’t be good
Diran H.
Diran H. Day ago
Bro, no disrespect but literally stop running the ball, it just kills the vibe of your videos.
Matthew Brown
I need to see Xavier Woods vs Austin Creed
Lorde Sesshomaru
Come see me at Madden21... Get worked on. LordSesshomaru-3 on PS4
Brendan 2 days ago
The bucs game where Howard got picked throwing to Evans and said its a TD if he had hill, he had had a guy named Chris Godwin
GMG Fred.B
GMG Fred.B 7 days ago
You cheat to win stop spamming truck
Tycom Wright
Tycom Wright 9 days ago
The bears d would hurt his style of play with Mack staying at home and he loves to roll out to the right to throw the ball by the time he waits for dudes to get open, Mack would be off of basically every dude he plays. He would have bring in a TE to block which takes away a pass option for him.
Bryant Fluker
Bryant Fluker 10 days ago
T. Howard lost that second game with that pick 6 at 13-7. Hit the underneath route and go up 20-7. Then he stayed Inbounds later and had to use a TO.
hood S H I T
hood S H I T 10 days ago
sub to kingtoine15
Zachary Kraft
Zachary Kraft 10 days ago
*TD Nuts* “BUH BUH BAM!”
Anthony Pryor II
Anthony Pryor II 11 days ago
No vision from the OL man
Bruno barz
Bruno barz 11 days ago
"couldnt move the ball at all" *wins game*
MukDuK Mekanic
MukDuK Mekanic 14 days ago
As a die hard cowboys fan I just have to say I wish we could get defense like that in real life.
Aanteatur 14 days ago
"Ight I need to sit up" +10 focus 😂😂
zekedafreakk 15 days ago
How do I side line catch I still don’t know how😐
zach wilcox
zach wilcox 15 days ago
Td fucking play me. Offensively you’re solid but you can’t stop me. These dudes you’re playing can’t read a field for shit
Knox Thornton
Knox Thornton 15 days ago
Who saw the few secs where the olier logo was on the TITANS QB helmet?
RedNGold 16 days ago
aN nfl safety
Dark_jay Fn
Dark_jay Fn 16 days ago
Ye I’m a huge fan it will make my day if I can play you in a Series out of 3 plz I’m on ps5 but I will play you in ps4 madden because I have it and don’t like ps5 madden it sucks
Dark_jay Fn
Dark_jay Fn 16 days ago
maurice cheeks clappa
that daniel jones fumble that was somehow recovered by the giants is the exact reason i stopped playing this game, game gets worse every year and its constant bail outs and foolery, worst sports game ever and its sad bc i love football 😭😭😭😭
isaiah goud
isaiah goud 19 days ago
Why Xavier woods playin on a ps4 lol
Jihaad Dean
Jihaad Dean 20 days ago
I never seen anyone speed boost in madden until today 😂😂😂 4:33
Yurrr Trutexas210
Yurrr Trutexas210 22 days ago
What is with the Buh buh bam ???
CBX Hardface
CBX Hardface 23 days ago
He my cousin
Julian Robinson
Julian Robinson 24 days ago
Play with the Bills
Mariachi Potter
Mariachi Potter 24 days ago
Man, Madden is so thrash. I don't know how people play H2H with all those cheese plays.
James Black
James Black 24 days ago
The way he says "Come on David!" is just hilarious
King Apugo
King Apugo 25 days ago
This game is so fuckin broken its an embarrassment
Melvin Smith
Melvin Smith 25 days ago
Poor coaching on the Bucs vs Raven game🙄 up 13-7 with ball..run the ball,,,burn those timeouts,, worst case FG to go up 16-7 (two score lead)
Pr0sacK 25 days ago
What in the blue hell is this "Wa Ba Bam" stuff? Lol haven't watched in a while, did you pay someone on Fiverr to come up with that tagline? Much love dude.
Jordan Chang
Jordan Chang 25 days ago
ur so annoying bruh
hibachi 25 days ago
Am I tripping but wtf is the speed like mike evans went down and got back up full sprint
Jose Carrillo
Jose Carrillo 25 days ago
Lol literally thinking bout ur content and this popped up haha thanks for the laughs
Kholton Cleveland
Kholton Cleveland 26 days ago
Bro tidus howard seems so chill
James Smith
James Smith 27 days ago
all he does is cheese bro🤦‍♂️
Jordan 27 days ago
Yo I’m loving Titus’s energy! He’s funny ass hell and puts on a good game
Tj weeks
Tj weeks 27 days ago
Safety ??????
Wuxia Games Central
Trucking with Derrick Henry you disgust me! He's a stiff arm machine
Chris 28 days ago
bro where could i find the opening beat??
James Payne
James Payne 29 days ago
I got madden 21 about a month ago. I'll play against the same team twice but a differnt person controls. Like the Texans example. They'll run the ball same plays. And my defence stops em comeplety one game then the next no defensive plays wont stop the run game. Madden 21 is inconsistent
Cad Chamberlain
Cad Chamberlain 29 days ago
23:49 and this is when he decided not to resign
Evan DeCavitch
Evan DeCavitch 29 days ago
Tds signature thing to do is throw stupid pics at the beginning of the video
Adam Whitt
Adam Whitt 29 days ago
Is this Johnny Football?...
Caleb Luke
Caleb Luke 29 days ago
great to see tytus from my texans
Landon Meyer
Landon Meyer 29 days ago
If you abuse air trucking you're bad at Madden
Logan Rapoza
Logan Rapoza Month ago
He should’ve put option on conservative
NoFavorsIsh Month ago
When Td Start Sayin BuBa Bam 💥 🤣
Brian Doye
Brian Doye Month ago
Call them the redskins. No wonder you played for SMU
Robert Pace
Robert Pace Month ago
man up top was so open
Why the truck spamming 😭😭😭
Ayo Quan
Ayo Quan Month ago
Dawson Bowen
Dawson Bowen Month ago
u gotta stop saying bababam bro...
Micah Miller
Micah Miller Month ago
That's why I love tdbarret he such a good person and fun to watch
LOFT Tm Month ago
What a cool time we live in. Madden has been around long enough that NFL players are just as big nerds of the game as we are
joey doolittle
joey doolittle Month ago
why he gotta use the OP players against Tytus but the Giants against woods lol
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis Month ago
Xavier woods is from my hometown west Monroe rebel
Tyler Chese
Tyler Chese Month ago
Whenever this guy uses the Titans he just feeds Derrick Henry. That’s the only reason he won the first game
Mr Clean
Mr Clean 29 days ago
Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas Month ago
Your videos are the best
Joseph Gensheimer
Bryson Gray
Bryson Gray Month ago
Td is ass he plays this game everyday and almost lost to an nfl player
Shaquan rush
Shaquan rush Month ago
dang my man was spammin truck😭
Mark Charming
Mark Charming Month ago
Do you live In Nashville?
Rustin Mats
Rustin Mats Month ago
Title: could not move the ball at all! Wins all 4 games he played
K-2 Month ago
I don’t get the joke...he’s a lineman not a safety lol
Get me 1100 subs
All you do is truck and everybory else that do that for twenty yards with derick henry but atlest try to make it real
Nate D
Nate D Month ago
Are you every going to finish road to the show though?
danieltse30YT Month ago
tytus should have ran ball at end and drain clock
John Gervasi
John Gervasi Month ago
Madden 21 lookin like Madden 20. Still such an awful game.
Adrian Guintu
Adrian Guintu Month ago
I’d rather watch Kaykeyes then TD at this point. TD is boring at this point. TD is raw, don’t get me wrong but Kaykayes is more charismatic then this shit
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill Month ago
DOT!!! DOT!!!! DOT!!
Ienvy Tristan
Ienvy Tristan Month ago
Xavier woods mic sound like he under water 🤣
Dillyn Month ago
Imagine playing as the ravens and then running with Lamar the whole game🤡🤣
hugh mungus
hugh mungus Month ago
Can you do anything but run with Lamar and use Derrick Henry
jacob Month ago
too cringe
TerrorArtist 404
TD your like the King at them Stop And Go’s
Lucid Jay
Lucid Jay Month ago
Best guest yet!!! Let’s go tytus.
Matthew Rhode
Matthew Rhode Month ago
U playing with NFL players and then just running absolute cheese plays and strats like sweating this shit out like chill out and enjoy the game fr
Matthew Rhode
Matthew Rhode Month ago
So fuckin embarrassing to watch you air truck for 70 yards straight down the field
emerson milner
emerson milner Month ago
“I’m just gonna let the computer tackle you” that spoke to me
Jonah Marquis
Jonah Marquis Month ago
This is cool to see
Dominick Picariello
Lamar Jackson is a cheat code on the run game in madden
Grove Money
Grove Money Month ago
I don’t expect xazvier woods to try on every down lol
Amanda Premer
Amanda Premer Month ago
Td will you play me? I am cpre2020
Ramar Banks
Ramar Banks Month ago
When you play with the ravens what position do you put westry at? I wanna try using him
Meeka W
Meeka W Month ago
Get ufc 4
Frank Webb
Frank Webb Month ago
Is it just me, or has anyone else slowly stopped liking TD😕
Lisa Bill
Lisa Bill Month ago
Sqar was open
J0RDAN23G0AT Month ago
The lil bababam... ya I’m not fw it 😒
Ricky Rios
Ricky Rios Month ago
I cant believe these glitches like the truck animation make idiots like this guy believe hes good when madden is just bad
Alan Gorman
Alan Gorman Month ago
Nobody: TD: 🗣BABA BAM! 💥
3rdandlong Month ago
This guy looks like a time traveler from 2000
Jordan Carpenter
Why is the tag “I couldn’t move the ball at all”? TD you’ve more into baiting over time. This is the last time. I’m unsubscribed.
Kadin Sommers
Kadin Sommers Month ago
Couldn’t agree more
Marquise Nicholson
That just trucking consistently shit so cheesy man
Kenzen Kong
Kenzen Kong Month ago
that ba ba bam cringey asf
i 1
i 1 Month ago
Why'd he keep doing the truck thing with derrick.
DJ JuJuBeans
DJ JuJuBeans Month ago
Start a franchise of nfl players
DJ JuJuBeans
DJ JuJuBeans Month ago
Like have nfl players in your franchis
Portxll Month ago
ba ba bam
West side Jones
West side Jones Month ago
What's good place to get madden coins
Jay Slime
Jay Slime Month ago
What playbook u used with the ravens ?
Lime Is Good
Lime Is Good Month ago
Not trying be a hater but they make Lamar Jackson to OP. Like he's Jesus. Forgetting that its the NFL. They make it look like he's playing against highschoolers.
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Life Update
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