I have 3 first round picks, greatest offseason of all time! Season 3 Pats Franchise 

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Today we are back with another Madden 21 video In the New England Patriots full season franchise! In this video I trade to get 3 first round picks and use them all to get superstars!
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May 3, 2021




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jalen carter
jalen carter 4 hours ago
What a video!!!!!
jalen carter
jalen carter 4 hours ago
noah brady
noah brady 6 hours ago
At 8:12 you upgrade jc Jackson and patriots logo turned to Washington and it confused tf outa me ea what is this
Jamarion Went global
With zamir coming from a small city in North Carolina it amazes me to watch him be used in a game of madden by td Barrett. He use to run all over my high school Richmond senior high but he is very talented and has a very bright future.
Jamarion Went global
And yes his nickname is in fact zeus
Thebighomie 18 hours ago
Thebighomie 18 hours ago
If you don’t use diggs then get rid of him . Tf are you doing TD ? Smh
Thebighomie 18 hours ago
Throw diggs the ball . Uh duh
Brady Ozimek
Brady Ozimek 20 hours ago
it’s gunner o-chess-ski
elias jnbaptiste
elias jnbaptiste 23 hours ago
51:17 wow I would be pissed
Brady Stephens
I couldn’t find an active franchise on Xbox so I created my own simmed fantasy draft franchise. Join it at BradyNS122boss_9 if you’re interested.
Blake Day ago
I love that you use the pats in these go pats baby
Brady Ensko
Brady Ensko Day ago
Bro why did your player not sack machines
Fat Meech
Fat Meech Day ago
At 51:18 anyone else see the dude not sack pat
ABom QC Day ago
I went to school with Rambo lol Cedar hill high dude a beast
Dave's Rc
Dave's Rc Day ago
I swear to God bro, you are going to be responsible for my death. I'm going to shoot myself in the head bro. Every game you say, "I have to play smarter", then you play more idiotic than the last game. RUN THE BALL BRET. Holy shit man. If your not going to run, swap out your running back for a fast ass receiver. It's crazy. I wake up every morning to watch your channel. I feel like I'm in that cartoon, Rick and Morty. You are Rick. Always making bad decisions. You are better than that. I think you need to start smoking weed bro. It will make you focus so much. You will most likely shut everyone out you Play against. I will send you some for free. What's your P.O. box?
Eyce Boxx
Eyce Boxx Day ago
1.37 million subscribers. 158,000 views and we have 9.9k likes? Come on guys!!!! Are you not entertained?! Let's kill it. Franchises!!!!
Wansay Longway
That KC game your DLinemen stopped right infront of Pat Mahomes
Trey Cain
Trey Cain Day ago
When you play AB
Logan Walton
Logan Walton Day ago
Eric stokes should be 98 speed at least... he runs a 4.25
Fatboi36ss Day ago
Yoooooooooo you got Zamir white that kid played at my high school truly a whole dawg you better start him and quit playing.....
Fatboi36ss Day ago
You don’t know how hyped I am to see him on here
Blake Griffith
Coming from a pats fan I love the series and how it’s all condensed into 60-90 minutes
curt goss
curt goss Day ago
You are the biggest whiner. What are you 5.
SethOn Stove
SethOn Stove Day ago
Bro can the next full season plz be the cardinals
Von & Miah
Von & Miah Day ago
ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡⁱᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉˢ!
Malik 2Shiesty
The bills sold 💯
Steel ツ
Steel ツ Day ago
how do u make a corner ur primary user?
Peter Smith
Peter Smith Day ago
When he says pay the bills, he might be talking about Jalen mills, playing the Bills, or signing free agents 🤣
Raxah Day ago
51 minutes in one of your players runs up to mahomes and stops and stares at him and let’s him run away
Itz Jersey
Itz Jersey Day ago
Need more long videos like this
Kashtistics 219
What offense and defense are you using for the bears
Nike Master
Nike Master Day ago
What a fantastic draft 👏
Xavier LaVigne
Xavier LaVigne 2 days ago
You can’t change abilities from the upgrade screen, the freezing issue doesn’t happen if you go through the roster to get to the player card
Patrick Bienias
Patrick Bienias 2 days ago
TD try changing player abilities in the roster. It usually freezes when I try to change abilities in the player upgrade screen
iSpartan24 2 days ago
Wait are madden players not generated randomly? I’m in 2034 of my offline franchise and had Justyn Ross early on as well.
Gabriel Greene
Gabriel Greene 2 days ago
Build a all rookie team
Gabriel Greene
Gabriel Greene 2 days ago
On franchise and mut. Make a video comparing the performance differential
JD A 2 days ago
bro hear me out if you been watching long enough you know TD played QB and he broke down his highlights in a video some years back so like what if he breaks or like reacts to his subscribers highlights
ThatGuyAron 2 days ago
Ew patriots
JON MOLLOY 2 days ago
Scandels 585
Scandels 585 2 days ago
Chiefs user was glitchn u seen that
FACTOR xCLUTCH 2 days ago
51:15 why his d line just stop on that open sac 💀
Aqua Nigga
Aqua Nigga 2 days ago
Gasmask mali
Gasmask mali 2 days ago
Brett please do a league thats simmed 15 years in. The cheese players really bring down gameplay.
The Reel McCoy
The Reel McCoy 2 days ago
Let's go cle
Real TreySavv
Real TreySavv 2 days ago
😭😭😭 Broo that was the biggest glitch in madden @51:15
Kaden Lynch
Kaden Lynch 2 days ago
Are you and your girl still together?
CDF_Tabs Yt
CDF_Tabs Yt 2 days ago
The frist dude most def didnt lag out lol
Duke Bain
Duke Bain 2 days ago
Please do a season with the FALCONS!!!!PLEASE!!!!!
Aidan McCarthy
Aidan McCarthy 2 days ago
Its Gunner Ol-chef-ski
Lane Gregrs
Lane Gregrs 2 days ago
To leave off 45:10
Bradyn Robertson
Bradyn Robertson 2 days ago
51:12 the dude is cheating bro watch the d line man not hit patty Mahomes when he could have easily
UniQu LynX
UniQu LynX 2 days ago
It's pronounced Oshefski, not olzuski
Chris Heim
Chris Heim 2 days ago
Bro 51:19 the defender just stopped right in front of manholes and didn’t sack him😂
Bob Upid
Bob Upid 2 days ago
The chiefs guy feels like when that one guy had the darkrai in the pokemon anime
Chaseman261 2 days ago
Td double or nothing and instant rebate is op because once you use a double or nothing move you immediately get it back
Stevie Eisenhauer
darius byrd had me dead
Andrew Gresko
Andrew Gresko 2 days ago
Bye Bye pats 🤣
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 days ago
Let me Kno asap
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 days ago
Td how do I get a spot in 1 of your lgs??????????????
jasonnoyesjn 2 days ago
FYI - when you run those bracket schemes on D - they won't sack the QB - I know they are good for contain - but like the KC game, I believe - you had a defender stop at the QB... it's because you have contain on. I tend to just blitz my DL and if need be - spy a LB...
MaddenMobile sansdm
I love this season
JJ Youn
JJ Youn 3 days ago
Get kayvon thibodeaux period
Nahuel Juarez
Nahuel Juarez 3 days ago
Where can you find online franchises to join ? I love to play franchise and live to try them online !!!
jimmypullan 3 days ago
TD you the GOAT 🐐 greetings from 🇬🇧
Dean Critcher
Dean Critcher 3 days ago
I freaking love this series best series on US-first but TD. Can you please get a running back you need to trade for one. A lot of these runs would be touchdowns if you had a better runningback
Joey Shockley
Joey Shockley 3 days ago
harrison looks like james Harrison
De'anthony Ragland
I watch your videos every day man
Austin Mitchell
Austin Mitchell 3 days ago
kian karbor
kian karbor 3 days ago
Dude please make another video and win the super bowl ❤️😍
Andy Miller
Andy Miller 3 days ago
Sacks count as negative passing yards
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez 3 days ago
Bye bye Patriots
Cracked Zenzy
Cracked Zenzy 3 days ago
i haven’t watched you since madden 20
Tamarea Hendricks
Ever heard of pump fake TD 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Jaden Zee
Jaden Zee 3 days ago
Are we just going to ignore the fact that Harrison just completely demolished this lineman 1:13:38
introduce al
introduce al 3 days ago
YO TD quick tip Nkeal gets his X factor and super star real fast and upgrade his deep threat he gets plus 2 speed
dwevln 3 days ago
I love that room for no reason bro istg
YRG_Esteban 3 days ago
I love it when you notice they get a speed upgrade 🤣🤣😮😮
Jakob Ballew
Jakob Ballew 3 days ago
Td, if you want to pronounce it right it's actually Travis "E T N". That's how you say it 😜 peace out
lelele vlcvlcl
lelele vlcvlcl 3 days ago
This is def the best series td has
Jacob Baskin
Jacob Baskin 3 days ago
TD you gotta learn how to pronounce Gunner's name
51:15 when people say why don't you like madden. that right there is why lol. Enjoy watching TD play but I just can't buy madden with that kind of bs in the game. The guy blitzes, but since madden can't figure out how create better blocking schemes to stop nano blitzes, lets just make the guy stop in his tracks right when he is about to sack the qb.........
K E Y 3 days ago
Mann you know how to build players up
Alexander Cusano
Alexander Cusano 3 days ago
Is that Throne's e-book? Kinda looked like jags bunch
Convey 2nd acc
Convey 2nd acc 3 days ago
Let's see another season soon hopefully
Convey 2nd acc
Convey 2nd acc 3 days ago
Chiefs guy wouldn't be as good if he didn't have the Chiefs
Micah Salmon
Micah Salmon 3 days ago
Javante carson
Javante carson 3 days ago
td let me get a spot if someone gets out in the franchise 😒
Biglilstan The Slasher
TD if your player gets stuck like McLaurin, switch the position to running back to upgrade their abilities to run with the ball.
Adrian Orbe
Adrian Orbe 3 days ago
hit the like button 💞💞
T Dr
T Dr 3 days ago
Td what was the point of getting diggs and you’d not even throw to him 😂
Shady Playz
Shady Playz 3 days ago
This is weird but for me it seams you get more throw power upgrades from scrambler Qb upgrades is that the same for anyone else?
Alijah Toogood
Alijah Toogood 3 days ago
Can you start posting this more often and start some tutorials
Plug 3 days ago
Here for the US-first algorithm
Mister_Amazing 14 - Patriots fan
This is the third time I'm telling you how to pronounce Olszewski: Oh-Chef-Ski
Convey 2nd acc
Convey 2nd acc 3 days ago
I hope the Patriots actually get Rambo and he's that good for 2022 bc we rly need a WR
Rob How
Rob How 3 days ago
16 Travis Kennebrew
NahSeePower 3 days ago
7:56 His team badge switched??
RockyFaith 3 days ago
Bro I swear you gonna give me a heart attack some times I’ll just turn on your videos and play on my phone and listen and you scream and scare the absolute fuck outta me lol. Love the videos man
TheSportsBoy! 3 days ago
I want Washington Football team every day
DrMoriarty420 3 days ago
YO TD ITS PRONOUNCED OH CHEF SKI I will keep posting this until i hear you say it right.
He officially quit
He officially quit