I drafted the next Deion Sanders, lets go win a 4th Superbowl! Season 4 

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Today we are back with season 4 of the Washington Football Team full season online franchise! We have Trevor Lawrence as a 99 overall and looking for his 3rd straight Super Bowl!

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Apr 13, 2021




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Comments 100   
TDBarrett 24 days ago
So,... For the audio for game 1-12 in the regular season it went totally corrupt.... I had to use my camera audio so it kinda sucks!
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg 8 days ago
All good bro
Beonca Bailer
Beonca Bailer 12 days ago
@All Sportz oo
Beonca Bailer
Beonca Bailer 12 days ago
Beonca Bailer
Beonca Bailer 12 days ago
Lawrence Espree
Lawrence Espree 22 days ago
Hehehehehe I was gonna comment bout it but yeeeee other than that I love u my guy ordered the plushy
Brady Stephens
I couldn’t find an active Xbox Franchise so I made my own simmed fantasy draft franchise. If you’re interested you can join at BradyNS122boss_9 or message my Xbox account at BradyNS122boss on current gen
josef_ 4 days ago
Name of the draft class
D Mee
D Mee 6 days ago
I wish TD was my boss. Just handing out money lol
CanterA15 7 days ago
Watching td way overpay for free agents and resigning his players hurt me
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg 8 days ago
Trey Ragas= MVP of the Super Bowl
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg 8 days ago
Great upload of Washington Football Team Online Franchise season 4 TD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
Jason King
Jason King 9 days ago
Wonder if he knows Ngata is pronounced Not a
Andrew Alaskiewicz
Andrew Alaskiewicz 10 days ago
Congrats brotha. You’re the man with this team and what a playoff run. Behind and with the comebacks! Only one drive in the Super Bowl first half was crazy
eli 11 days ago
It’s funny how I check the time periodically when TD Barrett makes the playoffs to see the duration that’s left and make an assumption to how his playoff run will go, it’s funny lol
Resitive Path
Resitive Path 11 days ago
1.14.41 good shit Brett😂
Danny Karia
Danny Karia 11 days ago
When you see TD going through his roster and realize that Xavien Howard and Montez Sweat are the same speed.😳😳😳
Dk Chris
Dk Chris 11 days ago
35:55 what did he sayyyy
Rachael Rubinstein
Rachael Rubinstein 14 days ago
I love videos like these
aj romero
aj romero 14 days ago
td finds the worst players of all time to fill these leagues smh
Slame333 15 days ago
TD is unstoppable with this team, my goodness.
Brandon Allison
Brandon Allison 16 days ago
Elonzo Drayton
Elonzo Drayton 17 days ago
My favorite team lets goooo
Pure Entertainment AZ
This is one of the best series of all time. Love it.
Josh Bojangles
Josh Bojangles 17 days ago
I had to kill the like button after that performance and it's been over 1 hour and 14 min
Ruben saravia
Ruben saravia 18 days ago
Play as the bengals!!!
Will Deets
Will Deets 18 days ago
TD I would give xavien Howard bench press so he doesn’t get destroyed, if he gets it.
Big Tone
Big Tone 18 days ago
If you change Terry’s position and switch back it’ll let you use those upgrades
Malik Wilson
Malik Wilson 18 days ago
The game against the Eagles was literally so nervous for you bro
Kam Chancellor
Kam Chancellor 18 days ago
3,000 likes to go!!!!!
Nebula 18 days ago
Tag me in season 5 video
Reggiano Da Don Davis
X was burning the whole time in the Super Bowl game
iDontBoxOut- 19 days ago
More Vidoes Like this I love it
Lucky Luk3
Lucky Luk3 19 days ago
How do we join this league?
Joey Sanchez
Joey Sanchez 19 days ago
Honestly I think it’s total BS that people are allowed to quit and ruin your hard earned stats. If you quit you should be out of the league. Take your beating or get better
Jacklebee Gaming
Jacklebee Gaming 19 days ago
Omg hanes king is from my hometown a bery small town i can’t believe he made it to the nfl
RichBacon27 07
RichBacon27 07 19 days ago
Td when reading the break out challenge for Crawford “akkaosocoofofoocalalscnosjdo”
Moses Trevaughn
Moses Trevaughn 19 days ago
4for4 like Wendy’s
Meti Abebe
Meti Abebe 19 days ago
best series
Ann Hughes
Ann Hughes 19 days ago
do this with the chiefs
marquis bell
marquis bell 19 days ago
I seen the demon in that boy eyes 👀 when he won in OT
Casey Reiford
Casey Reiford 19 days ago
Ngata believe
Yerr 19 days ago
Brooo, that colts user is so annoying to watch lmao, Glad you beat him.
Cayden’s Brick World Incorporated
There’s a chance that Trevor might be traded?
Frankie Capalot
Frankie Capalot 20 days ago
That 21 second lock in was different 😳
Jett Oshie
Jett Oshie 20 days ago
Like it up yall
Kentavious Caldwell-GOAT
Yo. Idk if you’ll see this or not, but I really love your content man. You’ve given me a lot of entertainment through some tough times this year. I strongly disliked you for no real reason a few years ago, but you grew on me a lot after I started watching more of your videos. You’re the GOAT bro
Carter Cooling
Carter Cooling 20 days ago
Put on auto scout and stop giving ur players so much in resign, just bump it up by a few clicks not by 2 mil
lmarino22 20 days ago
Who’s noticed he has Desmond King and Haynes King
Claytin Urdiales
Claytin Urdiales 20 days ago
Does he download he’s draft class if so what does he use
Dukehova 20 days ago
Keep this going
Jay Thompson
Jay Thompson 20 days ago
Why you don’t spend cash xp
Jay Thompson
Jay Thompson 20 days ago
Coach xp
Michael Cabral
Michael Cabral 20 days ago
Hey TD switch the players position to unglitched them from their dev. Worked for me.
HollowWarrior 20 days ago
This man just did what the bills failed to achieve in the 90's. LMAO
The Edges
The Edges 20 days ago
Td Barrett is the best at madden
Matty Boy
Matty Boy 20 days ago
Use coach XP to help upgrading players faster
Shannon Edmonson
Shannon Edmonson 20 days ago
You keep saying 4 for 4. And it’s got me to thinking you’re advertising for Wendy’s meal deals! 😂
Will Peck
Will Peck 20 days ago
What happened to deriq king?
Dakota Lynde
Dakota Lynde 20 days ago
If you’re reading this Jesus loves you!
Lukie D
Lukie D 21 day ago
geaux cajuns
IamDuece 21 day ago
How can i get I’m this again ?
Kiwani Ervin
Kiwani Ervin 21 day ago
i’m a huge fan but i did want you to lose the super bowl cause you don’t want everyone to get bored cause the same person keep winning
Fatty 21 day ago
I can’t wait 😝 for the next season again lit 🔥
Robert Kroening
Robert Kroening 21 day ago
Kicker = Playoffs MVP
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis 21 day ago
Also spend your coach Exp for cheaper resigns and more exp and scouting etc
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis 21 day ago
Make Terry a TE and upgrade his blocking
Rasool Crawford
Rasool Crawford 21 day ago
Nobody can wear 21 in Washington after Sean Taylor this is very disrespectful
Slinkeyice Gaming
Ik it is 100%
DR SensuBean
DR SensuBean 21 day ago
Bruh X is amazing in if he could just play a full season he would get 20ints....but he always gets double digits and plays 7 games cuz he get hurt
Landon Potvin
Landon Potvin 21 day ago
That was crazy dude
Theokolese The Shadow Of Death
Pete, I didn't even know you played football on this team.....hilarious. Can you look at career stats? I would love to see how many INT'S and def TD'S Apke has so far in his career. He has to be on a record pace.
Derrion Calloway
Derrion Calloway 21 day ago
He threw his mic😂😂
Theokolese The Shadow Of Death
TD cracks me up, he is all about trading Montez Sweat....Sweat gets a 99 yard int return......GIVE HIM ALL THE MONEY!!!!!!!! lol. I was kind of hoping his kicker would shank a gimmie in the Bears game. Last season when he did that and TD shouts THIS KICKER SUCKS had me laughing so hard.
Josh 21 day ago
That wildcard game ending ! He does this
Johnny Malchow
Johnny Malchow 21 day ago
Can your next franchise team please be the niners? I think it will be very exciting
Surpreme Bape
Surpreme Bape 21 day ago
Bucs franchise
Th3Goatb0y 21 day ago
Who gonna tell him the g is silent in Ngata?
Dee Evans
Dee Evans 21 day ago
Great game that’s why I watch your channel
Brady Webber
Brady Webber 21 day ago
Who is Pete💀😂
Dee Evans
Dee Evans 21 day ago
You was shaking in your boots Brett chill out
Brandon Westendorf
TD you gotta bring back the stop and go. You’ve been sleeping on it. You were killing ppl with that.
TD need to stop playin with Scrubs😂
Sucarose 21 day ago
Zay Davis
Zay Davis 21 day ago
Yeahhhhh you tuff OnG🤝🤝
Rashaad Davis
Rashaad Davis 21 day ago
Has trey rags on his team... sheesh the menace himself TD is good.
Yank Team
Yank Team 21 day ago
Lme get ina league
Chad Dempster
Chad Dempster 21 day ago
Why are you so good with the football team
Darius Brown
Darius Brown 21 day ago
Yessir TD 💪🏽
CarolinaEmerald Gaming
technically you could make Scary Terry a RB and use the upgrades that way. Not totally sure the league rules allows in the league your in TD, but food for thought!
Will M
Will M 21 day ago
1:17:55 😂
Jacob Roark
Jacob Roark 22 days ago
So clutch TD congrats man!!
James Harris
James Harris 22 days ago
I love how he using Washington put on for the dmv
Mike Mays
Mike Mays 22 days ago
16:51 you had 0 open
Wheeler Gang
Wheeler Gang 22 days ago
Anyone wanna make a fantasy draft
Mario Sanguinetti
Mario Sanguinetti 22 days ago
For Terry what you can do is try to click on his card through depth chart not through upgrades and maybe it will work (not certain)
richard jerabek
richard jerabek 22 days ago
Brady jr
Clinton Smith
Clinton Smith 22 days ago
You have some buffalo wings before you recorded this video?
Dion Banks
Dion Banks 22 days ago
Laslantic Gaming about to do the same thing
Keith Warren
Keith Warren 22 days ago
Could you move your face cam so we can see the opposite players
Nato 22 days ago
Td should develop d’eriq king more
Christian Legault
Christian Legault 22 days ago
#nerfTD 😂😂😂
CashMoney5 22 days ago
58:52 the have to remove that animation in next years game. It’s incredibly fake
JayKwon Robinson
JayKwon Robinson 22 days ago
its ok if u throw pick 6and lose bc hw cant score on offense or get yards
Franchon Jemmott
Franchon Jemmott 22 days ago
4/4 🔥🔥🔥
Cuatro Banks
Cuatro Banks 22 days ago
Is there a way to find good franchise leagues?
Mister_Amazing 14 - Patriots fan
defensive MVP- Kitan Crawford offensive MVP- Trey Ragas