Herbert breaks 100 year old NFL record! Fantasy Draft Franchise 10 

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Today we are back with another episode of the MAdden 21 Fantasy Draft Franchise with the Denver Broncos! I have the last 3 games before the playoffs and they are crazy!
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Apr 25, 2021




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Comments 100   
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 4 days ago
Madden is so broken
Tristen McDaris
Tristen McDaris 8 days ago
Go Steelers!!! SteelersNation
T&T Morning podcasts
Bro that Steelers game was the most unlucky thing I’ve ever seen 😂
Rian Woodside
Rian Woodside 9 days ago
That’s pretty crazy my friends name is Tyson Campbell and he passed away recently... that’s pretty cool🙏🏻🙌🏻
cheeks684 9 days ago
So if anyone breaks any record its a 100 year old record? Don't think that's how it works.
cj williams
cj williams 9 days ago
Watch this video on .5 speed, sounds like TD is a 30rack deep lmaoooo.
sellz Alv
sellz Alv 9 days ago
2:42...alite buddy...its time to go outside and play in nature....thats that troy polamalu energy there
Derrion Calloway
Derrion Calloway 10 days ago
I should get in one of these league I passed for 6,000+ with 30 year old baker mayfield
Derrion Calloway
Derrion Calloway 10 days ago
That Steelers game how it was sellin TD that’s literally every other game for me
90sBiggs 10 days ago
For future reference in the breakout game, if a QB throws for 250 yd but you have 100 yds in Int yds, the team passing total is 150. So if someone is moving the ball, try to get a lot of yds on your interception returns.
Trolling Godd
Trolling Godd 10 days ago
Who cares. I've broken every single record ever created and didn't even try. The games super easy.
Big G
Big G 10 days ago
U ready for the draft? Who you hope the titans grab n what u think we need
Sam Crosier
Sam Crosier 11 days ago
When r u gonna play the show?
Phil The Great
Phil The Great 11 days ago
Man got a fresh cut. I know he's happy. Lol
Michael McQueen
Michael McQueen 11 days ago
I was hyped when I saw TD drop another vid. I know he moved and all that but man I miss the content.
Everett James
Everett James 11 days ago
you can't tell me that steelers user wasn't so damn lucky, I would be raging.
Evan Hinke
Evan Hinke 11 days ago
Isn’t that kinda cheating to switch Tua’s throwing hand
Justin souza
Justin souza 11 days ago
Upgrade slot on a corner and that’ll give him speed
Lucca Polisi
Lucca Polisi 11 days ago
TD why you talk so much shit but you play Madden for a living and the rest if the guys in the league play for fun
spuh 11 days ago
does td play current gen in all these online leagues?
American Football Nation
TD is a bossman
Michael ROCCHETTI 11 days ago
TD you’re the goat bro lol. I just started a franchise and low key struggling. My defense is horrible with throws but can stop the run all day.
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck 11 days ago
Herbert for sure is gonna be a hall of famer by the end of his career
NikeBoi CC
NikeBoi CC 11 days ago
This team might be you're most stacked franchise ever, even more than the bills franchise
DOM DOM 11 days ago
NFL hasn’t even been around 100 years
itsBabyBoy 11 days ago
All due respect the Steelers got bailed out 🤦🏽‍♂️ i was mad for you watching that game 😭😭
Remo Siegenthaler
Remo Siegenthaler 11 days ago
da boi Andre
da boi Andre 11 days ago
How the hell do you lose to a person with 2 wins 🤣🤣
michael miano
michael miano 11 days ago
TD, question.... how many more viewers, fans, or content does your platform have now due to the show coming to Xbox? A fan of your madden content but now I’m all about he show recently. Wanted to know your thoughts/creator strategies.
Spencer Lozano
Spencer Lozano 11 days ago
How is Andy Reid your coach
Mylez 1k
Mylez 1k 11 days ago
On your franchise start giving your players low numbers it just looks better
Lukas Chaffee
Lukas Chaffee 11 days ago
sorry i missed the past 6 videos you made
Riot Jayking
Riot Jayking 11 days ago
Due I haven’t seen they tht backroad fa a while
wesker19902 11 days ago
Td... ima need u to clear ya madden notifications ok thank you 😊🤝🏾
Travis Turnbull
Travis Turnbull 11 days ago
why is tua a righty?
michael fortin
michael fortin 11 days ago
What a bum changing Tua right handed
CHRISSOFLY • 11 days ago
That’s prolly his brother
Shawn Huot
Shawn Huot 11 days ago
Day 2 of telling TD to upgrade slot on corners to get speed upgrades
Brad Dier
Brad Dier 11 days ago
And do my eyes deceive me but is the Pittsburgh guy having Tua as a right handed thrower???
Jens-Christian Osen
Super clean cut fam!! Ngl not the biggest fan of the brown and white jerseys!! Go broncos!
Dakota Lynde
Dakota Lynde 11 days ago
If you’re reading this Jesus loves you!
michael fortin
michael fortin 11 days ago
TD with the haircut! Finally!!
Brad Dier
Brad Dier 11 days ago
Congrats on the new place, and the haircut.
Kevin McElroy
Kevin McElroy 11 days ago
You got scammed in that Steelers game.
Dominator Yt
Dominator Yt 11 days ago
All I wanted to say TD That me and my Gf broke up recently and watching yo video made me feel better thank u man 🤎
the Ultimate Raider fan
TD can u get Derek Carr pls
JGK FUNGOUS 11 days ago
Please stay safe and healthy❤️!
JGK FUNGOUS 11 days ago
Uhkay fresh cut
JGK FUNGOUS 11 days ago
Uhkay fresh cit
#1NARUTOFAN-Trevor 11 days ago
Love the room my guy
A2Made 11 days ago
Why is tua right handed
Brendan McDonald
Brendan McDonald 11 days ago
wolf gaming
wolf gaming 11 days ago
Tdbarret:gets 300 yards with his running back Also Tdbarret: "We went crazy at the running back position"
wolf gaming
wolf gaming 9 days ago
It's kind of irony because that isnt the greatest season with a rb
_Saucyam _
_Saucyam _ 10 days ago
Jace The Ace
Jace The Ace 11 days ago
Bro td casually has both next gen consoles 😂
Sooner legend
Sooner legend 11 days ago
Can you please use cd more
dakota Jessie
dakota Jessie 11 days ago
Keenan Allen gets the best animations in the game along with Allen Robinson
Zach Shepherd
Zach Shepherd 11 days ago
Broncos series are my favorite man thank you
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams 11 days ago
Herbert the goat
Sahbabii Mark
Sahbabii Mark 11 days ago
When are u continuing the next Deion sanders franchise? Love ur video btw
Andre Ashley
Andre Ashley 11 days ago
2:50 ... id quit lmao
Angelo Geremia
Angelo Geremia 11 days ago
Old apartment vibes😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 11 days ago
Stop spamming the same plays
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll 10 days ago
You stop saying negative things about tdbarrett
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 11 days ago
You’re bad at the game
Zeivaun Ned
Zeivaun Ned 11 days ago
You gotta stop playing that weak ass defense.
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll 10 days ago
That defense aint weak
Steven Tovar
Steven Tovar 11 days ago
The steelers user is bailed lmao
Philadelphia eagles Fan13
Td, can you do a ravens franchise but use trace mcsorley at QB, and Lamar Jackson at HB.
Anquan 11 days ago
how does he stay calm on bs plays like 11:00😭😭
Eann Johnson
Eann Johnson 11 days ago
Love you TD ❤️
julss s
julss s 11 days ago
Yo I’m feeling the new setup
Tyler Rappach
Tyler Rappach 11 days ago
TDBarrett, lets see some more MUT Video's!
TheLegend1008ヅ 11 days ago
The steeler dude was so lucky.
Ian Whitman
Ian Whitman 11 days ago
you get plus one speed every 5 you go up in one category, 70+
Xurczz -YT
Xurczz -YT 11 days ago
When is the next pats season
A Robbins
A Robbins 11 days ago
I hope the WFT comes out on Tuesday( my Birthday 🥳)
Dany Sheply
Dany Sheply 11 days ago
11:00 😭😭😭😂😂😂
Bladderbuster 11 days ago
We need a US-firstrs franchise
TreyDey 11 days ago
Love the series, but slot always gives you more speed & acceleration upgrades trust me i gotta 96 jamal dean in my league & you want one step anyways & slot gives you man & zone it’s essentially like a hybrid upgrade safeties get
Shadow 11 days ago
The Steelers made Tua a right handed
Asher Murphy
Asher Murphy 11 days ago
Johnny Robinson
Johnny Robinson 11 days ago
Bro is more wholesome then valkyrae and her friends on Tuesday evening
Raxkss Da goat
Raxkss Da goat 11 days ago
Advice: stop running the same plays, your a great player tho
Miles Wiggins
Miles Wiggins 11 days ago
watching TD pass every play 😏😏😏❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀
Ira Anderson
Ira Anderson 11 days ago
Use ceedee lamb more
Seth Rumsey
Seth Rumsey 11 days ago
Like that you've been rocking the Broncos for so long
Yes You Are Right But
Which Rookie QB do you think Barrett will love the most to play with? 1: Trevor Lawrence 3.Trey Lance 5. Mac Jones 2: Zach Wilson 4. Justin Fields
Big Sauce
Big Sauce 11 days ago
Definitely would’ve raged during the Steelers game u a good one td
Christopher Whitaker
😭Td made T hammer go crazy yesterday lol
Kobe Martin
Kobe Martin 11 days ago
why is tua right-handed
Alan Hall
Alan Hall 11 days ago
Since when is Tua a righty?
Elijah Bellinger
Elijah Bellinger 11 days ago
So glad shorty hung up on me , now I can watch TD in peace :)
Kon 2 Knueppel
Kon 2 Knueppel 11 days ago
Td with the fresh cut
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 11 days ago
I really wanna know that offense playbook
Graham Kolakowski
Graham Kolakowski 11 days ago
Day 1 of asking td or any others how to pass lead low and high
Graham Kolakowski
Graham Kolakowski 10 days ago
@Shmu234 Weiss ok tysm
Shmu234 Weiss
Shmu234 Weiss 10 days ago
LT for low lb for high or visa versa or L2 or L1
Stokes864 Music
Stokes864 Music 11 days ago
what defensive blitz is that ?
Brandon Lindsay
Brandon Lindsay 11 days ago
TD moved and finally got a haircut!
Wavy_4pf 11 days ago
The back🤧
Andrew Cahill
Andrew Cahill 11 days ago
He could of ran the ball against the steelers dude only had 3 in the box
Carter Thigpen
Carter Thigpen 11 days ago
Td did u have to violate thammer in the football team franchise
Daniel Bela Szerbak
Nice cut!!
ECK Sports
ECK Sports 11 days ago
Challenge for TD: play online madden and when he says Ba’bam, Fellas or Ladies and gentleman...the video ends.
YRG_Esteban 11 days ago
he plays like a derrek car and phipp river and also a little brett farv
He officially quit
He officially quit