Facing the #1 offense in NFC Championship! Cardinals Franchise 12 

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Today we are back with another Madden 21 Online Franchise video in the Arizona Cardinals franchise! We are one game away from the superbowl and need a miracle!
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Cole Ahmed
Cole Ahmed 4 hours ago
ayo Dylan pay me my money bitch
Jordan Bieber
Jordan Bieber 16 hours ago
Nobody has worse stick work than TD after he gets a pick lmao weak as hell
Bryson530 Day ago
I'm trynna join a franchise like this man who trynna add me to one?? Td if you need a team in one I'll join It (ps5)
mason challinor
How on earth wasn’t that a sack on the last drive?
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones Day ago
Why was his reaction so weird when he lost?
Garrett Graf
Garrett Graf 2 days ago
I’m sorry td but on your interceptions man, you gotta stop being so flashy like just run down the sideline
JJ Youn
JJ Youn 2 days ago
You need kayvon thibodeaux period
Angelo Geremia
Angelo Geremia 3 days ago
Nah what defense was td running bruh💀
Ira Martinez
Ira Martinez 3 days ago
Bro see that’s how the cardinals feel u let us down bro I thought u got us a championship dawg come on
Antonio II
Antonio II 3 days ago
🤦🏽‍♂️ 😭
Itz Rj
Itz Rj 3 days ago
I was so Into this next season is tds revenge 😈
Liv4marc 3 days ago
You missed so many reads this game
Trey Yama
Trey Yama 3 days ago
Can you stop running with Kyler already
Josiah ping
Josiah ping 3 days ago
Can’t wait for next Season!!!
Both picks you messed up on. You usually do good stick skills, but you really messed up especially that second one. If you took that more towards the sideline you where gone but you went straight up field and that slow lineman got you.
Aiden James
Aiden James 3 days ago
Y didn’t u run the clock out more in ot
Dilly_Dilly_Dale 4 days ago
18:42 dude got major bailed out
Dilly_Dilly_Dale 4 days ago
TD looking gangster in this video with the all black and the beanie and a lil drip 😂😂👍🏾
Zak Gemmer
Zak Gemmer 4 days ago
should’ve played 3 deep so that it would’ve been 0 points allowed
Payton Seals
Payton Seals 4 days ago
Day 3 of asking TD to do a legends fantasy draft franchise.
DooDooButtMcPoop 4 days ago
Too many commercials bro. Gotta unsubscribe and move on. Good luck, TD
Lilced3xxx 4 days ago
Whate the background music
i sell for vc
i sell for vc 4 days ago
hey anyone wanna join a ps4 connected franchise?
Kaleb Hackley
Kaleb Hackley 4 days ago
im glad td finally admits that he has the best offense in madden
MrIcemonster 4 days ago
That was a DOT fr. TD was playing scared fr...coulda had that W
Calvin Kreiser
Calvin Kreiser 4 days ago
for once Td's right Use The Bears
Andy Miller
Andy Miller 4 days ago
You blew it plain and simple Good game no doubt
The Chad
The Chad 4 days ago
For anyone reading, don’t play like combos... never ever run trips to the short side. Ever. It’s rule fucking one
Ryan Stefan
Ryan Stefan 4 days ago
When TDs thinkin things through and focused he’s sooo much better
DaveSzn 4 days ago
Yo TD can you please do a browns or eagles franchise
Remo Siegenthaler
told myself i wasn’t gonna smoke as much but this video made me roll up 😭
Cody Bales
Cody Bales 4 days ago
I love ya TD! But, your whole problem this year was trying to make Harris a stud. We all know you know you drafted poorly and you were trying to justify it
Derek Trogdon
Derek Trogdon 4 days ago
Was excited to see what happens if you tie a super bowl
Trevor Schultz
Trevor Schultz 4 days ago
What is that song about the cardinals at the beginning called??
Otis Driftwood
Otis Driftwood 4 days ago
Need better play calling, dumb mistakes
Samuel Black
Samuel Black 4 days ago
do chiefs
Chip Mack
Chip Mack 4 days ago
What do i have to do to get in on these franchises i need in
Just Ahlex
Just Ahlex 4 days ago
Poor decisions you should’ve been up
Mitchell Chambers
Dude the whole 4th quarter edit made me feel like my eyes were closing the entire time
Brady Cole
Brady Cole 4 days ago
That’s crazy you got bailed out a million times too
Gage White
Gage White 4 days ago
Stop and goes are killing you
Zito Mayne
Zito Mayne 4 days ago
Love the intro
Aidan Rubinger
Aidan Rubinger 4 days ago
Never seen someone sell more
Coolhandlucas30 4 days ago
That was a good game to watch tbh
SYG ECHOE 4 days ago
I’m sorry but this was one of the best Madden games I’ve ever watched even though he did lose
Marcus Peterson
Marcus Peterson 4 days ago
76 passing yards ?! nooooooo
Marcus Peterson
Marcus Peterson 4 days ago
you did not just run base for 5 minutes straight then throw the blindest shit ever.. wow this guys a “pro” lmaaaooo and he dotted your soul in for the game 😂
wolf gaming
wolf gaming 4 days ago
Yo a idea if you do another franchise tdbarret is the New York jets I feel like you could do great things with them
Khalil fomby
Khalil fomby 4 days ago
Bro td where’s the mut and online head to head videos you haven’t posted those in a week 🤦🏾‍♂️
DFG 4 days ago
The way this mans looked at the camera at 15:41 was hilarious 😂
Mike Flaw
Mike Flaw 4 days ago
Honestly he really deserved that game. Real fun watch, these games are always battles.
Maria Seijas
Maria Seijas 4 days ago
Dang that game was stressing! It's ok TD we got your back, chin up champ
Willie Reece
Willie Reece 4 days ago
You choked that one seriously
King Loggz
King Loggz 5 days ago
That was a great game tbh on both sides
Justt Rickk
Justt Rickk 5 days ago
That was sack or fumbled not an incomplete pass that’s tuff
Sooner legend
Sooner legend 5 days ago
This was my favorite franchise Can you do a cowboys one
Jayy Cov
Jayy Cov 5 days ago
I wish you would’ve thrown tha ball more brotha. You would’ve won this game.
VQuikzy K
VQuikzy K 5 days ago
Colton Lazurko
Colton Lazurko 5 days ago
lets goo ur lit TD i look up to u man! it was because of u that i started playing madden thanks for the insperation!
Aaron McGuire
Aaron McGuire 5 days ago
why don't you try running an offensive scheme that revolves around running, you are a derrick henry fan after all. it is beyond boring and predictable that you throw on every down. what offensive scheme in real football throws every down. the answer is zero.
Colin Wiltbank
Colin Wiltbank 5 days ago
Colin Wiltbank
Colin Wiltbank 5 days ago
20:15 sorry
Colin Wiltbank
Colin Wiltbank 5 days ago
Matthew Hand
Matthew Hand 5 days ago
Can you please do a falcons franchise. They never get enough love
Jason Frank
Jason Frank 5 days ago
steelers franchise PLEASEEEE u never do steelers vids
Braeden Manchester
yes you lost. I’m happy to see you lose
Dababy is A convertible
Every time I see his football videos it brightens my day
Crunchy Burps
Crunchy Burps 5 days ago
Gautham Karthik
Gautham Karthik 5 days ago
You should try putting an xfactor on Kyler
gary scott
gary scott 5 days ago
Great game
Keyundre Garner
Keyundre Garner 5 days ago
How the hell that 2nd and 2 turned into a 3rd and 2 after a clearly 10 yard sack!?!? What a time t have a glitch 🤦🏾‍♂️ Bro U got robbed
Tyson Brock
Tyson Brock 5 days ago
DK owned TD
Delveckio YA DAWG
Jalendashaun 5 days ago
Timmy McCormick
Timmy McCormick 5 days ago
Post mlb the show on this account
Noah Hardin
Noah Hardin 5 days ago
All that damn running shit boring
Elijah Eckman
Elijah Eckman 5 days ago
6.2 k liker
Brett Steward
Brett Steward 5 days ago
Broncos franchise my favorite don’t be sorry about having all this content 🤷‍♂️
Marc Nelson
Marc Nelson 5 days ago
A true match of Madden titans
Jay Bird
Jay Bird 5 days ago
12:02 don’t let him what?! 😳😳😳
Yusef Medet
Yusef Medet 5 days ago
10:00 am i dumb? why didn’t he scramble??
Michael Cabral
Michael Cabral 5 days ago
TD you won that one. You had 2 pick 6s for some odd reason you get caught by the lineman. So dumb!
Controller_ 5 days ago
Great game
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry 5 days ago
300+ passing yards versus 75yrds. TD!!!!!! what in the world smh
Makenan Smith
Makenan Smith 5 days ago
Another cfm another td playoff sell
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll 3 days ago
Ea is getting worse and madden is getting worse
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll 3 days ago
People do that sometimes
ThatPurpleEvo 5 days ago
10k likes y’all! Come on!!!
Fenkell Joe
Fenkell Joe 5 days ago
Bad timing ball hawk 😂😂TD always lucky
Billy Veras
Billy Veras 5 days ago
Td cmon wtf u had to go for that 4th and goal !!! But GG
Robert Hall
Robert Hall 5 days ago
Alfred Cala
Alfred Cala 5 days ago
NGL the Seahawks deserved this one. He was getting cheesed and still pulled it out.
WestCoast Cards
WestCoast Cards 5 days ago
Bruh u deserve too lose that one that was a weak showing
Ryan Baricza
Ryan Baricza 5 days ago
Wanna see you and pizza play think pizza might have you haha make it happen
Seahawks Center
Seahawks Center 5 days ago
Your opponent really has a stacked CB group but got rid of Jamal
Ravenpoke 5 days ago
You said variety, but my favorite videos are the franchises because they are the longest!
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 5 days ago
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Isaiah Farley
Isaiah Farley 5 days ago
Good try, you did your best :)
Cade Townsend
Cade Townsend 5 days ago
Usually td is pretty good, but he looked like he was trying to sell this game
Unknown Phenom _
Unknown Phenom _ 5 days ago
What was that play he saw in the first game?
rls725 5 days ago
That was a blown game if I ever saw one- the thing that should haunt him most was doing a freaking stop and go with Simmons vs Russ- totally unnecessary, that's an easy TD
Ruffles2k 5 days ago
Do 49ers franchise
NOFOCKYOU 5 days ago
really need to get rid of kyler, u got no confidence with him running or throwing.
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