Coach is fired, team all fired lets clean house! Cardinals Franchise 10 

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Today we are back with another episode of the Madden 21 Cardinals franchise and we are getting super close to the playoffs! I gotta win at least 3 of my next 5 to make it!
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Apr 20, 2021




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Comments 100   
TDBarrett 17 days ago
After the last game the DC of the cardinals was relieved of his duties....
Koda Reece
Koda Reece 11 days ago
@Dominik Braydon testing it out now. Seems good so far :)
Dominik Braydon
Dominik Braydon 13 days ago
i dont know if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account using Instaplekt. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)
itz kingshawnn
itz kingshawnn 15 days ago
You should do a league like I do with my friends one created player on offense n player on defense I bet you’ll enjoy it more
pokedude972 16 days ago
To stop pa just run around the line while with a fast safety
JayJay Caps 21
JayJay Caps 21 16 days ago
He said duties hehhehe lol
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg 3 days ago
Great upload of Cardinals Franchise 10 TD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
RockyFaith 10 days ago
I have Chuba in a league and he’s a Lamborghini Mac truck lol love the video bro
Moniere Richard
Moniere Richard 11 days ago
18:45 look at Seahawks user😂😂
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 12 days ago
Skipped half the third Q of Dallas game
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 12 days ago
How did the Cowboys get to 21?
Snatch ZD
Snatch ZD 13 days ago
I realized you weren’t focusing
MegaCalifornia805 13 days ago
Work on your deep passes mann jeez
NGHT_ Pevet0
NGHT_ Pevet0 14 days ago
“What’s going on guys djehdudhhejdhdbsjsb ba-ba-ba-bam”
Kd 2tiimes
Kd 2tiimes 14 days ago
Damn what happened to your defense and offense
sheluvsdrew 14 days ago
what’s this playbook anyone ?????
JohnnyGlass 15 days ago
If delay fade wasn’t in the game that cowboys guy wouldn’t have an offense
Nick Sinni
Nick Sinni 15 days ago
Sold 2 games
xrlol 15 days ago
hey td whats ur offense and deffense pb?
Littest RugRats
Littest RugRats 15 days ago
My son wes at the end fried you lol
Jared Tamaro
Jared Tamaro 15 days ago
Any other cardinals fans think it was funny how he said rAndy mossed him 😂
Jake Hargett
Jake Hargett 15 days ago
I never say these types of comments but the pick he threw at 13:37 threw me off completely. I def thought he was about buddy in the middle of the field butt naked open
itz kingshawnn
itz kingshawnn 15 days ago
You should do a league like I do with my friends one created player on offense n player on defense I bet you’ll enjoy it more
Jbthedon 44
Jbthedon 44 15 days ago
Did anybody else catch 4th quarter 4:44 on the clocc from the 44 yard line!?
Mitchell Mattox
Mitchell Mattox 15 days ago
How does someone who plays this much madden even say 10-5? Like bruh it’s 16 games
David Mosby
David Mosby 15 days ago
bruh who was rapping in the intro
Cah Playz yt
Cah Playz yt 15 days ago
Td zone drops on 0😂😂
Jake Gauthier
Jake Gauthier 15 days ago
TD looks gassed. Like it isn’t fun for him anymore. Might just be me😬
Luca Brininger
Luca Brininger 15 days ago
idk if i can watch you anymore with these games
Gavin Burnett
Gavin Burnett 15 days ago
18:40 wtf happened the the Seahawks user😂😂😂😂
Sergio 15 days ago
Brett let me join the league, I’ll be the Rams!
Itz Rj
Itz Rj 16 days ago
Triangle was opennnnnnn on that last drive for the second game 🤦🏽‍♂️
David Caputo
David Caputo 16 days ago
Get your lady to cut your hair and you might win a game 🤣🤣🤣
Nathan King
Nathan King 16 days ago
TD that hair is crazy man.
Moise Xavier
Moise Xavier 16 days ago
TD we should get another new franchise ...like the rams
Anthony Pacheco
Anthony Pacheco 16 days ago
Before the game TD says he needs to get Hubbard the ball more, but then proceeds to only use Najee Harris. Does he not realize Hubbard has a hidden trait and actually needs downs played to become a star/superstar? He rather use Harris with Normal development lol
irvin12 16 days ago
never comprehend his intros lol the homie tweaking
85moco 16 days ago
Bro you need to take a break from streaming u look completely burnt out... and you playing like Brett Farve on offense and like Dallas cowboys defense last year.... rest up my brother 🙏
Dakota Lynde
Dakota Lynde 16 days ago
If you’re reading this Jesus loves you!
Dylan Hancock
Dylan Hancock 16 days ago
15:29 the steelers put up 80
stakinator14 16 days ago
bruh why dont you play road tot the show anymore
fîsh II
fîsh II 16 days ago
He has a second channel called Brett Barrett he made 3 episodes of them and they are LONG
Jelly Wopin
Jelly Wopin 16 days ago
Bababam causes cancer
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll 14 days ago
It does not bro
Evan DeCavitch
Evan DeCavitch 16 days ago
what about you have to slide with Kyler do you not understand
Dustoo 16 days ago
Why not slide on runs with Kyler ?
Dustoo 16 days ago
I spoke to soon
Nathan Godoe
Nathan Godoe 16 days ago
Every franchise Seahawks are the real G.O.A.T. 's sorry TD by the way waiting for episode 10 of broncos franchise
Nathan Godoe
Nathan Godoe 16 days ago
U R Getting burned by OJ Howard, Kittle, and Metcalf I can't watch.
SHOCKS_xReTrOx 16 days ago
for the love of all that is holy pass in the Redzone TD Lmao
XdDark21 16 days ago
Plz awnser this... Do you use money on mbl?
FootballMac 16 days ago
👇 This is how much rushing touchdowns maxx williams has
KING 3ST3BAN 16 days ago
Get a haircut hippie lol
Rilo_Dippin 16 days ago
TD when you 5 yards in why don’t you goal line FB sneak easy td
Kukamaehuikapono J DeRamos
Probably the worse I’ve ever seen you play.
fîsh II
fîsh II 16 days ago
He played bad in the pats one too
Born a Blue
Born a Blue 16 days ago
Anyone else heart drop when Kyler got injured.. hahaha your vids keep me going TD!
Justice Gregory
Justice Gregory 16 days ago
Love TD but this is by far the most frustrating it’s ever been watching him. Missed reads. Forced throws. Not changing his defense and letting guys get comfortable. So frustrating
Chris Kemp
Chris Kemp 16 days ago
It pains me to see when you said you don’t have a redzone play because when you score in the redzone, you say something along the lines of “that’s what I do” :(
Beastmode Block
Beastmode Block 16 days ago
Remo Siegenthaler
Remo Siegenthaler 16 days ago
don’t think i could live without td tbh
Emmanuel Gatewood
Emmanuel Gatewood 16 days ago
Is it me or does TD hair really be wet during his videos
Preston Robertson
Preston Robertson 16 days ago
What is this song and who is the artist? Can anyone link me it? It's the do it for the bird gang one.
GamingWith Brian
GamingWith Brian 16 days ago
WFT 0-11 😂😂
Dayday Biggaveli
Dayday Biggaveli 16 days ago
Lol “dashuawn is nasty “
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 16 days ago
Stop spamming the same plays
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 16 days ago
You’re bad at the game
Jimmy Hayes
Jimmy Hayes 16 days ago
Day 1 of asking td to start a mlb the show 21 road to the show
Zac2C 16 days ago
gotta do a steelers franchise youd go crazy with their receivers
Matthew Calandro
Matthew Calandro 16 days ago
Wise words of TD. “If I can make it to the Dance. I feel like I can dance” 😂
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams 16 days ago
My man was getting dotted up all episode 😂
Dylan Walsh
Dylan Walsh 16 days ago
Use Robinson more
Kristian Carbone
Kristian Carbone 16 days ago
Your saying Caleb Farleys name wrong It’s FAR-Lee
Isaac Hyde
Isaac Hyde 16 days ago
Am I the only one who saw that’s Jeremy chinn had 25 ints!?!?
Colin Stein-Martin
Colin Stein-Martin 16 days ago
fîsh II
fîsh II 16 days ago
If you wanna join his cfm franchise Join squid ink gaming on facebook Message kev edwards It costs money tho
Daniel Cogswell
Daniel Cogswell 16 days ago
Hair on point Td🔥🔥
curt goss
curt goss 16 days ago
Stop whining
William Conners
William Conners 16 days ago
TD you need to relax and play smart you seem stressed when you play
Juan Parras
Juan Parras 16 days ago
Wash your hair.... Ew
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll 14 days ago
Hes busy with other stuff
Fenkell Joe
Fenkell Joe 16 days ago
That league quit to much that’s killing or stats
Eric T
Eric T 16 days ago
The dance
Raymond Bane
Raymond Bane 16 days ago
Aye td I know you probably won't answer but what are your slider settings in franchise
Jonathan Mann
Jonathan Mann 16 days ago
Yo I think if you were to do one more franchise league you should do the colts, but from this last years roster possibly
BLUR PLAZMA 16 days ago
bro the ah man yall better hurry someone showin out i think its kyler murry line is fire
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry 16 days ago
The more TD plays the less he progresses
Michaela Tuberville
The harris hubbard combo reminds me of perine and mixon at OU
Brittain Levine
Brittain Levine 16 days ago
your offense went stale, especially rz, i use alerts for my rz but i dont play in these cfms so idk what works.
Trenton Football King
I met Maxx Williams and he signed my football
Trenton Football King
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll 14 days ago
That's a huge dub
Jalendashaun 16 days ago
DrMoriarty420 16 days ago
TD: "Deshaun Watson is disgusting" Me: Yeah... He really is...
Elijah Morey
Elijah Morey 16 days ago
Challenge:make it to the super bowl with the Atlanta Falcon
V-GuardMe Please
V-GuardMe Please 16 days ago
Washington football team league
Rohan ross
Rohan ross 16 days ago
Why is no one talking about td being in the clouds lol
Jesse Rusignolo
Jesse Rusignolo 16 days ago
You should do a league where all 32 teams relocate
wesker19902 16 days ago
Holy shomolly am I in a pickle 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤙🏾
Matt Hollingsworth
Matt Hollingsworth 16 days ago
brett has the worst vision in the game. he always ignores wide open recievers
Vincent Montgillion
Dam bruh smh 🤦‍♂️
mossed 4life
mossed 4life 16 days ago
bruh wtf the cowboys up 14 13 then after its 21 to 13 like huh? but the clip of 2nd half was already at 2 mins left in 3rd
Joseph Blake
Joseph Blake 16 days ago
let’s gooo
Kingston Rust
Kingston Rust 16 days ago
Td with the BANGERS. 🔥🔥🔥
Foreign Zay
Foreign Zay 16 days ago
Anyone know of any active cfm?
Levi Godwin
Levi Godwin 16 days ago
Brett look at the run and gun playbook it is great for two rb sets
Levi Godwin
Levi Godwin 16 days ago
The pistol weak formation will be great for you, this team is built perfectly for it(mobile web, two great rbs, two great receivers, and a TE)
TroLlzAHollic_YT 16 days ago
Can we just talk about that moss by Isabella
Gary Manso
Gary Manso 16 days ago
I love your content but when are you going to post another football team video
Dekker Saville
Dekker Saville 16 days ago
I have a question where do you live?
Dekker Saville
Dekker Saville 15 days ago
@fîsh II thx
fîsh II
fîsh II 16 days ago
He lives in canada
kenneth martin
kenneth martin 16 days ago
Bro i need you to prepare better bro. We believe in you!
Heebuhm Yang
Heebuhm Yang 16 days ago
i found myself enjoying the videos way more when i mute during the gameplay to avoid repeatedly hearing “let’s go (player), good job/good fight (player)” 50x per video across multiple franchises lolol. but he’s good at madden and comp seems good so enjoyable game play
IceTrey 16 days ago
US-first content is so washed except for TD’s, Mrbeast, Danny Duncan and jidion
Daeron Watkins
Daeron Watkins 16 days ago
your reads are so ass lol I'm not hating it's an astute observation, he had so many touchdown passes that I have seen and I'm starting to doubt that you were even a good quarterback in real life and you had soooooooo many interceptions opportunities.
SMS ZAYY 16 days ago
He wants to get everybody involved he needs to stop that and win games he has Steffon Diggs and throws it too Gunner like no that’s need to stop
SMS ZAYY 16 days ago
Yea that’s what’s wrong wit TD
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