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Today we are back with another Madden 21 video and I am going top against fellow youtuber @AB Got Game with the Titans and the Colts!
This is a Madden 21 gameplay
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Apr 17, 2021




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Tre Jack
Tre Jack 2 days ago
Play me on xbox TD gamertag Tarrence28
Ivan Castro
Ivan Castro 6 days ago
Just run the ball dann
branlee34 215
branlee34 215 6 days ago
Anybody good want some smoke on Xbox 1
Gage Kelly
Gage Kelly 7 days ago
My biggest thing is how he always pick the absolute UGLIEST titans uniform combinations lmaooooooo
Coach Lee
Coach Lee 7 days ago
Where the rematch?
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg 8 days ago
Great upload TD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
D Mee
D Mee 9 days ago
AB getting his revenge in the rematch, watch out TD!
Devin LaFountaine
Cap colts have one top five offensive linemen in Quentin Nelson not top five o line
RyZe 9 days ago
How to put limen in pass coverage
Devin Hamacher-Bland
“ if u think I’m not going to have fun blowing u out” ~TD 2021
Kaison Micheal
Kaison Micheal 10 days ago
Can't. Wait. Tell. We. Get. Another Bagger. In. The. Crib. Let's. Get. It 🔥🔥🔥🤙
2TORYK 10 days ago
TdBarrett next revenge is on TrxpXjgod. You need to watch film on him and beat him
Alec Hernandez
Alec Hernandez 14 days ago
Is this really madden now?
Goat Gaming3000
Goat Gaming3000 14 days ago
Thomas Bayne
Thomas Bayne 14 days ago
April 29th
William Sanders
William Sanders 16 days ago
TD whipped his assets lol.
Jerry Ezel
Jerry Ezel 16 days ago
Cant wait #April29th
Rasheed Sulaimon
Rasheed Sulaimon 16 days ago
Dustin Baker
Dustin Baker 17 days ago
Td is ass I’d run a check on him hope he sees this comment he talks too much smack and can barely back his poor gameplay up 🤣
jchalamar 691
jchalamar 691 17 days ago
Td play me. I jst wanna appear in ur video. Here's my gamertag[ jchalamar691]
camaro 17 days ago
I belive in you td
Jeremiah Buckley
Jeremiah Buckley 17 days ago
Tyson Sizer
Tyson Sizer 17 days ago
Man who ever TD is playing in this vid, is so fucking annoying
Kolten Williams
Kolten Williams 17 days ago
Someone put a “let’s go Derek” counter on this video
JdubZ817 J
JdubZ817 J 17 days ago
Kid couldn’t handle his own medicine
Drippy Brothers
Drippy Brothers 17 days ago
Please play my friend in madden he thinks he is better than you get in contact with me so yaw can play and I can see my friend getting smoked by you he play Xbox
Bad Intentions
Bad Intentions 18 days ago
if keeps running that cover 3 on you, just hot route the WR's to hook routes....nickle and dime him all day.
michael andrews
michael andrews 18 days ago
Bro 2 days in a row with no video
Jackson Thai
Jackson Thai 18 days ago
This was very satisfying to watch, good job TD
Davon Alston
Davon Alston 18 days ago
Next upload???????
The One in only one
Wat is your zone drops
Norse Archaelogist Does Things
Wanna know how meta madden is. Someone drops 9 people every play against the titans lol
DeMarcus Edwards
DeMarcus Edwards 18 days ago
#April29th 🔥
JuiiceTV 18 days ago
I rock with you TD but when you said this was a blow out... lost my interest.
A Ha Ha
A Ha Ha 18 days ago
man made excuses the entire time 💀
Justin Strickland
Justin Strickland 18 days ago
TD: I’m going to rush two on him Also TD: sends 8 for the entire first possession lol
Kerry H
Kerry H 18 days ago
You suckered him into playing with rivers i respect the strategy
Speez 18 days ago
why not run it more?
Co2 Override
Co2 Override 18 days ago
How do you only send 2 rushers cuz idk how
Zyan Allison
Zyan Allison 18 days ago
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck 18 days ago
Titan Up⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck 18 days ago
I love the videos 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck 18 days ago
TDBarrett should make a video with Derrick Henry or AJ Brown that’ll be cool
The Viper Allen
The Viper Allen 18 days ago
I just played madden 21 for the first time
FLT Jayce
FLT Jayce 18 days ago
Bro April 29th is my birthday let’s gooo
Charlie Morse
Charlie Morse 18 days ago
I'm in love with your channel bro. And you. No homo lmao I just got into madden and these vids are my life dude. I love you
Charlie Morse
Charlie Morse 18 days ago
You are the kinda guy I'd want to be with if I was a girl bro. Not gay, just don't care and being honest lol
Frederik Tilger-Kuhn
What ability my QB (or WR) need, that I can change the route of my WR of 180 degrees after the ball is snapped, so the play is running?
Dwight Martin
Dwight Martin 18 days ago
td is scary running the ball lol
fast02gt 18 days ago
The king of cringe back at again.
ProblematicK 18 days ago
April 29th is my birthday and I’m turning 14
it's sspurs
it's sspurs 18 days ago
I love your videos. I know it might not matter to you because you have playstation, but are you hype for MLB the show on Xbox.
David Sherban
David Sherban 18 days ago
Td “i just need to stay in the pocket” Td next play, *running out the pocket*
Johnny Agbalog
Johnny Agbalog 18 days ago
Bro Play VictionaryHD
Jay Wright
Jay Wright 18 days ago
R1 was wide open
Deezy Mac
Deezy Mac 18 days ago
Draft day dog not the best option
Kd 2tiimes
Kd 2tiimes 18 days ago
Run the ball
Chad Lieb
Chad Lieb 18 days ago
TD just gets them every time with that user DB stick work
Calvin Walter
Calvin Walter 18 days ago
Bro this other US-firstr is a bum lol it’s very obvious you have surpassed this dude. Bitch move to start saying “oh this isn’t my team” when you’re getting beat. He was also bringing up his previous wins lol dude is a sore loser. Nice job!
Aaron Cook
Aaron Cook 18 days ago
Paul Cook
Paul Cook 18 days ago
Oooo draft day
Zach Schroeder
Zach Schroeder 18 days ago
TD echoes himself entirely too much
Demarius Smith
Demarius Smith 18 days ago
Brandon Weinstein
Brandon Weinstein 19 days ago
You should get ab in a franchise
Caden Nommensen
Caden Nommensen 19 days ago
“Nice user” 🤓
Xzander Graves
Xzander Graves 19 days ago
Jesus loves you and He died for your sins and because of His love grace and mercy He is willing to forgive you. Also it's either paying for your own sin (hell) or accepting Jesus' payment for it g
V4BE_ DezZ
V4BE_ DezZ 19 days ago
He was so salty he was trying to play it off🤣
Lxzndo Plays
Lxzndo Plays 16 days ago
lmao but to be fair td is down 4-2 with the games against AB
Jaren Wicker
Jaren Wicker 19 days ago
Boy say JT more than Lil Uzi 😂
Jayee Bennett
Jayee Bennett 19 days ago
#challengemetd Madden 21 xbox one tidytitan38303 I'm sure ur not gonna see this like always. Years now and still never challenged me. You always use the money crossers to steal wins. #fake
Jayee Bennett
Jayee Bennett 18 days ago
@Nathan Renoll but he does. Literally every game. Same theme same plays. Watch. He hits the crossers. If they are covered he sends out the te for a dump off. Either that or he uses it to get qb rush yards or does an outside screen or even runs the ball with that glitchy crosser formation. That formation is on youtube as a money formation and it's been there since madden 19.
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll 18 days ago
Not really bro
Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor 19 days ago
Let's see how td does when ab got those Seahawks!
jace salinas
jace salinas 19 days ago
Jayee Bennett
Jayee Bennett 19 days ago
It's not hard to expose td. Just run a 3-4. Then man up on the crossers and tight end which is his checkdown.
Alexander D'Amato
Alexander D'Amato 19 days ago
Ive never wanted you to win more then against this guy
Professor Squidward
td stop using the titans every time bro
smhowe 19 days ago
I follow both of you guys and love you both! Cant wait for the rematch!
Divinity Intervention
April 29th it's going down! 🔥🔥
Ti’Shawn Moore
Ti’Shawn Moore 19 days ago
Have td ever did a stick skills tutorial?
Louie Valenzuela III
Damn I don’t think I’ve ever seen TD’s fragile ego get hurt this bad. The salt dripping from him is so evident in this video
Finsallday _
Finsallday _ 19 days ago
Juicy revenge
Thebighomie 19 days ago
He wasn’t worth playing. He complains like a little girl
N'najee Hansford
N'najee Hansford 19 days ago
Orlando Martinez
Orlando Martinez 19 days ago
jmellflo he made a video about you
Triston Oneil
Triston Oneil 19 days ago
All this guy that TD is playing does is complain like a little bitch 😂😂
SWOOSHOTS 19 days ago
AB is the worst niqqa at madden straight cheeks has no earnings wtf he runs one play all game thanks TD for beating dat ass 😂💯
Kurt Leitschuh II
Kurt Leitschuh II 19 days ago
# 4/29
7:18 that boy laughin like flightreacts
Emmanuel Hammond
Emmanuel Hammond 19 days ago
Buddy sound hurt asl 😂😂😂 good game TD
Hugo Desiderio
Hugo Desiderio 19 days ago
LET'S GO, APRIL 29TH!!!!!!
FUNKBONE 19 days ago
#April 29th
FUNKBONE 19 days ago
Delayed 19 days ago
How do you beat AB defense?
Hakeem Rishel
Hakeem Rishel 19 days ago
TD, you gotta play the IMav house and show them how to play Madden.
Amran Luckett
Amran Luckett 19 days ago
Td you should have been running the ball against him. That is his weakness because he run the same defensive and you just forcing the ball against 9 people
Michael Novak
Michael Novak 19 days ago
Play J Mell
Keith Sims
Keith Sims 19 days ago
Gamer tag SACCHASER_KeKe
Keith Sims
Keith Sims 19 days ago
Big Fan can I get a game in ik im better than him fasho 😂😂😂😂 he’s not good
H B 19 days ago
You can’t send 2 and leave 10 in coverage lmao
Rodney Sales
Rodney Sales 19 days ago
who else peep the flight laugh 😂
Jabrayl Pendergrass
13:05 👁👄👁 "if you think I’m not gonna enjoy blowing you out, you are so wrong it’s not even funny, I’m gonna sleep good tonight"😂😂 then 13:54
Taye Bell
Taye Bell 8 days ago
I thought I was the only one
Chico Dean
Chico Dean 19 days ago
How do you throw perfect bombs like those ?
Ayyyoo Kayvo
Ayyyoo Kayvo 19 days ago
Best two madden US-firstr 🐐