A trade I may regret, but I couldn't resist! Cardinals Franchise 8 

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Today we are back with another episode of the Madden 21 Cardinals Franchise and I am mid season and about to make a few trades at the trade deadline!
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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
TDBarrett Month ago
Rate my 2 trades 1-10 huge for my Cap should allow me to make a big signing in offseason
sara frazier
sara frazier 24 days ago
7 your intros kinda dog water
RyftFN 26 days ago
Kyle Budgick
Kyle Budgick Month ago
Absolutely two amazing deals, 10 out of 10, I’ve used gay jr in a franchise before and can become an absolute stud 🔥🔥 and the Kenneth Murray deal was a steal for what you gave up
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore Month ago
got rid of the players who didn’t provide you value and earned alot in return
Tstormer 14 days ago
You need to do a it more commentary and or add some more game sounds man there alot if dead air. And these sound effects 🤣🤣
Sooner legend
Sooner legend 18 days ago
Nothing better than playing franchise and watching you
Charlie Ward
Charlie Ward 19 days ago
How does it feel to lose to Richard ?
Robbieballout 365
Robbieballout 365 25 days ago
Day 2 of asking for a Ravens Franchise
Demarius Smith
Demarius Smith 26 days ago
JMELL ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Ozzie Shenk
Ozzie Shenk 27 days ago
What playbook do you use? Cardinals?
Cali'N Trill
Cali'N Trill 28 days ago
Way to blame the qb lol but your controlling him 🤣 stop the cap
josh manson
josh manson 28 days ago
Does anyone else get super pissed when he looses lol not at TD just mad that he lost not at him. It’s like when my favorite team looses it puts me in a bad mood lol. Love the vids tho bro keep it up.
Michael Elliott
Michael Elliott 28 days ago
Bro I feel like age doesn’t matter in a video game though like it’s a game? Chandler Jones is literally a beast in this game
Evan DeCavitch
Evan DeCavitch 29 days ago
he made so many sketch decisions in Kyler's breakout game lol
Swayttg Swayttg
Swayttg Swayttg 29 days ago
I like the trade
samir abdullah
samir abdullah 29 days ago
Bro you been really tryna force stuff lately
Jayo !
Jayo ! 29 days ago
9:23 how are the 49ers 5-0 and in 2nd place ?
Christian Stoica
Jones was always getting quick sheds for he pass rush, he arguably kept you in some games so now you have ver little pass rush
Vanished Month ago
someone gotta tell me that op read option that brett runs
Robbie Nelson
Robbie Nelson Month ago
Kenneth Murray is gonna end up a 99 in the future
Dee Miller
Dee Miller Month ago
You have no idea how good najee is. As a bama fan I highly recommend you look at his highlights
MrJeffy443 Month ago
What happened to the Mack trade
MrJeffy443 Month ago
Do people think only rushing 2 is good defense?
Luis Cedeno
Luis Cedeno Month ago
Alton Troutman
Alton Troutman Month ago
Do the Steelers next
Amanda Premer
Amanda Premer Month ago
Td will you please play me. Cpre2020
Matthew Lloyd
Matthew Lloyd Month ago
TD I can beat u in madden if you play me.
Erik Month ago
Happy belated easter!!🐇
NotAVegetarian Month ago
That was a good ass trade, fair but good
Marco LaRussa
Marco LaRussa Month ago
Trade kyler for brady
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Matteo Cercone
Matteo Cercone Month ago
Can you do the road to the show series for mlb the show 21 plsss
Greenbaypackers 502
Let’s gooo packers won
Richard Drew
Richard Drew Month ago
You try to make to many things happen with Murray. If you played more conservative with Murray like you did Hundley, you’d be much better. IMO.
James Riley
James Riley Month ago
Butter Dog
Butter Dog Month ago
I suggest doing a new Giants or Raiders franchise. They are actually better than you think.
Braneon Risueno
Braneon Risueno Month ago
He clickbaited the Mack trade it’s not even happening like his trade is bad
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore Month ago
That Chargers trade is a STEAL
Braneon Risueno
Braneon Risueno Month ago
Does the trade go through?
Braneon Risueno
Braneon Risueno Month ago
Trade was a 9 outta 10 it was a good one
tha Don
tha Don Month ago
harris is a monster 💪🏾
Rohin Month ago
Day 13 of asking TD to 1v1 MMG
NikeBoi CC
NikeBoi CC Month ago
Definitely the hardest intro song yet 🤣
I watch ALL TD VIDEO HE HELP SO MANY PEOPLE OUT! I wonder if he knows it! I definitely one of them guys
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
He probably does know it funny chibatta mitch
Jadan Starks
Jadan Starks Month ago
Do better
Jadan Starks
Jadan Starks Month ago
You only good against subs anytime you play somebody that actually plays madden you get embarrassed
Cody Custis
Cody Custis Month ago
td needs to stay in the pocket more with kyle and run up the middle when the pocket breaks, all his sacks are from him getting quick feet and running into a guy
dc shears
dc shears Month ago
No man you lost the game because you threw three picks in the first half
C Iaaaj
C Iaaaj Month ago
My high ass at 3am almost said bless you, when you sneezed Lolol. LOVE YOU TD.
Gasmask mali
Gasmask mali Month ago
Brett im very new to online play. Could u do a small video on trades and drafting.
Jay Thompson
Jay Thompson Month ago
You should’ve went for it instead of 3 on the Seahawks
Jay Thompson
Jay Thompson Month ago
Td better on O then D
Jay Thompson
Jay Thompson Month ago
He lost anyway gotta have some type of balls bro
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
Yes but if he turns it over he loses the game
Jay Thompson
Jay Thompson Month ago
There was one minute left ppl drive the field you can’t stop d did u see the guy had all his timeouts left
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
Why would he do that?
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Month ago
Stop spamming the same plays Id box you like a fish
bigbuddah180 Month ago
I like the trade
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Month ago
You’re not good at the game
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
You just keep taking Ls and he is ignoring you every day while you are saying negative things about tdbarrett every single day in the comments.
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
In the future
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
Or you will be reported for bad things
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
Just stop saying that
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll Month ago
So if you dont want to be reported in the future
Lil Jos
Lil Jos Month ago
Seahawks Center
Seahawks Center Month ago
Chandler Jones irl > Khalil Mack
Seahawks Center
Seahawks Center Month ago
CHUBA is getting wasted :(
CaShMoNeY-Sp33d Month ago
Did he say “play with the washing football team” then say playing as the cardnials
Jayyyfor3 Month ago
Thank you TD your videos make my day bro 🖤.
Collin Month ago
the rams user is slow he traded Ramsey 😭
Michael Cabral
Michael Cabral Month ago
Shoulda just focused on getting the X factor
Jr Creek
Jr Creek Month ago
Change your scheme so that harris gets more xp each week
Yoboy Tank
Yoboy Tank Month ago
I’ll give it a 7-10
PK Alford
PK Alford Month ago
Love your videos
SheLuvTrent Month ago
Td we need the 1 hr sim franchises those r fire
luke ray
luke ray Month ago
Really enjoyed that packers game!
Christian Zavala
You should put Brett hundely as starter he was the goat 🐐
Paul Ciamaricone
Murray will help in rush D and you is cheaper and younger. Then you get that 1st rd that can find a pass rusher to replace Jones. Butnyou have to scout tho....
Jackson Burleson
Give Isaiah Simmons film study if you can it’ll help! Love your videos man
Some Random Atlanta Fan
He already has it on budda baker
BoomTheGoat Month ago
How do I get in TD leagues
coltrane duquette
Those trades were dookie
allure fauxx
allure fauxx Month ago
TD: picks play Gets burned TD: What coverage was that 🥴 🤣🤣🤣
Raul Palestina
Raul Palestina Month ago
bro the kenneth murray trade was a steal
Peter Month ago
Td really put dhop and tyreek in the thumbnail🤣
spinks jack
spinks jack Month ago
Td finally raged!!! Flight: I just scored 6 like I touchdown!
Y Solidergirl
Y Solidergirl Month ago
Now your gonna regret that
Y Solidergirl
Y Solidergirl Month ago
Bro you traded Hopkins wow
NFL Talk
NFL Talk Month ago
DomTheBomb Month ago
Where’s Washington
td your the worst at madden
Dakota Lynde
Dakota Lynde Month ago
If you’re reading this Jesus loves you!
Alex Owens
Alex Owens Month ago
Can you pls do Seahawks 🥺
1367lalala Month ago
these CFM vids are literally so fire 😂😂
jhondoe4194 Month ago
Yo you are fun to watch you win and lose some but your a great madden player
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Month ago
As a hawks fan, Gohawks
002 _stan
002 _stan Month ago
Hey td big fan didn’t know if you knew this. But is you LB while usering it’ll glue you to the route near test to you
Kirky Bands
Kirky Bands Month ago
Dakota Lynde
Dakota Lynde Month ago
If you’re reading this Jesus loves you!
Cameron Games
Cameron Games Month ago
I did the 2021 nfl draft and najee Harris went Undrafted lol
Christian Rust
Christian Rust Month ago
Anybody else get absolutely click-bated when they saw the screen before the video started and saw tyreek hill for deandre Hopkins and chandler Jones?
itsjust _sik
itsjust _sik Month ago
What’s the name of that instrumental at 5:09?
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming Month ago
17:12 what you doing with your hands 😂
George Guerrero
George Guerrero Month ago
Elkan Fanimo
Elkan Fanimo Month ago
The kenneth Murray trade is a win
Cullen Rabel
Cullen Rabel Month ago
how to lego
how to lego Month ago
I'm a bit confused on this how did the Packers get Henry? Was it a fantasy draft or what happened
Ben Pickett
Ben Pickett Month ago
Bolt Boy
Bolt Boy Month ago
Can’t wait to see the redskins franchise
Brian Janeczko
Brian Janeczko Month ago
Finish the Broncos season
Joemamba 24
Joemamba 24 Month ago
Can you please do a 1-hour franchise series for the 49ers
YB Nick
YB Nick Month ago
TD I need you to beat jmellflo ass dude talk to much
Brenden Dye
Brenden Dye Month ago
first trade i’ll give a 7 second one a 1
myan gang
myan gang Month ago
They were pretty good decision
myan gang
myan gang Month ago