A Superheroes football game, everyone has special abilities! 

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Today we are back with another Madden 21 gameplay and I am going to be doing a fantasy draft where everyone is a Super Hero!
Captain America
The Flash
and many others!
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Apr 14, 2021




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Comments 100   
Bloody Murda
Bloody Murda 12 hours ago
How u do dat?
Chris Haslam
Chris Haslam 2 days ago
BA BA BA BAMMM!!! A well-deserved "ba, ba, ba, bam" for this one! Awesome
beenthat zay
beenthat zay 4 days ago
how can you do a draft with only 2 teams?
PiXLjeFF 7 days ago
He kept saying the player models looked just like them when they really looked absolutely nothing like them
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg 8 days ago
Great upload TD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂.
pigletbombon 77
pigletbombon 77 10 days ago
How do you make a fantasy draft with just two teams ???
Not Arlovx
Not Arlovx 10 days ago
I'm about to go crazy rn
Henry Adkins
Henry Adkins 10 days ago
this hurt to watch
Hawks Fan
Hawks Fan 10 days ago
My boy captain America
Empty LunchBox
Empty LunchBox 12 days ago
How did you set up the 2 team draft?
Freeman Ridley
Freeman Ridley 12 days ago
How do u create an online fantasy draft with 2 people?
Drie_215 Philly
Drie_215 Philly 13 days ago
How do u make a franchise with just 2 teams?
David Amuka
David Amuka 14 days ago
Repent Jesus loves u
Dylan Heinze
Dylan Heinze 14 days ago
wally west is barry allen brother in law
PaynesWrld 15 days ago
I challenge TD. Let’s play a game
Lawarence Haynie
Lawarence Haynie 16 days ago
he has noooooooo pooooower!!!!
Young Flyyset
Young Flyyset 16 days ago
How did he do a draft with only them
M Roundcount
M Roundcount 16 days ago
Spiderman had a 79 catch?
Braden Feaster
Braden Feaster 17 days ago
Ty for the daily uploads like if you agree
SidTheSloth 17 days ago
Wait, why aren’t the Ice Age members in this?
John Wayne
John Wayne 17 days ago
TD : "I didn't grow up big into superheroes...I haven't watched many superheroes movies....but I did see Infinity War" ME: ......😱💀💀 Edit: also who the hell made that draft class and made The Flash the 3rd fastest RB......🤦‍♂️
Max Enis
Max Enis 17 days ago
5:26 whoever made these hoe does Spider-Man not have 99 catching on everything
Nate Reese
Nate Reese 18 days ago
How did they do a draft with just them in it???
Cj on Cod
Cj on Cod 18 days ago
Batman the goat
Ramsfan_101 18 days ago
Iron man
Victor esbri Joel
Victor esbri Joel 18 days ago
Bro he got me mad all video cuz he didn't know who anyone was
Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia 18 days ago
In the show Wally is not the nephew of Barry
Mon Var
Mon Var 18 days ago
How do you only get where 2 teams draft
Jacob Allison
Jacob Allison 18 days ago
How tf does Peter Parker not have 99 catch if he has spider web hands
Norma Hernandez
Norma Hernandez 18 days ago
Yeah what he said 🥸
Jacob Allison
Jacob Allison 18 days ago
And thanos 🤯
Jacob Allison
Jacob Allison 18 days ago
And you forgot the green arrow
lelele vlcvlcl
lelele vlcvlcl 19 days ago
Td i love the fumble sonic effect u added
Derrion Calloway
Derrion Calloway 19 days ago
Jason todd/robin/Red hood
Derrion Calloway
Derrion Calloway 19 days ago
Derrion Calloway
Derrion Calloway 19 days ago
Omg he said goku from goku😂😂
Jeremiah Caver
Jeremiah Caver 19 days ago
I knew this was gonna be rough after the goku comment 😭😭
PBR etho
PBR etho 19 days ago
wally west is kid flash lmao
DXRK 19 days ago
17:10 “hes not touching the ball again” 7:11 so that was a fucking lie
Epic R3voluion
Epic R3voluion 19 days ago
What is the draft class called tho?
Dripanese 19 days ago
how did he put only two teams in the draft??
Dripanese 19 days ago
@kevin pelouze if i find out i’ll come back here
kevin pelouze
kevin pelouze 19 days ago
i wanted to know this too
David Delgadillo
David Delgadillo 19 days ago
TD Deadpool
Carson Schwab
Carson Schwab 19 days ago
How do I make it to where only users can draft
IanFritz 19 days ago
Guardians of the galaxy
IanFritz 19 days ago
Do rappers
jose chan
jose chan 19 days ago
How did he make it were they was the only 2 people drafting?
kevin pelouze
kevin pelouze 19 days ago
i wanna know this too
Stephanie Tex
Stephanie Tex 19 days ago
I would have the flash
Gareth John
Gareth John 20 days ago
Jason Todd is a robin
Fredy E. Calderon
Fredy E. Calderon 20 days ago
Drafts 3 HBs lol
Fredy E. Calderon
Fredy E. Calderon 20 days ago
How does Spiderman have 79 catching? I'm out bruh lmao l
Fredy E. Calderon
Fredy E. Calderon 20 days ago
Batman should've been a middle LB
Robert Spirko
Robert Spirko 20 days ago
Bro! You and your wife should record your reactions while watching the super hero movies, I would totally watch that!!
Brokave 20 days ago
Can’t believe they left out deadshot for quarterback
Irving Davila
Irving Davila 20 days ago
where do i download this
Manuel Lemus
Manuel Lemus 20 days ago
Great video (:
Jacky P
Jacky P 20 days ago
How tf did it go from 21-3 to 21-14 in one minute??? U left a lot out of the video lol I’m confused asf
Zhakeis Hayes
Zhakeis Hayes 20 days ago
Mortal Kombat I think dat would be a cool draft
Ty Weatherly
Ty Weatherly 20 days ago
The fact that spider man didn’t have 99 catching....
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin 20 days ago
Chili Chill
Chili Chill 20 days ago
Goku from goku
910div 20 days ago
"goku from digimon" 🤣
Jaron Nash-Johnson
Jaron Nash-Johnson 20 days ago
How did you do this I’m trying to play this with my friend
Ryan ThompsonOO
Ryan ThompsonOO 20 days ago
How do you get a draft to go with only 2 teams?
Griffin Brown
Griffin Brown 20 days ago
How does he get these drafts
D Crazy
D Crazy 20 days ago
yo td I’m not gon cap, you killed buddy ass w tht showboat move wtff
Tyson Bryant
Tyson Bryant 20 days ago
16:54 is superman even capable of fumbling a football🏈😂
Ahehe Games55
Ahehe Games55 20 days ago
Void Gaming
Void Gaming 20 days ago
Do it with like rappers
Asa Greenfield
Asa Greenfield 20 days ago
TDs lack of anime knowledge is hilarious
Asa Greenfield
Asa Greenfield 20 days ago
TD made me mad by saying goku is from Digimon ):
carlos hudson
carlos hudson 20 days ago
I wish he did some kind of research before the video 😭 this is painful lol
Yahwen Yisra'el
Yahwen Yisra'el 20 days ago
Make this draft file public haha this fire
CATNIP BANDIT 20 days ago
TD you should do marvel hero’s vs villains
JBriggs Empire
JBriggs Empire 20 days ago
No yamcha or Krillin?😹😹
ThreeDeez MP
ThreeDeez MP 21 day ago
Digimon 🤣
High Above Time
High Above Time 21 day ago
Spongebob Gaming Rblx
When u gonna post on mlb the show 21
Sean Meyers
Sean Meyers 21 day ago
Do Star Wars or celebritues like Kevin Hart and Justin beiber
Impulse4811 21 day ago
You’re really not gonna play MLB at all?? It literally just came out and it’s baseball season..
Fusion God
Fusion God 21 day ago
CeoVictor 21 day ago
How they get back to back picks like that?
nle choppa
nle choppa 21 day ago
will you do a bengals franchise season gameplay
nle choppa
nle choppa 21 day ago
will you do a bengals franchise season gameplay
nle choppa
nle choppa 21 day ago
will you do a bengals franchise season gameplay
Brandon Lindsay
Brandon Lindsay 21 day ago
You needa watch Attack on Titan TD! Best anime out I promise
Glenn Brown
Glenn Brown 21 day ago
Bro TD you almost got a dislike for the disrespect towards heroes
Lando2nicee 21 day ago
What playbook does td use ?
Jackson Lirette
Jackson Lirette 21 day ago
You have to watch black panther if you haven’t
Jalendashaun 21 day ago
Mark Of Hades
Mark Of Hades 21 day ago
Does anyone know how to do a draft like this without the cpu taking players and only Your friends?
kevin pelouze
kevin pelouze 19 days ago
i want to know this too
King of Gaming
King of Gaming 21 day ago
I need to watch Civil War
Shawn Wiebe
Shawn Wiebe 21 day ago
I wish he picked Oliver queen😂
Bam Bravo
Bam Bravo 21 day ago
Thank you Batman has no powers!!!!!!
Vincent Uher
Vincent Uher 21 day ago
what’s the name of the roster
OTR1 2K 21 day ago
Are u going to be playing mlb the show 21
Dresheezy TV
Dresheezy TV 21 day ago
Do rappers
Derrion Calloway
Derrion Calloway 21 day ago
If y’all wanna join a fantasy franchise add my psn Derrion21224 we in year 3
Hunter Springer
Hunter Springer 21 day ago
Where do you find this roster??
Gerardo Sosa
Gerardo Sosa 21 day ago
Every time TD said "narutu" it made me want to cry
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan 21 day ago
He didn’t get goku
Cordell Gilmore
Cordell Gilmore 21 day ago
Nah-Ru-Toe good god 😂😂
Demari Robinson
Demari Robinson 21 day ago
How you only make two teams draft