A Fantasy Draft with NBA, MLB & NHL players, this is actually insane! 

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Today we are back with another Madden 21 Fantasy Draft and this time we have a roster that is just NBA, MLB, NHL, FIFA and track stars! This is a Madden 21 gameplay!
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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Ben Costello
Ben Costello 2 days ago
Civil peacefully sitting there, TD going: “STEP OVER HIM, STEP OVER HIM, STEP OVER HIM!”
Nathan Vanek
Nathan Vanek 4 days ago
Dakota Lynde
Dakota Lynde 5 days ago
If you’re reading this Jesus loves you!
Knoxhackedthis 13 days ago
This is how many times he said bumam 👇🏻
Bambi Killa9050
Bambi Killa9050 15 days ago
Let’s goo let’s Voice crack oo
Durag J
Durag J 19 days ago
Yo Shaq is bad at not fumbling
D Mee
D Mee 20 days ago
The problem isnt Shaq fumbling, the problem is Shaq being listed as a tight end. Put that man on the line somewhere lol
Fair Rising
Fair Rising 20 days ago
What’s the draft class name??
Ty Gang
Ty Gang 20 days ago
Bruh where is stephen Curry at
TAL 20 days ago
why do i feel like you get more realistic animations on arcade because the great nfl players literally make plays like these in real life. but with calvin johnson in mut he doesnt make plays like these but he did in rl all the time
Lavonte Jones
Lavonte Jones 21 day ago
What is the name of this draft class ?
VIBIN trent
VIBIN trent 21 day ago
I’ll destroy u in 2k TD
Briscoes world
Briscoes world 21 day ago
Td in order to play 1v1 online you have to go to the mycourt and sit down with the other person in front of the TV not sure how it works on 21 but that’s how you do it on 20 It’ll take you to blacktop
1k Javin
1k Javin 22 days ago
How to do two teams in franchise ?
Richard Calcagno
Richard Calcagno 22 days ago
How did u get the faces of the players ? is this a madden share file for DL?
Derrick Sayles
Derrick Sayles 22 days ago
Tdot Huncho
Tdot Huncho 22 days ago
Td how did you guys do bills and pats fantasy draft??
Jmoney Jukes12
Jmoney Jukes12 23 days ago
What is the draft class called???
Max Feinman
Max Feinman 23 days ago
What's this roster called
M 2k Chel
M 2k Chel 24 days ago
Can someone explain how to do only a two team franchise fantasy draft
Harper Quinn
Harper Quinn 24 days ago
LeBron should have been a QB
The Matrix7
The Matrix7 24 days ago
This is sick do more videos like this
The Matrix7
The Matrix7 24 days ago
Basically make this series series
Kaleb Morrison
Kaleb Morrison 24 days ago
Can I get this roster somehow?
Jake Adair
Jake Adair 24 days ago
Stop saying bababam it’s annoying af
Hma Hma
Hma Hma 25 days ago
Is this a downloadable roster?
Kalen Gardner
Kalen Gardner 25 days ago
Can we download this What’s this draft class called?
X-Rey Vision
X-Rey Vision 25 days ago
Cristiano Ronaldo does not look anything like that in real life. Come on man. 😂
21 _ERA
21 _ERA 25 days ago
How are they able to just do them two for a franchise draft? Are you able to this for a normal franchise draft?
tyler norris
tyler norris 25 days ago
anyone else notice that civil had tre davious white as a corner ...?
slatt Connor
slatt Connor 25 days ago
im trying to the that draft with just users :( please help
Ryan O’Donnell
Ryan O’Donnell 26 days ago
Shaq looked like bo Jackson
obalston1 26 days ago
Shaq was fumbling
benedict ebner
benedict ebner 26 days ago
that austria hat tho
Jake Cremins
Jake Cremins 26 days ago
My boy Christian Yelich with the hit stick fumble on Shaq yessir. Actually twice. Another hit stick for my boy. He rocks the player and picks it up what a god.
Coty Allers
Coty Allers 27 days ago
Bruh your intro is so cringey
Omar Alston
Omar Alston 27 days ago
How did you do that
Rachael Dullahide
Rachael Dullahide 27 days ago
Gretsky would have had 99 speed and mid 90s accuracy at QB
Lance Shelton
Lance Shelton 27 days ago
How do you make a draft like that in madden 21?
Milk Mann
Milk Mann 27 days ago
The missed an opportunity with like a 99 hit power Mike Tyson
Calvin Kelly
Calvin Kelly 28 days ago
I love that you got bam td heat fan🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dr Clutcha
Dr Clutcha 28 days ago
They gave giannis more accel than Bolt😂
Omeya Kelkar
Omeya Kelkar 29 days ago
Giannas should have been a tight end cause of superstar ko
NBA KH41L 29 days ago
Play me in 2k
NBA KH41L 29 days ago
Need this draft class on PS4
Andrew Brooks
Andrew Brooks 29 days ago
That’s fair
Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown 29 days ago
whats the draft class name so i can download it?
Jaren Wicker
Jaren Wicker 29 days ago
TD I been a long fan stay on madden I would blow you out by 20 easy in 2K 💯🤫
Dalton Moody
Dalton Moody 29 days ago
1,000 comment
Hunter Funkhouser
Hunter Funkhouser 29 days ago
How do you make a two team fantasy draft
Aidoo o
Aidoo o 29 days ago
Where MJ ?
Drew Whiting
Drew Whiting Month ago
This guy is so annoying bro worst madden US-first
Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid 29 days ago
ok drew
ezone_eric Month ago
what is the name of this roster
JJ Gentry
JJ Gentry Month ago
I never saw the judge from mlb
Sheriod Wilson
Sheriod Wilson Month ago
is Waumbamam ur favorite catch phrase
Hunter Boulch
Hunter Boulch Month ago
Why do you say Bah Bam so much? I was 4 mins into it and got tired of it
Jalendashaun Month ago
Hank Boomer
Hank Boomer Month ago
Should’ve added Aaron Judge
francisco Flores
Lmao that just goes to show how good he is at drafting 🤣
Joci H.
Joci H. Month ago
nastiest play ive seen in a while 14:53
Russell Malcom
Russell Malcom Month ago
TD play me in 2k I promise I will win I have a playstation 4 and have the game downloaded
Kip Ryan
Kip Ryan Month ago
lol Love it
Edwin assante di cupillo
Does anyone know the name of the roster
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck Month ago
The Goat
Brady Masiarchin
All love but I would beat you in 2k
Merrick McClure
Merrick McClure Month ago
Wtf season 4 pls need
Ginger Squirrel
Ginger Squirrel Month ago
Is this roster available to download?
17:01 has to be April fools look at the jets rn April fools by madden
XpiredMilk14 Future content creator
I need this roster with all the picks back to back everyone like this for Td Barrett to see this
Supreme_Mods9 Month ago
how do you get back to back picks like that?
How we get the roster
Jj Hanes
Jj Hanes Month ago
Time for the super hero draft 11k likes 🔥🔥🔥
morris walls
morris walls Month ago
Its on arcade mode
T.L. Mayorga
T.L. Mayorga Month ago
Love the video keep up the good work
Haygen McLaughlin
Giannis should have been a MLB
Terrors Month ago
How did he do that fantasy draft where it’s back to back I wanna do that
Isacc Castillo
Isacc Castillo 10 days ago
U find out?
Jeannie LoetZ
Jeannie LoetZ Month ago
What's the draft class called?
Paul Cooks
Paul Cooks Month ago
i think it’s stupid bc td drafted the patriots team and in the 2nd game they switch 🤷‍♂️
Julian Wilson
Julian Wilson Month ago
Play me td
Corey Yooo
Corey Yooo Month ago
Where’s curry😀
Marlee Slone
Marlee Slone Month ago
why are you playing arcarde that why it so unrealstic
Anim3KiddMusic Month ago
don't they know on arcade basically every clean hit stick is a fumble no matter how high the carry is??? o.o
Eric Cheng
Eric Cheng Month ago
Mookie being rated higher than Nate is just wrong
Books with DIllon
They guy on the left is bad at 2k all he does is drive down with his player and get a layup
Fernando Ulate
Fernando Ulate Month ago
In arcade you fumble every hit-stick
Batman Month ago
Kevin Durant listed at 6"10 😭 7 foot freak!
Nicholas Novakowski
Said u sucked befo I apologize
Adryan Rivera
Adryan Rivera Month ago
10k likes let’s go,super hero one soon
Edward zhu
Edward zhu Month ago
Let’s play 2k TD!!
Manny Chevres
Manny Chevres Month ago
Don’t disrespect AI TEEDEE
Jace Miller
Jace Miller Month ago
Bad video. Please don’t do a superhero one
The Madisons
The Madisons Month ago
That is Eli
Blake Month ago
I love the 2k at the end such a pace change
Anthony Kimbrell
TD should start uploading 2K content again
DJ JuJuBeans
DJ JuJuBeans Month ago
Crazy I suggested this like a week ago lmaooo
Blockboi KD
Blockboi KD Month ago
Bro td really got on 2k I’m crying🤣
Enekotas Enekorro
What about nikola jokic as qb?
Kevin Coyle
Kevin Coyle Month ago
Nah let me play u on 2k tho
BoomTheGoat Month ago
Where does TD get the people to be in his franchise and how can I join them
it was cool to see different athletes from different sports play in the nfl thanks for doing this barrett
Gangoo x2
Gangoo x2 Month ago
What roster was used ? i wanna use this with my friends