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On this channel, I will be posting content of Madden as well as MLB The Show!

Thebighomie 18 hours ago
Mr Yang
Mr Yang 18 hours ago
So since Kyler is traded, is the intro going to change? WE NEED ANSWERS!
drama1er1 18 hours ago
Can this guy not jump outta his seat every other word?
Jacob Connolly
Jacob Connolly 18 hours ago
Great draft class btw, but also change lance’s release to slinger 2 it’s Rodgers release
Thebighomie 18 hours ago
If you don’t use diggs then get rid of him . Tf are you doing TD ? Smh
Patrick Phillips
Patrick Phillips 18 hours ago
Y does he not upgrade terry mclauren
Trevor Hook
Trevor Hook 18 hours ago
First game at 12:13
Lance Russell
Lance Russell 18 hours ago
“Garrett Everett” it’s Gerald Everett
Thebighomie 18 hours ago
Throw diggs the ball . Uh duh
Andrew Lane
Andrew Lane 18 hours ago
My favorite team is the bears so I hope you win
Sky 18 hours ago
My lunches aren’t the same without TD
Todd Guillemette
Todd Guillemette 18 hours ago
When are we going to get the next Washington franchise video
Scott Hinkens
Scott Hinkens 19 hours ago
6th round projected player going in the first round lol. Must have had an impressive combine.
John Jackson
John Jackson 19 hours ago
We gon act he ain’t trade up for a projected sixth round player?!😭
Philly Carnage
Philly Carnage 19 hours ago
97 speed running back?!?!?
Justin Kizis
Justin Kizis 19 hours ago
Barrett becomes a Cardinals fan now
Miloosh da Christmas poo!
I feel so bad for the chargers user lmao
Hector Perez
Hector Perez 19 hours ago
This the 2022 draft class?
Trey Yama
Trey Yama 19 hours ago
Wow never seen a man so boxed in my life
Chris McEnaney
Chris McEnaney 19 hours ago
Was anyone else watching like “stop stop, he’s already dead” 😭🤣
Tommy White
Tommy White 19 hours ago
It is funny how the first game of the season is Kyler against Trey but on different teams🤣
Jay Thompson
Jay Thompson 19 hours ago
The 5 picks in a row 😂😂
Josh Brandt
Josh Brandt 19 hours ago
That was the most incredible span of interceptions I’ve ever seen in my life! TD is KILLING the user picks lately
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 19 hours ago
U created tht draft class or edited it.... Td
Isaiah Miller
Isaiah Miller 20 hours ago
Gerald* Everett
Liam Reed
Liam Reed 20 hours ago
Yo TD! I went to Acadia to play football and grew up playing in the RD minor football league. Been enjoying your videos for years. Hit me up if you want to golf sometime around RD.
Paolo Mangiafico
Paolo Mangiafico 20 hours ago
TD was straight up bullying in the chargers game😭
Justin Vaughn
Justin Vaughn 20 hours ago
Your stop and go is so nasty!
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez 20 hours ago
Lol I'm not very good but I been wanting to join a franchise for so long .. I enjoy watching you play through seasons keep it up bruv
Louie Valenzuela III
Wouldn’t be a draft if TD doesn’t pick yet another running back despite having plenty of RBs already
Beck Renfro
Beck Renfro 20 hours ago
Poor chargers dude 🤣
Jonny Wolford
Jonny Wolford 20 hours ago
You should definitely make a stop n go tutorial please!
Sucarose 20 hours ago
Sometimes I just wonder what td is saying
Pluto 20 hours ago
TD literally got so scammed 😖
Biglilstan The Slasher
For the Washington series, to be able to use those skill points on McClaurin, switch his position to RB and upgrade whatever you can.
Keeyshawn_clipzz Keeyshawn
can yall tell me how many picks was in the chargers game😭
Ruffles2k 20 hours ago
Use 49ers
Lucas Arteaga
Lucas Arteaga 20 hours ago
Why are these drafts so stacked, are these personal made drafts?
Alex Barry
Alex Barry 20 hours ago
Brady Ozimek
Brady Ozimek 20 hours ago
it’s gunner o-chess-ski
Joe Bunton
Joe Bunton 20 hours ago
Change Lances age to 21 as he’s 20 irl
Don Wright
Don Wright 20 hours ago
Can anyone see his actual twitch account cause it always says last active 3 months ago for me
ajay prasad
ajay prasad 21 hour ago
Jaylon Jones went to my highschool lmao
Manchester is red
Manchester is red 20 hours ago
Wow cool I used to be friends with Cody Parkey in high school I think?
ViviD x3
ViviD x3 21 hour ago
9:25 TD just doesn't know how to spend coach xp haha
marreromp5k 21 hour ago
Please stop passing on the goal line with Najee Harris pls td
2MUCHPARKER 21 hour ago
What playbook are you using TD?
Maxwell Gilmore
Maxwell Gilmore 21 hour ago
Hey TD big fan can you show the best abilities that you use for every position
Big Boi
Big Boi 21 hour ago
td's new rb reminds me of tarik cohen :)
Jalendashaun 21 hour ago
that might’ve been the best draft ever in madden
KLOS RANJ 21 hour ago
OMFG... Defense had a game!!!
King True27
King True27 21 hour ago
Why they gone offense trey lance with that look WOW 😳
Kadin Andreasen
Kadin Andreasen 21 hour ago
19:14 what did d hop do
Kadin Andreasen
Kadin Andreasen 21 hour ago
Joe Garbowski
Joe Garbowski 21 hour ago
Join my league if u want smoke
Khinu Xiong
Khinu Xiong 21 hour ago
I would delete the game after throwing that many pick 6s drive after drive 😂
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 21 hour ago
Defensive rookie of the year does not guarantee Superstar Brett
King True27
King True27 21 hour ago
TD: he's not old Also TD: but he's not getting any faster My brain: he old 🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler 21 hour ago
Td FYI there’s two miles Murphy one of them went to Clemson and the other one went to unc and u drafted the one from unc
Jalendashaun 21 hour ago
Jonathon Dirk
Jonathon Dirk 21 hour ago
Why didn't you make Anderson a OLB? He's 233 at DE?
Liam Dunbar
Liam Dunbar 21 hour ago
Best franchise ever
Justin Jones
Justin Jones 21 hour ago
Lee Yoko
Lee Yoko 21 hour ago
You should’ve took that Zamir White trade dude is a beast you’re backfield would be nuts with Zamir & Bradford both over 94 speed 🤯 Also trade Harris for a solid pick to continue to build the WR core especially you said Hubbard was OTB anyway lol.
Antonio Sanders
Antonio Sanders 21 hour ago
Are you ever gonna do the Seahawks😂
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 21 hour ago
U can just check the dev trait upgrades in progression history tab on the player
August Hance
August Hance 22 hours ago
Holy Schmoly let's go!!!
Kronix 22 hours ago
Trade najee Harris for like anything cus the 97 speed dude will be a beast
Ananta Susanto
Ananta Susanto 22 hours ago
You trade up to 25th overall pick to draft a 6th rounder HB? You defied all logic there TD 😅 You will have Mel and everyone else buzzing! 🤣
Splash Bro
Splash Bro 22 hours ago
Rip chargers
MeloStillmatic 22 hours ago
Please buy weekly xp goal increase
Ted Renner
Ted Renner 22 hours ago
Saints and use Book
Lee Yoko
Lee Yoko 22 hours ago
Are these franchise leagues express or regular?
Kronix 22 hours ago
Horrible trade imo
Niggs Mcgeee
Niggs Mcgeee 22 hours ago
td be getting fineesed on trades
Adit Roy-Choudhury
Adit Roy-Choudhury 22 hours ago
Cardinals: that intro is op
The Chad
The Chad 22 hours ago
TD could never be a GM for any team. God damn he could have gotten that running back as an undrafted FA
Eric Degrandcourt
Eric Degrandcourt 22 hours ago
Use stiff arm more with big receivers
Matt Braman
Matt Braman 22 hours ago
That reach for that HB....
Luke Mattingly
Luke Mattingly 22 hours ago
I am not entertained
TaJon Allen
TaJon Allen 22 hours ago
Get kJ hamler super speed
Marco Ramos
Marco Ramos 22 hours ago
I’ve never seen so many pick sixes in like a 2 min span 😭